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Dre sat down with two best friends, one a viral sensation, another a Utah poster boy with a long history in the entertainment business.
Unrestricted - "FIGHT ON"

Unrestricted - "FIGHT ON"


My childhood high school friend and fellow Colt Brother John Martinez a former 6-2, 295-pound Offensive Guard at the University of Southern California has an incredible story.  Being an adopted Polynesian from Utah, growing through struggles and graduating on top of that I had to sit-down with him.  Find out what former USC Head Coach Pete Carroll told John that ultimately made him want to go to USC and how he ended up at Seattle with The Seahawks!
Unrestricted Podcast this week I Brought some friends in Gloco, Modis and G Daddy Funk!  We jump into so much including our high school career and the nasty things that came with it.  We create the best Marvel superhero and we introduce a new segment called "The Yearbook"! Enjoy
Unrestricted Podcast!  On this episode we catch up with the boys along with playing a new game to the pod where they go head to head to say a word without the caller knowing, things get weird.  So much on this episode.  Hope you enjoy!
Unrestricted - "P or Not P"

Unrestricted - "P or Not P"


Unrestricted is the podcast and I had to bring some friends for a chit chat.  We discuss dating in 2022 along with some new segments.  Is it pushing p if and Lexa will try and defend the Reok Minaj puke bandit!We build the livest festival to hit south beach.Listen, Laugh and Enjoy.
Unrestricted Podcast with Drerawka!  This week my friends Will Wonder, Sebastian and Angel come back to finally settle the girl at the bar debacle.  We cut a nice commercial for the best neighborhood bar we all do a new segment called 'Defend This', will Mike Tyson get off? The boys get excited for 'Canon Fest live from Cancun'
The boys got together to enjoy some Coquito, good laughs and of course a bunch of nonsense.  Enjoy.
This week we jump into my Birthday!  The recap on Fierce Fighting Championship 20 at the Maverik Center.  So much dumb stuff to cover, tap in.
So, I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing but I just realized I don't know how to swim.  Don't laugh at me.  We'll talk about that along with 2022 mom's wearing low low low cut bikini's at the pool with the kids now.In Dumb news:- California man selling gas for .69- A 4 year old gets a vasectomy- Subway selling their sandwiches in vending machines now- China says they've connected with AliensDown In Front:- The Netflix movie Hustle- New Lil Baby Documentary coming to Prime Video- The 25th Anniversary of 'Men In Black' - Squid Games II coming Sports:- Fierce Fighting Championship 20- The NBA Finals - The New Utah Jazz Look- UFC 276 
Driving down the street minding my own business when I see a BLAZING FIRE!  Of course I hop out and fight that b*tch!
With his fight at Fierce Fighting Championship coming up, it was only right to have Utah fighter Dominico Salas come by. Dom has overcome so many things in his life and now he's working towards his dreams of fighting in the major league of the UFC! From huge weight loss to Dominico fighting in the cage tune in!
iSO20POD Ep.44 with Drerawka.  Another week of chats and non-sense and this week we discuss PRIDE month, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle  special, TacoBell is on steroids, Woman returns $36,000.  New movies and so much more!
iSo20POD - "Graduation"

iSo20POD - "Graduation"


iSO20POD Ep.43 with Drerawka.  This week we get into my oldest son promoting grades, The Texas shooting, Stranger Things 4 and so much more!
<__truncato_root__>My good friend Angel stops by the studio for a drink and laughs. 
iSo20POD - "CANDY"

iSo20POD - "CANDY"


This week on the Isolation20 Podcast we cover:Weekend Wrap-upCrooked vs Dizaster Rap BattleChris Paul and The Suns talked too muchArby's Manager pissing in MilkshakesNetflix: "The Pharmacist"Hulu: Documentary Series "Candy"Netflix: Kat Williams "World War III" comedy specialUFC 275 PPV Fierce Fighting Championship 
Celebrating mothers all over the world but especially my life partner and the mother of my children.  We talk a little bit about Radio life, my weight loss journey music and of course sports!
When you see Victoria Taylor, you may see a blonde-haired model with great style or you may see a kick-ass skateboarder making her mark in skate & fashion culture.  Regardless of how you see her, you’re bound to get inspired and motivated to tackle your own goals and dreams.I had no idea this skater I’ve been following on Instagram was from the same state as me, UTAH!  So of course I had to reach out and see if she would be interested in coming on the Unrestricted Show to talk about her ties to Utah, her love for fashion, the new line of headwear she has coming out, and of course skateboarding.
I often tell people if they need help getting their podcast started and have questions I'm here to help.  We'll I got a random text asking for assistance and weeks later I was able to link with three ladies on their way to star their Podcast career!  It's only right we chat a little bit about them and this upcoming Podcast!  Let me introduce you to The Sol Sister's Gabby, Leah and Lena.
I first was introduced to Shapel Lacey from a podcast I follow called Fighter and The Kid.  As I started to look more into who Shapel is I learned he's not much different than me.  Shapel is a Black creative that finds fulfillment in many different things, from Standup comedy to punk rock and skateboarding.  This artist is on his way to being something truly great and I attest that to his spirit of being him no matter the setting.  So, many might ask Dre why sit-down with a Punk Rocking, Cheerleading, Standup Comic and I answer with, because he's unapologetically himself and a lot of people can get inspired or even motivated by Shapel.  Plus, he's a kick-ass guy!
One of my favorite creatives hands down is Snow Tha Product!  Not because she gives us great music and videos but because she's a true independent artist that works hard for all of her accomplishments and stays true to herself throughout the whole process.Snow is an unique artist that lets us all into her life through not only her music but her "Everyday Days" vlogs on Youtube and also her Podcast "Every Night Nights".  To some it may just be a way to get creative but to me its her laying out the whole blueprint on how independent creatives can truly be more successful.  Thank you to the entire Product Entertainment group!
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