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Radical Thoughts is an attempt to read through as many texts in the Verso Radical Thinkers series as possible in order to come to a better understanding of radical theory and its tendencies. Our goal is to find the problems and frameworks worth addressing in order to move beyond radical thought into radical practice. Radical Thoughts is an independent project and not associated with Verso Books in any way.
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The System of Objects

The System of Objects


What is the difference between a serial object and a model object? What is a gizmo? What is consumption in the modern world? In this episode, our season one finale, we read Jean Baudrillard's exposé on the dizzying system of objects that makes up contemporary consumer society.We will be on break for a few months while we prepare for season 2, but we will continue making Patreon-exclusive bonus episodes during that time. Support us for just $3 a month if you want to keep listening while we prepare for our next set of roundtable episodes, starting with Raymond Williams's The Politics of Modernism. Join our Patreon here: System of Objects: of Modernism:
In this special bonus episode, Patrick sits down with practicing psychoanalyst and author Patricia Gherovici to discuss her work on transgender issues in psychoanalysis, questions of embodiment and subjectivity, and the accessibility of psychoanalytic practice today.RESOURCESPatricia's Website: Unbehagen Collective: in El Barrio (Documentary): whole film can be accessed on PEP: PATREONIf you want to listen to other bonus episodes like this, subscribe to our Patreon for $3 a month: After we finish The System of Objects we will be taking a break from our roundtable episodes for a couple months before starting season 2. We will only be releasing bonus episodes during that time, so don't miss out!
This episode, Patrick and Andrew sit down and discuss Franco Moretti's early collection of essays on everything from Frankenstein and Dracula to James Joyce and T.S. Eliot. Unfortunately, Donald was too unwell and overworked to join us on this episode, but we think it turned out as a pretty good discussion on the connection of literature to sociology.Support us on Patreon to listen to our bonus episodes. We have a discussion with psychoanalyst Patricia Gherovici that will be recorded very soon to follow up our discussion of Jacqueline Rose.Our next book (the end of season 1!) is Jean Baudrillard's The System of Objects. 
In this episode, Patrick and Andrew discuss Sexuality in the Field of Vision by Jacqueline Rose. We go a little further into our impressions of Lacanian psychoanalysis, its interactions with feminism and film theory, and whether this is a good book to turn to for newcomers to psychoanalytic theory.You can support our podcast and listen to our bonus episodes by subscribing to our Patreon.Grab a copy of Franco Moretti's Signs Taken for Wonders if you want to read along. 
This is a preview from one of our patron-only bonus episodes. In this episode, Patrick interviews philosopher and psychoanalyst Adrian Johnston on the work of Slavoj Žižek, Lacanian psychoanalysis, theories of materialism, and more. - Support us on Patreon to hear the entire conversation. -Read Johnston's article on Lacan in the Stanford Encylopedia of Philosophy
The Metastases of Enjoyment

The Metastases of Enjoyment


We discuss Slavoj Žižek's book The Metastases of Enjoyment and discuss the merits of psychoanalysis, the concept of trauma and cause, and the perverse enjoyment of seeing others as victims.Support us on PatreonOur next read will be Jacqueline (not Gillian, like I say in the episode) Rose's Sexuality in the Field of Vision.
Following our discussion on Virilio, Patrick sits down with sociologist Hartmut Rosa to discuss social acceleration and modernity. The conversation touches on the types of acceleration we face in a modern world, classic and late modernity, and Rosa's concept of "resonance."This is a preview from one of our bonus episodes. If you would like to help us pay our hosting fees and get access to more interviews and extras, please consider supporting us on Patreon for $3 a month. MORE BY ROSASocial Acceleration: A New Theory of ModernityResonance: A Sociology of Our Relationship to the WorldLSE Lecture: Do We Really Live in an Acceleration Society?NEXT READSexuality in the Field of Vision by Gillian Rose 
The Information Bomb

The Information Bomb


In this episode, Andrew and Patrick talk about French cultural theorist, architect, and philosopher Paul Virilio and his book The Information Bomb. We discuss speed, the 90s, information, and more.Our next episode will be on Slavoj Zizek's The Metastases of Enjoyment. Check it out if you want to read ahead.Support us on Patreon and get an extra bonus each month for just $3/month.
In this bonus episode, Patrick sits down with the author Peter Salmon to discuss the life of Jacques Derrida and contextualize his philosophical project (if there is such a thing). We go over Derrida's upbringing, his academic life, and his conception of friendship in and outside of his theoretical work. Salmon brings his viewpoint after researching and writing a new biography of Derrida, forthcoming from Verso Books this October.This bonus episode is being made available in full on our public feed. If you want more bonus content every month, you can subscribe to our Patreon for $3/month for extra interviews.An Event, Perhaps by Peter Salmon: Roderick on Derrida: next book is The Information Bomb by Paul Virilio:
The Politics of Friendship

