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Listen in to hear a few questions from a 7th grader named Matthew who has been curious to learn more about Utah Lake! Some of the questions our staff answers for him include general information about the lake, who works on the fishery, what the Utah Lake Commission does to insure people’s safety on the lake, what the Commission is doing to get rid of the invasive phragmites and how the Commission plans to stop harmful algal blooms! In regards to staying safe on the lake boaters are encouraged to tune into the Channel 16 station on VHF radios! Check out these additional links for some great resources about the information talked about in this episode! Links from the Episode: Utah Lake Legacy Video Windy Lookout App Water Safety Resources Phragmite Resources
In this podcast episode we hear from Melissa Stamp from the Mitigation Commission about the Provo River Delta Restoration Project. Melissa talks about the wonderful progress they are making on this project as well as the great opportunities it will open for different activities! If you listen till the end you will hear a few fun facts about some cool artifacts they have found during the project! Links from this Episode: Provo River Delta Website June Sucker Recovery Program
On this episode our staff talks about all of the exciting upcoming events at Utah lake this summer! Some of the events include the Utah lake scavenger hunt, the 20th commemoration of the creation of the June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program Open House, the Provo River Delta Saturday Site Tours and Stewardship Projects, the Utah Lake Photo contest, the Paddle with Care Fundraiser Event, and more! Save the dates to your calendar because there will be a chance to win some fun prizes! Links from this Episode: Utah Lake Scavenger Hunt Utah Lake Photo Contest Utah Lake Photo Fundraiser Paddle with Care Fundraiser Utah Lake Summer Fish Fest Provo River Delta Site Tours June Sucker Recovery Program
The Commission is doing a Water Safety Awareness Campaign this month! Included in this campaign are some wonderful events to support it. Our staff spoke to Kim Ray about the Paddle with Care event, as well as to Jason Both about the Photo Fundraiser. Both of these events are being held to support the Utah Lake Life Jacket Program! In this episode there is also some wonderful information about how to be safe while participating in the many fun activities on the Lake! Links from this Episode: Paddle Fundraiser Photo Fundraiser State Parks Life Jacket Info Windy Lookout Utah Lake Safety Life Jacket Loaner Program Water Levels
Vineyard City Community Development Director Morgan Brim talks with our staff about the plans the city has for the lake shoreline. The trails along the lakeshore, the master planned downtown development that will draw people through from the incoming Frontrunner station down a boulevard to the lake, and so much more. Vineyard City and its residents LOVE Utah Lake and are showing it through the work they do to protect and enhance Utah Lake, taking collaborative and comprehensive planning to provide the best amenity possible to the public.  Links from this Episode: Vineyard Shoreline Master Concept Plan
This special episode was created in partnership with Vineyard City to feature stories and information about Vineyard as something Vineyard residents can listen to at the Vineyard Earth Day beautification project on the Utah Lake shoreline. Vineyard City cares about Utah Lake and Vineyard residents want love living near the lake. This episode talks about the history of Vineyard and Utah Lake, reason why Vineyard is great today and why it will continue to be great and be connected with the lake. Listen in to enjoy a storytelling experience, updates on amazing lakeside amenities and amazing plans for the future. Links from this Episode: Utah Lake Legacy Documentary and Book Vineyard Heritage Magazine Utah Fishing Records Utah Lake Trail Plan
Jeremy Lapin, Saratoga Springs City Public Works Director, shares details on city projects to enhance and protect the Utah Lake shoreline for Saratoga residents and visitors. Expanding the existing city marina, completing sections of trail to provide connection opportunities for trail users, developing a NEW second city marina on the north side and even plans to develop a park at the Inlet hot springs! Listen in to learn more about each of these and other projects. Links from this Episode: Saratoga shoreline concept plans
*This episode is numbered 58 2.0 because it replaced episode 58 which had audio quality issues. Instead of fixing issues, we had Erica Gaddis with DWQ do a special audio interview, specifically for the podcast. Enjoy! Ever asked yourself, “What is being done to fix algae blooms at Utah Lake”? or “What kind of research are they doing”? This episode contains audio from the June 17, 2021 Utah Lake Commission Governing Board meeting. In that meeting, Erica Gaddis, Director of Utah Division of Water Quality reported on the progress of several research projects going on the lake regarding nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen and their impact on algae blooms. Core samples to biassay studies and more are being completed to create a comprehensive approach to looking at the sources of nutrients (nutrients are the food for the algae blooms to grow). Links from this Episode: Utah Lake Water Quality Study website Full Video Recording of June Governing Board meeting
People have all kinds of questions about Utah Lake, and Google has the answers…sort of. In this episode, we discuss the top 6 questions people ask about the lake on Google, and what the answers are. Links from this Episode: Harmful Algae Bloom Website Utah Lake Legacy Documentary Utah Lake Projects page Public Access Points at Utah Lake Great Salt Lake Stink Life Jacket Loaner Program Water Safety at Utah Lake Windy Lookout : wind notification app for Utah Lake
