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Distant Dog Barking

Author: DD McWolfe

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In early 2028 a riot breaks out in lower Manhattan. Triggered by a climate demonstration, it's effects ripple across the country and within days America dissolves into anarchy. Our story tracks six individuals who must find their way to the relative safety of the nearest wilderness and escape the ensuing barbarism and disease. What ignited the contagion of hate and caused all hell to break loose? Who can be trusted? What horrors await them in the forests? How far must they go to find sanctuary? As our six evade death and accept that moral injury is the price of survival, a terrifying mystery is unveiled about the meaning and origins of human existence.
12 Episodes
Disenchanted software developer, Joanna, departs New York City for a client pitch on the West Coast. Though she leaves behind growing unrest and martial law in her home city, the chaos has reached tipping point at her destination, Seattle.
Following a sleepless night amidst the sounds of gun battles throughout Seattle and its suburbs, Army veteran Wes makes the final decision to leave his family home and bugout to Wallace Falls State Park. However, his trip doesn't go quite as smoothly as planned.
Parents-to-be Kaley and Ryan decide the moment has come to escape Seattle's downtown to a double-wide east of the city in May Creek. But for the pregnant Kaley, the journey will be devastatingly transformative.
Hermit and Wenatchi shaman George Redfox is warned of the coming dangers and makes preparations for his own safety, but will they be enough and on time to evade the murderous scavengers marauding the land.
Jo regains consciousness following the plane crash to find herself secluded away in a cave by a mysterious hermit. Wes is compelled to investigate terrifying sounds he hears on the mountainside above his bunker.
Sam hikes out of Index on an old game trail toward May Creek, hoping to reach Kaley by nightfall. But he soon discovers he's being followed, and stumbling across a gang on the path he realizes the dangers are increasing.
Wes comes face-to-face with the entity responsible for the decimation of the ranger's camp whilst hunger forces Jo to venture away from her cave and explore the mountain, only to make a macabre discovery.
Kaley and Sam find themselves in grave danger and must leave the doublewide to escape. Fleeing down the valley towards Index, they warn Redfox of the peril, however the mysterious Wenatchi necromancer will not be easily ousted from his home.
Wes is alarmed to discover imposters on his side of the mountain, and tracks them to discover their clandestine mission. As Jo's safety is threatened yet again, it becomes clear she has a fearsome and unrivaled protector.
Kaley, Sam and Redfox are guided out of harms way and into the deep forest by Hannah's spirit guide. Jo briefly meets up with Wes under the protective eye of her enigmatic and forbidding guardian.
Militia from the ravaged town assemble a posse to pursue Redfox, Kaley and Sam deep into the forest. But the old Shaman summons powerful forest entities, beseeching them for safe passage and protection.
Jo, Redfox, Wes, Sam, Kaley and Hannah are compelled to cross the mountains in pursuit of answers from an elderly biologist who headed-up a former government program. But their curiosity sparks immediate and devastating consequences.  
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Rich Howes

where is season 2??? this is really good!!

Aug 14th
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