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Finding Your Voice with Per Bristow

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Voice and performance coach Per Bristow explores subject matter such as voice, expression, presentation, performance, discovering who we are and what we are truly capable of in life.
13 Episodes
Join Per as he wraps up season 1 of Finding Your Voice, and highlights some of his favorite moments from each episode. See more content by Per Bristow at Follow Per at
Shane Boyer has been a member of The Singing Zone for 2 years. In this episode, he shares what this voice training program has done for him and what it has meant for him to discover and engage in singing later in life. Shane shares powerful insights into the human condition, from a childhood where expressing was never encouraged, to a troubled teen, to a successful business man, to a devoted father and to discovering a passion for singing. See more content by Per Bristow at Follow Per at
Devika Salcher is a transformational trainer and author of the book “Simple Love.” In this episode, she shares her incredible journey of 30 years in physical and emotional pain, being close to losing her life through seven surgeries, to her remarkable journey of healing herself and healing others. And through it all, singing was her therapy. Follow Devika at See more content by Per Bristow at Follow Per at
Annie Mullin grew up in Ireland and has sung for as long as she remembers. Her professional career began in her teens, which took her to the US working with numerous artists and then landing her a residency in Las Vegas for many years. Then, one day, she woke up with no voice. Suddenly, she found herself on a new journey in life to “find” her voice in a new way. In this episode, Annie shares her interesting insight from her life journey and how the Sing With Freedom / The Singing Zone program has impacted her. Follow Per at See more content by Per Bristow at
Selina Craig loves to sing. She has sung in all kinds of groups and choirs. She has used her love for music to create communities and bring people together. But once upon time when she was a child, she was diagnosed as 75% deaf. She couldn't hit a note and she was denied to be in the school choir, to be with the group of people she so dearly wanted. Follow Per at See more content by Per Bristow at
Peyton was an audience favorite in the UK X Factor, and had before then had many years performing all over the world as a renowned singer in the house music genre. Recently, he released his powerful album Sinners Got Soul Too. However, even though he loved the arts, and loved singing from childhood, he denied participating in any arts all through high school. Why? Because of severe bullying. In this episode Peyton shares his journey, how it took a long time until he realized he could have a career doing what he loved to do - to sing. We learn about the process of auditioning and how he was able to conquer his incredibly fear when going for the X factor audition, but what he then did to come alive and mesmerize that judges as well as the UK public. We learn about his work as an anti-bullying ambassador, about what drives him, and about his mindset that has enabled his success and enabled him to release his powerful and captivating voice that has had an impact on millions. Follow Peyton at,, Follow Per at See more content by Per Bristow at
When Australia’s strongest man, Eddie Williams, took the stage on Australia’s Got Talent, he surprised the nation and melted their hearts. He then went on to America’s Got Talent The Champions. However, few people knew that he was hospitalized the days before. How was he able to pull it off? In this episode, Eddie shares what has fostered his winning attitude and how he looks at life, training, competition, family as well as his passionate work with autistic children. Eddie is a big man with an equally big heart. We can all learn a lot from him. Follow Eddie Williams at Follow Per at See more content by Per Bristow at
In this episode, we hear the powerful journey of how John Gay ended up in prison with a 9 year sentence and the transformations that occurred from it. At what point are you imprisoned in life? What is freedom? How do you become free? Learn and be inspired by his journey of self-discovery, and how he discovered a newfound passion for music. Learn how he now sometimes sings 8 hours straight, while in the past he was diagnosed with a voice dysfunction. See John’s creations at Follow Per at See more content by Per Bristow at
At my live event “Per Bristow Live” in Sydney, G-man stepped up on stage and electrified the audience. What we didn’t know was that not long before, he was on the brink of taking his own life. In this episode, G-man shares his journey, what triggered him to find light and meaning again from the darkest moments of pain and despair. We will learn how his powerful song “Live Your Life” came about, the creation of the music video and more. G-man shares invaluable advice and insights for anyone who struggles, for anyone who experiences darkness, depression, or lack of motivation and meaning. See G-man’s music video at Follow G-man at Instagram @gmanpowerhouse, Follow Per at See more content by Per Bristow at
Paul Shortino is a renowned singer in the world of heavy rock. He was the lead singer of Rough Cutt, Quiet Riot, Kong Cobra and more, and has for the last 7 years starred in the Las Vegas hit show Raiding The Rock Vault. In this episode, we get deep into Paul’s expansive career spanning more than 40 years, his work with legends in the music industry, what he learned from Barbara Streisand, his approach to singing in studio vs singing live and the traps of singing in studio. We’ll hear what he does to keep his voice in shape and his journey to find his voice, and much much more. Follow Paul at, Follow Per at See more content by Per Bristow at
Carren Smith is known as one of Australia’s most exciting and dynamic motivational speakers - an extraordinary human being who exudes positivity and success. But how is this possible? After finding her partner having committed suicide, falling into depression herself, she decided to go to Bali to attempt to heal... only to find herself in a burning inferno with half of her head blown off. Barely, she made it back to Australia knowing she were never to see her friends again… In this episode, we talk about what made her survive, the creation of her book Soul Survivor, how she after her initial attempts to speak on stage was advised to not do it again as she was no good at it. Listen to Carren’s heart-breaking, yet inspiring story and what has enabled her to become such a source of positivity and love. Follow Carren at Follow Per at See more content by Per Bristow at
Jason Gardiner is known in the UK as a singer, dancer, choreographer and TV personality, being a celebrity judge on Dancing On Ice and more. Jason shares his powerful journey of growing up with shame and guilt from being ostracized and bullied, not feeling comfortable expressing who he was, to becoming a celebrity, but then completely losing his voice. After vocal surgery, he wasn’t sure he would ever be able to speak, let alone sing again. He was told, “the chances of you ever being able to sing again are so slim”. He shares what he did to heal, and what he discovered during the times when he wasn’t able to use his voice, how it made him have to listen more and what it taught him about other people’s stories and their bottled-up voices. Inspired by several life-defining moments, he has now created his one-man-show “IN THE CLOSET” that premiered in London to extraordinary reviews. Listen to Jason’s powerful story and insights. Follow Jason at Follow Per at See more content by Per Bristow at
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