The Politics of Friendship


We sit down to talk about the (in)famous French philosopher Jacques Derrida and his book The Politics of Friendship. Listen as we discuss the instrumentality of friendship, the role of friends and enemies to define politics, and whether we actually understand anything we read.Support us on Patreon and get an extra bonus episode featuring an interview every month: next read will be The Information Bomb by Paul VirilioDerrida's lecture on friendship:
This is a preview for our latest bonus episode. Patrick interviews Anton Jäger - a PhD candidate in history at the University of Cambridge working on populism in the US - on the political theory of Chantal Mouffe and its connection to contemporary political movements.If you want to hear the full episode, you can subscribe to our Patreon for $3 a month. Patreon subscribers receive a monthly bonus episode in addition to our regular reading series. 
This is the second half of our conversation on Chantal Mouffe's The Return of The Political. We delve further into the trap of idealism, NGO-styled radicalism, and the influence of populism on real-life movements like Podemos and Britain's New Labour.Our next bonus episode will discuss Left Populism in theory and practice with special guest Anton Jäger. If you want to hear the discussion, support us on Patreon: next book for discussion is The Politics of Friendship by Jacques Derrida.You can check out the Aufhebunga Bunga episode we mentioned here.
In this episode, we begin our discussion of Chantal Mouffe's book The Return of The Political. We discuss the concept of the friend/enemy distinction, debates between Liberalism and Civic Republicanism, and whether or not political struggles have to remain fragmentary and non-universal.We decided to divide our discussion of Mouffe into two episodes because 1) the discussion was pretty long anyway, and 2) we uploaded more content than usual this month so our hosting subscription was running out of space until it renews. We'll upload part 2 at the start of August and follow up with our next discussion later that month.Next Month's Read: The Politics of Friendship by Jacques Derrida
This is a clip from a discussion with David Broder, a historian of French and Italian political history, and European Editor for Jacobin Magazine.You can hear the full conversation by subscribing to our Patreon for $3 a month.Broder's new book First They Took Rome is now available through Verso Books.
In this special bonus episode, Patrick talks with his friend Misha about current events. The discussion touches on everything from rural/urban divides, the complications of identity and community, the American conception of East Asia vs. its reality, and the implications of recent BLM struggles.This bonus episode is being made available to both the standard feed and the Patreon feed. A bonus episode with guest David Broder on Norberto Bobbio is forthcoming for the Patreon feed. The bookclub discussion will also continue later this month with Chantal Mouffe's The Return of the Political.
Liberalism and Democracy

Liberalism and Democracy


In this episode, we discuss the Italian legal theorist and politician Norberto Bobbio and his text "Liberalism and Democracy." We talk about the history of Liberalism, the relationship of the individual to the State, and how radicals should conceive of democracy.Other texts mentioned in this discussion:- "The Affinities of Norberto Bobbio" by Perry Anderson- "Law and State as Holes in Marxist Theory" by Mike Macnair- "Liberty Before Liberalism" by Quentin Skinner- "Citizens to Lords" and "Liberty and Property" by Ellen Meiksins WoodNext month's text:- "The Return of the Political" by Chantal MouffeSupport us on Patreon:
In this preview I talk with C Derick Varn about Adorno's conception of domination, and the pitfalls and insights that accompany his critique of modern life.If you want access to the full episode while supporting us, you can join our Patreon for $3 a month and receive monthly bonus episodes in addition to our regular roundtable discussions: to the roundtable discussion on Minima Moralia here: next episode will be on Norberto Bobbio's Liberalism and Democracy, check it out if you'll be reading along:
Minima Moralia

Minima Moralia


Can one seek the good life when life has been irreparably damaged? In this episode, we sit down to discuss Theodore Adorno's Minima Moralia and talk a bit about psychoanalysis, pleasure, astrology, and automation in the contemporary world.Join our Patreon for $3 a month if you want access to our bonus episodes to hear guests interviewed about the authors we've discussed.If you're reading along, our next book will be Liberalism and Democracy by Noberto Bobbio: Patrick talk about Walter Benjamin on The Regrettable Century here: Andrew's essay on Adorno's The Authoritarian Personality here:
This is a preview from our most recent bonus episode. James Turley from the CPGB and Weekly Worker joins us to talk about Althusser and the political circumstances surrounding his life and career.If you want to listen to the full episode, you can access it by supporting us on Patreon:
For Marx

For Marx


In this month's episode, we sit down to discuss the controversial French Marxist philosopher Louis Althusser and his early book For Marx. We discuss the merits and problems with concepts such as overdetermination, problematics, epistemological break, and the Althusserian meaning of ideology.We'd also like to announce that we've just started a Patreon to help us make podcasting just a little bit easier! It's only $3 a month to get future bonus episodes featuring special interviews on the topics we discuss each month.
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