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We discuss all topics regarding Electric Skateboards and other Electric Personal Vehicles.
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We breakdown what we have been doing the last few weeks, this is a raw recording and we wanted it to be as un edited as possible.Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.Support the show (
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Huge Shoutout to @Eboardbrandon, and @Suicide.Shots for joining us this week! It was an absolute blast!Thank you to our sponsors: Flatland3dSkate KastleSupport the show (
This episode was an awesome experience. Thank you so much to Chris for sitting down with us!Huge thank you to our sponsor for this episode and many more to come @skatekastle Find all of their amazing products here! the show (
This episode we talk about Esk8 Live ShowTop Content CreatorsEUC Take overSupport the show (
Checkout Flatland 3d Follow us on InstagramThank you to all of our listeners keeping us motivated to get to 10 Episodes!Support the show (
We chat with Ronnie Sarmiento (@supronnie) about a few different topics and have a good time! the show (
We go over some basic Esk8 maintenance, and spring cleaning tips!Support the show (
The audio for the episode has some issues due to wind noise, I apologize in advance, and hopefully moving forward we can improve and avoid it in the future.Thank you!Support the show (
Part 2 of 2Support the show (
Part 1 of 2Support the show (
Support the show (
This Episode is best experienced in 2 parts.Part 1 is a great interview with Joe from Chicago, we talk about the Chicago Taco Massacre and his $500 Boosted Hat, among other things.Part 2 is a discussion surrounding the recent events with Exway and Evolve and how Jay Boston played a part in all of it.Thank you for listening.Support the show (
Mud, Salt, and Boosted going under?Support the show (
Intro Music: "Something Elated" by Broke For Free is licensed under CC BY 3.0Support the show (
This week we talk about the Waterborne Surf Adapter, I give Terminal X some quick fire questions, and we discuss if DIYers are real riders or not.Support the show (
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