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Author: Megan Mitcham

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Killings and Darlings Podcast marries, host and USA Today Bestselling Author, Megan Mitcham's two passions - True Crime and Fiction. She invites--forces--her author friends to listen to truly horrific stories of real crime, and then challenges them to share a happier story with her; a bit about their upcoming novels.
16 Episodes
Join me as we face the deadliest and most obscured incident during the Civil Rights Movement in the state of South Carolina.Support the show
Was it ever legal for fathers to kill members of their family? Tune in to find out! Maggie Wells got it right, will you?Support the show
We walk through the horrors of the Hendricks Family Murder and discuss author Maggie Wells personal connection to the crime!Support the show
Join us as we talk about the "side chick" that took hot and bothered to the next level.Support the show
Author Andie J. Christopher and I talk about safely navigating the cesspool of online dating and the tragic crimes of the alleged Tinder Serial Killer.Support the show
We discuss the unbelievable crimes, talent, and legacy of Huddie William Ledbetter, known as the King of the Twelve-String.Support the show
Jen Crane and I look into the horrifying origins of folk murder ballads and that of, "Frankie and Johnny."Support the show
When a crime is too horrible to share with a Darling, it's a solo episode. I run the gamut of emotions when talking about the senseless death of ten year old Candace Newmaker at the hands of 5 adults.Support the show
Join us as we talk about the formation of the NAVY SEALS out of the tragedy of bungled Operation Eagle Claw and a man nicknamed, "Demo Dick." Yep, you read that right.Support the show
Military Romance Author Cristin Harber and I dive into the lead-up and horror of the 444 day Iranian Hostage Crisis.Support the show
All too often fact is stranger than fiction. Play the Fact or Fiction game with us and find out why bodies were left on the sidelines during a football game.Support the show
Meet the author of dangerously dark romance, Abbie Roads. Explore the hell that serial predator Todd Kohlhepp created, how he was caught, and the woman brave enough to face him in court.Support the show
All too often fact is stranger than fiction. Play the Fact or Fiction game with us and find out how many bloggers have been murdered in the last decade.Support the show
Meet the nicest author in the world and the Monster of the Andes in the same episode. No, we didn't find him. He's still out there... somewhere.Support the show



Megan Mitcham tells you about the murder of Michelle Lee Pino, the unsettling and close-to-home story that ignited her true crime obsession.Support the show
What's All This

What's All This


Host Megan Mitcham tells you what to expect in this new podcast that marries her true crime obsession with her love of fiction.Support the show
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