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We want to create a GlamNation! What does it mean to create a GlamNation?

Berlin has experience as a stylist behind the chair in the heart of San Francisco's Union Square for over 25 years. In this show, Berlin uses his knowledge as a beauty expert to discuss reinventing beauty from the inside out. He will be sharing his knowledge and secrets in being happy and healthy to create inner beauty to feel sexy and confident. And everyone loves to feel sexy and confident!

Berlin hopes to hit a GlamSlam by helping others understand how their past experiences create the self-love we desire to achieve our presentation of self. This includes finding the inner hero we use to rethink and rewire all the “stink’n thinkin” inflicted upon us by our past experiences that can create our roadblocks.

We rock this GlamNation, sometimes in the deep end, and sometimes in the shallow end, but always loving and learning about who we are together. What we feel on the inside is what we will present on the OUTSIDE to the world!

14 Episodes
Jump Into the Fire

Jump Into the Fire


In this episode, we seize the opportunity that has emerged and jump into the fire to fight for a better tomorrow. We weigh the options and risks to execute a split-second decision to jump in and be a part of history. We are GlamNation, and on this journey we take every step together. You GlamNation! You are the springboard which gives us hope and the courage to jump into the fire. Jump and the net will appear...
An unfiltered, unapologetic truth talk about why we are essential as human beings and personally as a stylist in the beauty industry. Together, we take our power back! You Are Essential!
Don't write the journey let it compose itself. We're all together in a storm but everyone is in a separate boat. These unique situations create different fears and uncertainty. Trust your journey, but begin with kindness while making decisions from hope and let the rest reveal itself to you. Create the ending by changing the language and trusting in yourself by making decisions from hope and happiness.
In this episode, we continue our conversation. How do we get through this difficult time and emerge better, stronger, and most importantly, ahead of it all? Berlin the “Bad Boy of Beauty," shares his journey of recovering from the pandemic and how he paused his own life. Through it all, he has committed himself to change direction and his perception during the twists and turns as a leading beauty expert. Get ready for a ride that dives deep into Berlin’s internal dialogue as he changes his language and ultimately changes the direction of his life.
Shallow End

Shallow End


This week we keep it light with a toe-dip into the shallow end as we talk about home facial skincare and crafting cool sparkle glitter gel for the kids. Along the way, we bang out the fringe with a trim concept while addressing the root of the situation. Lastly, we attempt the boyfriend-girlfriend cut and offer some suggestions and alternatives to the DIY hair salon.
Stripped Down

Stripped Down


Stripped down - taking away our outside influence, our costume, our war paint, our clothes, and removing these shackles to discover our humanity. Who are we and what do we stand for? This episode we dive deep in the continuation of examining our personal experiences through these trying times. We ask you: Who are we? What do we become? What’s important? Most of all, what will we discover? GlamNation, tune in as our host strips down to find the answers to these questions.
Lean in; What does that mean? In this episode, we explore, Berlin, "The Bad Boy of Beauty’s," personal journey as he reveals his emotional powerlessness during this struggling time. We dive deep inside a personal nightmare that has suddenly become a reality. We talk hope, courage, and advocacy for what we believe in and what we think is just. Ultimately we ask, “what kind of butterfly will you become?"
This episode is about how to use hope, strength, and love to get through this very difficult time in our lives. Let’s work together to get to the other side with peace of mind and with our sanity. Berlin discusses his current experiences with COVID-19 and how he’s finding his way using a positive foot forward in the wrath of the virus. We dive in the deep-end and talk candidly with him on how he is finding his hope, strength, and love.
Today we talk about revenge of the ego! Revenge of the ego is removing the idea that life is happening to us, rather than life happening around us. When those around us are struggling we may take it personally, when in reality it has nothing to do with us. As always, we have an honest conversation about finding our confidence by removing our ego.
GlamNation! We have our first interview with many more to come. Jason Ehrig, the founder of Pixel Sneak Studio is fresh into the podcast industry. He's a podcast producer, hosts his own show, and a brand new daddy. Additionally, he has plans for YouTube and other social platforms. Join us as we explore a fellow podcaster.
Shoptalk! Introducing our new, raw, no holes barred conversation with real people living their passions and finding their strength to pursue them. I interview actor Dano Jason while performing a fade to get to know him and what drives his force.



The word of the day is perspective; how we see situations at work, home, in our relationships and most importantly, how we see ourselves. Our perspective of ourselves and how others see us affect how we internalize our beauty. This affects the presentation of self. When we change our perspective we change our daily actions and the way we live our lives.
Hello 2020

Hello 2020


Berlin uses his beauty expertise as well as his experience with a diverse client base to discuss inner beauty. This episode is the journey to understanding the importance of how positive thinking can forecast things to come. We welcome the new year 2020 and take a look back at our growth in 2019 by discussing emotional fitness. We also look at how social media can play a role in how we think and see our truth or untruth in the perception of our own experiences. By changing our perception we can change the way we live and how we feel in our everyday life.
Presenting: GlamNation

Presenting: GlamNation


We want to create a GlamNation! In this show, Berlin uses his knowledge as a beauty expert to discuss reinventing beauty from the inside out. He will help others understand how their past experiences create the self-love we desire to achieve our presentation of self. What we feel on the inside is what we will present on the OUTSIDE to the world!
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