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Author: Dory Doyle, Dr. Joe Abretski

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It's time to connect the holistic healers of Richmond to the community of people that are looking to be served.Dr. Joe Abretski of Omni Family Chiropractic and Dory Doyle of The Oil Spot are your co-hosts that are looking to do just that!Passionate healers for family wellness all about Richmond, VA. Let's have some fun and LIVE WELL RVA!
32 Episodes
Ep 202: Blue Light

Ep 202: Blue Light


If you have a plant and water it, give it good soil, talk nice, but put it in a dark closet... Things are not going to go well.Light is so critical to our health for a myriad of reasons.However.. blue light can be a little much. With the amount of time we spend in front of blue light emitting devices, our relationship with light must change.If you are in front of a computer or phone all day or (especially) night, but it may be time to understand the effects of blue light. Find Dory here: Dr. Joe here: Well RVA Members:
Welcome to Season 2!We are kicking off the new season with a new format. Shorter episodes with more actionable steps to help you live well. We will also still have the occasional longer conversation with Richmond specialists - don't worry!Today is all about stress.Really, this whole past year is about stress.But we are chatting about how to manage it instead of eliminate it. Enjoy!Find Dory here: Dr. Joe here: Well RVA Members:
Movement is one of the easiest aspects to change on your own. You can do that right now by choice.Everything in life is impacted by movement. It is the universal connection of all the other Blue Zones principles. Use it to connect, to eat, to breathe, everything.Motion is life, so move it!Find Dory here: Dr. Joe here: Well RVA Members:
All of the Blue Zones in the world are in different places, yet they have specific dietary habits. And that is not because they all eat the same, it's because the principles of diet remain the same.Which is great because that means you can apply it to your life even if you don't live in Costa Rica or Okinawa!Find Dory here: Dr. Joe here: Well RVA Members:
The right outlook on life. No wonder it's essential for those that are likely to live to 100 years old.I firmly believe that having a life purpose is so important to a fulfilled life. Every decision in health stems from an anchored purpose. Couple that with downshifting each day and we have an amazing set up for the right outlook!Find Dory here: Dr. Joe here: Well RVA Members:
I'm sure you have heard of the saying "You become the average of the five people you spend the most time with." That's exciting because you get control of that!One of the categories of the "Power 9" of the Blue Zones is all about connections. Belong, Right Tribe, and Family First.Find Dory here: Dr. Joe here: Well RVA Members:
People in very specific areas around the world have a 10x greater likelihood of living to 100 than the rest of the planet. Must be something to that.Blue Zones. That's why.People in these areas of the world have specific characteristics in common that facilitate health. Unfortunately, Richmond is not a Blue Zone. But that doesn't mean we can't learn something from them!Find Dory here: Dr. Joe here: Well RVA Members:
As Pam says on her website: "Every child is intelligent, resourceful, competent, and driven toward relationship with other people and the world. But not every child grows up believing this about himself."This was a wonderfully insightful and eye-opening conversation with Pam Oken-Wright (author, teacher, educational consultant, keynote speaker) about what we as parents can be doing to help support our children so that they can still be children and use that imagination and curiosity to enrich and drive their education. This is a must-listen for anyone who has or interacts with children, as it gives insight into how the child brain works and how we as adults can support and encourage their development and growth.Pam's book, "Mommy, They're Taking Away My Imagination" can be purchased on Amazon.Find Pam here: Dory here: Dr. Joe here: Well RVA Members:
Be glad we didn't say "To supplement, or not to supplement...that is the question" more than once.Holding two conflicting opinions at the same time is tough, but we managed to have fun balancing out the viewpoints and playing devil's advocate with each other on whether or not supplementing your nutrition should be a priority.Find Dory here: Dr. Joe here: Well RVA Members:
Tables have turned for this one! I'm in the hot seat with my amazing partner, (soon-to-be) wife, chiropactor, other half, Dr. Maxine as we share about family chiropractic care with Dory.We love what we do and love that we get to help people every day here in Richmond!Find Dory here: Dr. Maxine here: Dr. Joe here: Well RVA Members:
You know that one person who is going to the gym carrying a gallon jug of water? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that isn't the best way to hydrate....It's still a start though! Hydration impacts everything we do - energy, sleep, focus, nourishment. Optimizing your hydration is a super easy thing to do and totally worth the easy steps to get there.Find Dory here: Dr. Joe here: Well RVA Members:
This new series spawned from our conversations we have on a daily basis. We realized that some of the things we share with one another are just too good to not put them on here.To start it off, this is about natural healing and what when we dissect "natural" and "healing", we realized that there's really no other way for healing to take place. Let us know what you think!Find Dory here: Dr. Joe here: Well RVA Members:
You know those people that you meet that seem to exude a calming and peaceful presence? Yeah, that's 100% Sepidar. Which totally makes sense with the energetic work that she does to help people heal.We talked a lot about the role of a healer. How we really just facilitate that process, not actively perform it. Remember - only you can heal you!Find Sepidar here: Dory here: Dr. Joe here: Well RVA Members:
It should come to no surprise that the foods we eat impact our health. However, it's been increasingly understood that the emotions we have around our food can do the same.No wonder there is such a link between food and our hormones. Eating right for YOU is what Heather teaches and how she has a huge impact on women that are working on having a healthier cycle.Find Heather here: Dory here: Dr. Joe here: Well RVA Members:
Ellen Spann of Ellen Rae Spaces has one of the coolest jobs - she is a home stager in the real estate world. However, a lot of her clients seek her out to open up their physical spaces and organize in a feel-good way. Leading to a ton of unexpected emotional and mental clarity.Your home is where you spend a ton of time and she talks about how to make it a space that brings joy instead of chaos. Way cool.Enjoy the episode :-)Find Ellen here: Dory here: Dr. Joe here: Well RVA Members:
Annie is an amazingly intuitive massage therapist with a background in personal training for athletes. Blending sports massage and more gentler techniques is her expertise and it shows!While having someone work on your muscles for you can be great, she says that some of the biggest benefit comes straight from something that is immeasurable - human touch. Also likely something that we all desperately need more of these days.Enjoy the episode :-)Find Annie here: Dory here: Dr. Joe here: Well RVA Members:
There is an amazing connection of the breath to our life - it is absolutely essential. Alison brings a ton of super cool experience facilitating this healing experience for her participants.Turns out, breathwork has been around for a long time! There's something pretty special about healing with a modality that helped others centuries ago.Find Alison here: Dory here: Dr. Joe here: Well RVA Members:
The second half of the sleep is always the best. Dr. Brockbank gives tips of simple things we can do to enhance our sleep right now.Enjoy and good night :-) ZZZzzz....Find Dr. Brockbank here: Dory here: Dr. Joe here: Well RVA Members:
Zzzzzz.... Don't sleep on this. Or maybe DO! We had a fascinating conversation with Dr. Brockbank about optimizing sleep.In fact, it was so good that we just had to split it into two parts so you can get a ton of great info on how to improve sleep and how your health can be impacted!Find Dr. Brockbank here: Dory here: Dr. Joe here: Well RVA Members:
Vincent Vu is the founder and CEO of the local Richmond start up company, Kinis. Less is more is the principle at play here - "less shoe, more foot".You know that amazing feeling you get when you finally get to take off your shoes after a long day? This is how you feel ALL the time in this minimal footwear.Find Kinis here: Dory here: Dr. Joe here: Well RVA Members:
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