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Jane's Addiction - Ritual de lo Habitual is the subject of this musically power packed episode. This album features some of the best music Jane's Addiction ever released and we're celebrating it through our eyes.
Jason Isbell - Southeastern

Jason Isbell - Southeastern


Jason Isbell - Southeastern is the subject of The Music Challenge podcast as we salute thye Americana genre. Isbell is one of the master's of contemporary songwriting and his album Southeastern is a prime example. Born out of rock, folk, and country, Americana has found a solid listenership amongst huge amounts of fans. Come for the music. Stay for the conversation.
Radiohead - Kid A

Radiohead - Kid A


Kid A by Radiohead is the subject of The Music Challenge Podcast as we plunge into this smash hit that changed the musical landscape for good. Radiohead had become big stadium rock, so listen at how they achieved such an intimate and personal album. Come for the music, Stay for the conversation!
Tame Impala - Innerspeaker is the subject of this BONUS episode of The Music Challenge Podcast recorded in the summer of 2021. Listen as our crew analyzes the Australian superstar Kevin Parker and his first groundbreaking, blissed out album "Innerspeaker. Come for the music. Stay for the conversation of four dudes who just love music and presenting these albums to you.
Phish - A Live One

Phish - A Live One


Phish's - A Live One is the special subject of this extended The Music Challenge Podcast. Listen to the enthusiasm of our hosts as we investigate Phish's first live release. Lot's of music and Phish lore as our hosts relate what this album meant to them. Come for the music, and stay for the conversation!
Reggae pioneer Lee "Scratch" Perry's career is the subject of this week's The Music Challenge Podcast. Hear some great music from the man who shaped the reggae's original sound, invented sampling, and the mixing board. He's worked with the Beastie Boys and The Clash just to name a few acts. You don't want to miss the story of Jamaica's "Disrupter".
The Beastie Boy's album Check Your Head is the subject of this episode of The Music Challenge Podcast. Delve into these groundbreaking beats and rhymes while checking out some of the most timeless music in hip hop. With the addition of keyboardist Money Mark, The Beastie Boys unleashed their new sound on an unsuspecting public in 1992 with an album that holds up extremely well after thirty years.
Yes - The Yes Album

Yes - The Yes Album


The Yes Album is the subject of The Music Challenge Podcast as we take a deeper look at this seminal progressive album. Yes was instrumental for molding the Seventies hard rock sound and this dynamicc piece of music is their coming out party. And stay tuned for some high-flying jazz fusion as we explore Return to Forever featuring Stanley Clark, Al Di Meola, Chick Correa, and Lenny White. RTF is an explosion of energy incoporating many of the same principals of Yes in a completely different genre: jazz. The result is a wonderful display of muscianship and virtuosity. You're not going to want to miss this this episode!
A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders is the subject of The Music Challenge Podcast as we discuss their blockbuster innovations in the Hip Hop genre. Tribe turned the genre on its ear doing away with the trimmings of gangester rap and adding a softer, positively-tinged sound. And stay tuned for a larger conversation on Hip Hop. We'll take a look back by exploring our entry points in to the Hip Hop genre.
New Releases 2021

New Releases 2021


New Releases of 2021 are the topic of The Music Challenge Podcast as Robb, Kevin, and Andrew bring you their top new releases from 2021.
The Grateful Dead's - One From the Vault (Live) is the subject of The Music Challenge Podcast. Check it out as our cast dissects this enormous band for the first time. The music is great and the history is staggering for this mid-70s gem. Also stay tuned for a discussion on Joni Mitchell - Court and Spark featuring many songs from this seminal bridge between folk and jazz.
Check out our take on Led Zeppelin's - Presence. We'll also be discussing The Black Crowes - The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion and the similarities between the two! Listen to some great music and stimulating comnversation as we go down this great rock and roll path.
Steely Dan - Aja

Steely Dan - Aja


Steely Dan's Aja is the subject of the first episode for the 3rd season of The Music Challenge Podcast. Also, listen to a focused conversation on Percy Hill's Color in Bloom.
Alice in Chains 1994 extraordinary EP is analyzed by a short crew in this in-between season bonus episode. We discuss Jar of Flies, a preview of next season, what happens when music comes back, and some behind the scenes conversation. Come for the music, but stay for the conversation. Join us on The Music Challenge Podcast!
Once again, host Kevin never got a chance to give his Formative Four in Season 1. Last episode he gave hos first half. Well, here is the second half. The second half of Kevin's Formative Four: Metallica - Master of Puppets, Pink Floyd - Animals. Join us as we discuss these two classic albums in their entirety. Join in on the conversation and stay for some riveting music.
Hardened fans of The Music Challenge Podcast know that co-host Kevin joined us in the second season and never had a chance to give us his formative four. Well now's his chance. He is presentinf to you Miles Davis - Bitches Brew and Phish - Lawn Boy.
The classic album Meddle by Pink Floyd is the subject on the 50th anniversary of its release in 1971.
The 27 Club is our subject on The Music Challenge Podcast. The 27 Club is a group of incredible musicians who died at the tender age of 27 years old. Listen as we celebrate their lives through music and discussion.
Neil Young Retrospective

Neil Young Retrospective


Neil Young is the subject of this retrospective look at his career and character through the prism of four of his great albums: Harvest, Tonight's the Night, Live Rust, and Mirror Ball. Jump down the musical rabbit hole with us as we explore this great instrumentalist and singer. Come for the Music, but stay for the conversation!
Led Zeppelin IV is our formative album the hosts will be discussing this week.
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