We want you to stay safe out on Utah Lake. We want you to have fun too, but safety comes first. There are some tips and great resources to help you stay safe. Wear a life jacket, download the Windy Lookout app to be notified of wind event forecasts specifically for Utah Lake, get some education from State Parks or a similar organization, etc. There are some basic things that can improve your safety while out on the water. Links from this Episode: How to Enjoy Utah Lake, Safely Windy Lookout app Utah State Parks Boating Certifications
Russ Franklin with the June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program shares the latest updates on their recovery efforts. The June sucker has been downlisted from endangered down to threatened, carp removal is adapting to the reduced number of carp left, northern pike are being monitored to prevent negative impacts on the lake ecosystem and more! Listen in to hear the latest on the June sucker. Links from this Episode: Utah Lake Legacy documentary Provo River Delta project website June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program website
Sam and Audrey share tips on what is the Utah Lake Scavenger Hunt, the when/where/why and don't forget, how to increase you chances of winning prizes! Two inflatable paddleboards is the grand prize giveaway, but you'll probably end up playing just for the fun and educational missions that help you learn more about Utah Lake. The scavenger hunt runs June 5-13, so join now to get a head start! Links from this Episode: Utah Lake Scavenger Hunt event details
Melissa Stamp with the Mitigation Commission updates us on how things are going down at the Provo River Delta Restoration Project. Almost 1/2 of the delta channels and ponds are completed already and they expect to make fast progress again this year. Melissa also shares some cool occurrences during excavation, like finding mollusk shells in the soil that are no longer found in the lake! There are even site tours available, if you want to see the project site. Listen in to to learn how to sign up. Links from this Episode: Provo River Delta Restoration project website Utah Lake Scavenger Hunt details
This episode discusses the lake as a gathering place. Over the course of a hundred years, there were over 20 resorts on Utah Lake. Swimming, restaurants, excursion boats, races, dancing, a mock naval battle and more were included in these resorts. Listen in for highlights on several of the resorts, their amenities and what people loved about the lake. Links from this Episode: Utah Lake: Legacy online book Utah Lake: Legacy video Utah Lake Water Levels, leave us a voice message! Battle of Midway on Wikipedia
What are harmful algae blooms? How can you stay safe while visiting lakes this summer? Is Utah Lake the only one dealing with algae issues? Learn the facts about algae, harmful algae blooms, cyanobacteria, and more in this episode. Dr. Kate Fickas with Utah Department of Environmental Quality answers common questions and concerns about algae. For example, did you know that algae blooms don’t just happen in Utah Lake? Dr. Fickas answers this question and many more to help lake users make educated decisions as they visit Utah water bodies this summer. Links from this Episode:– Harmful algae bloom website Utah Lake Water Quality Study website
Camping is extremely popular of late, might have something to do with people feeling trapped at home and wanting to get outside during the past year??? Utah Lake has 4 different campgrounds that you should have on your list of places to camp this summer! Lincoln Beach, Utah Lake State Park, Lakeside RV Campground and Lindon Marina all have great campgrounds. No long drives, peaceful scenery, great amenities, and it is surprisingly quiet. This episode covers why YOU should consider camping at Utah Lake. Links from this Episode Lincoln Beach webpage Utah Lake State Park website Utah Lake State Park Facebook Page Lakeside RV Campground website Lindon Marina website Tiny Home AirBNB at Lindon Marina
Pat Scouten, aka TubeDude, share insights on how to target walleye at Utah Lake. Pat has fished at Utah Lake for over 60 years and is renowned in the fishing community at Utah Lake. He talks about everything from time and place to take and bait to improve your odds of catching one of the elusive walleye in Utah Lake. Listen until the end to hear some sneak peeks on future fishing events and projects at the lake! Links from this Episode: Utah Lake Fishermen Facebook Group Big Fish Tackle fishing forum
$9.8M is going to projects as Utah Lake this year! In this episode we talk about where that money will be going and highlight 7 conservation and improvement projects that are making progress in 2021. An open-space park, a river delta, trails, new beaches and more are all covered here. Make sure to check out the links from this episode to learn more about each project. Links from this Episode: Walkara Way Conservation Project Provo River Delta Restoration Project Saratoga Springs Trail Improvements Vineyard Shoreline Improvements Phragmites Treatment at Utah Lake Utah Lake Projects Page
Making plans for summer time? There are several events happening at Utah Lake this year from spring through fall. In this episode, we share some details on those events PLUS, if you listen until the end, a sneak peek of a possible new event this year!  Links from this Episode: Utah Lake Photo Contest Lindon Marina Bonneville School of Sailing Timpanogos Yacht Club
Clayton Wolf is passionate about Utah Lake, so much so that he spent 12 years trying to buy a lot in Vineyard so he could live with his backyard on the shoreline. In this episode of the Utah Lake Podcast, he shares what living on the Utah lake shoreline is like. Listen in to hear about why he thinks Utah Lake is so great, about how he and friends broke through the ice recently to go wakeboarding and how he helped a buddy propose to his fiancé out on the lake. Links from this Episode Breaking the ice: video of wakeboarding in February
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