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Swimming With Shark and Dori

Author: TuiDaShark & Dori

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Musical Duo and "Tr3sR" members link up with their influential friends ranging from performers, producers and globetrotters; SWSAD delivers in variety, education and entertainment!
10 Episodes
For our Season 2 FINALE: Father, Recording Artist, Brand Manager and DEATH DODGER, Charlie B, takes a few laps with us. We dive deep into his personal struggles and how he educated himself to overcome them. We were absolutely honored to have him share his views on : music, systemic oppression and the horrors some fathers endure in silence; you're def gonna need your floaties for this one!
A much deeper dive into performing artist and studio engineer A. CAP from Santa Ana/Anaheim, CA! We talk about new releases, overcoming hardship along with some undeniable deepness and life gems! Tap in for the value, this talent brings!
Mikey drops in with a very revealing look into growing up in the 90's and early 00's. This episode is packed with nostalgia, nasty secrets and hilarious stories; overall the episode highlights how two odd ducks grew into eagles of their own destinies!



We talk vaginas, sexism, chauvinism and more with Stephanie (IG: @sexedsteph) an educator from Riverside CA. She hosts a podcast (Tales from the Clit) and a workshop (Velvet Salon) to fill the massive gaps of knowledge we find in America's hypersexual culture.
One of my closest/triggering friends, I've ever had, stops by: musical artist Trol7We talk music, bullies, food, and solo much sh*t because: "If you don't show false hate to your friends, are you really friends?"-Dom/Trol7Put faces to the voices on Instagram!@tui.da.shark@doriw_aneye@generaltrol7BGM: @absxnt_
The Duo from the Deep interview another familiar pair: singer/songwriter, rapper and producer, A.Cap; along with his multitalented cousin, Roach. The latter, a more physical artist, utilizing both physical and digital means to create his pieces. (He also created the lovely logo for the podcast, as well) Tune in as we grub, laugh and dive into their crafts and why they chose them!
Shark busted out his equipment during a sesh to capture this episode after he heard Boo playing in concert. He was invited to the studio not knowing this amazing talent would be there and after being introduced, Shark couldn't miss the opportunity to spotlight this star in the making! Tune in and find out who Boo is and why Tui was so adamant on this quick chat!(Boo's music also doubles as the BGM for this episode!)
Long time Orange County Musician stops by the Shark Cove to speak on her new Album, her roots in music, what "image" plus much much more!Tap In with our guest, the #Tr3sR movement and everyone supporting both:@meganrfrancisco@tui.da.shark@doriw_aneyeBGM: are all Shark's songs, past present and some unreleased ;)
This episode features 2019's #10 ranked beatboxer in America!!!We talk his accomplishments, accolades and drop MAD GEMS concerning the best practices for both current or starting artists within the music/performance industry!Be sure to follow our Instagrams to put faces to the sounds:@crackbone3678@tui.da.shark@doriw_aneyeBGM provided by @qloqwise 
Mike Szeckley makes a second visit to the podcast! This episode dives deep into their relationship and it's progression; moving from boys to men and finally into Fathers. Tune in to find out how this lifelong bromance developed!*Disclaimer* (we decided to go swimming w/o Dori on this episode [her idea])
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