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Tired of the screaming rightwing maniacs on talk radio? You've found the right spot. APW will recap the top stories with the people who cover the news, offering unique insight and commentary you won't find elsewhere, and providing interviews with newsmakers from both sides of the aisle.
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Everyone's Angry

Everyone's Angry


Josh and David talk about the ongoing Confederate monuments issue and Bubba Wallace's very real noose. Infectious disease expert Dr. Steven Lai Hing Zooms in to talk about the frustrations of watching coronavirus numbers tick back up to record highs.
David and Josh talk about the ongoing protests and the removal of confederate monuments around the state. House minority leader Anthony Daniels joins them to discuss ending state funding for the confederate memorial park.
David interviews Dr. Peter Hotez, the dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor, about what effect nationwide protests will have on the spread of COVID-19 and why COVID-19 disproportionately affects black communities.
Josh and David talk about the protests across the country against police brutality and systemic racism, Alabama NAACP President Benard Simelton discusses how the organization is responding and they wrap up with a Rightwing Nut of the Week.
Josh and David talk about the protests in Minneapolis, Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed discusses the coronavirus in his city and how they are dealing with policing issues, and they wrap with a discussion on mail-in voting.
The Revenge of MeeMaw

The Revenge of MeeMaw


Gov. Kay Ivey’s ridiculous decision to lift more restrictions even as COVID cases increase substantially. Catherine Flowers Zooms in to discuss health issues in and around the Black Belt.
Bye, Bye, GOP

Bye, Bye, GOP


David and Josh talk about the ALGOP’s civil war, now-former GOP lobbyist John Meredith Zooms in to talk about his decision to publicly walk away from the GOP.
Josh and David talk about the fight between Gov. Kay Ivey and the Alabama Legislature. Montgomery's Jannah Bailey talks about the viral video of her plea for equitable school funding and the fight over Montgomery's property tax bill.
Alabama House Minority Leader joins the show and delivers some news about the Democrats' response to being asked to come back to the State House during a pandemic.
David and Josh discuss the decision by Kay Ivey to keep Alabama locked down. And Rep. Terri Sewell calls in from DC to talk about the latest stimulus package and her plan to reopen Alabama.
David and Josh discuss what comes next after the coronavirus shutdowns, Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin phones in to talk about the city's response to the virus and his mission to protect the people in Alabama's largest city.
Former Gov. Don Siegelman Zooms in to talk about his new book and his experience in the US justice system and federal prison.
The Coronavirus Shuffle

The Coronavirus Shuffle


Josh and David talk about life in quarantine and the Republican response to the crisis. Actress and activist Erika Alexander zooms in to discuss her work with Hillary Clinton and what life might have been like with a competent president.
Josh and David talk about the latest coronavirus news in Alabama, David sets fire to the Ainsworth bandwagon, Alabama Political Reporter's Chip Brownlee talks about the coronavirus stats and the state's lack of transparency.
This Coronavirus Sucks

This Coronavirus Sucks


Josh and David talk at length about COVID-19's impact on Alabama. House minority leader Anthony Daniels stops by to go over the legislature's future. Rep. Laura Hall talks about her bill to provide restitution for people wrongly incarcerated.
The Coronavirus Goes Crazy

The Coronavirus Goes Crazy


Dr. Burnestine Taylor with ADPH joins the podcast to discuss the virus in depth and talk about the state's response, AEA associate director Theon Stokes talks about recent legal battles.
What the heck happened on Super Tuesday, the return of the Elf on the Shelf (Jeff Sessions) and a discussion about the state-sanctioned murder of Nathanial Woods, who was executed Thursday night.
Josh and David talk to former Philly Mayor Michael Nutter about his endorsement of Michael Bloomberg, and how the campaign is trying to win voters in Alabama.
Sen. Doug Jones joins Josh and David to discuss his re-election campaign and the state of the Alabama Democratic Party.
Tired of the screaming rightwing maniacs on talk radio? You've found the right spot.
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