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The River Speaks by Stew BittmanThe river reminded me of the freedom that comes with "being" in the midst of all my "doing" 
Capacity without Limits by Stew BittmanOur capacity to be, do and have more is far greater than we've allowed ourselves to believe
A Mother's Love by Stew BittmanMother's Day can be a reminder to mother ourselves just a bit more than we already do
If It Is to Be, It Is Up to...We by Stew BittmanA re-broadcast from way back when (episode 14) I heal from my hip surgery and continue to rely on help from my family, I'm reminded that perhaps the greatest source of our strength is each other
Labels are for Jars, Not People by Stew BittmanWe can all overcome our self-imposed labels and become freer
Rising Again by Stew BittmanThis re-broadcast from Easter Sunday, 2020 explores how some of the traditional Easter themes can help us all to keep rising above the fear and chaos
Reclaiming My Heart in the Heartland by Stew BittmanHow my weekend in Wichita has reminded me that all is well in the world
Don't Just Do Something; Sit There by Stew BittmanWhen we allow ourselves to stop and smell the flowers, we actually contribute to the healing of ourselves and of the world
Spring to Life by Stew BittmanThe rebirth and renewal of spring can remind us to renew our mind so we can "spring to life."
Guard it Well by Stew BittmanIt takes a lot of energy to hold a place of love in this world, and we'll have more energy if we stop working so hard at things that don't serve us
Peace Begins with Us by Stew BittmanIn every moment, there's always something each of us can do to help create peace on earth
Anger as Ally by Stew BittmanReflections on my feelings after my mom's passing this week
Love the Folks You Love by Stew BittmanA call for all of us to love the folks we already love, just a bit more than we already do, even in this crazy world
Just My Imagination by Stew BittmanHow accessing our heart can help us use our imagination to create possibilities for ourselves and for the world rather than to limit the possibilities
A Giant Leap on the Evolutionary Scale by Stew BittmanBefore we take care of the brain-body connection, let's see to the heart-brain connection!
Are You Serious? by Stew BittmanThis re-broadcast explores the importance of choosing the light, especially in the face of what seems dark
Grief is Just Love with Nowhere to Go by Stew BittmanIn saying goodbye to our beloved dog, I've learned a big lesson about love
Blind Faith in Love by Stew BittmanBelieving in love isn't quite enough, but blind faith in love can have us swimming together much more often in the "Sea of Joy"
A Tribute to Patsy by Stew BittmanChiropractic and the world lost a bright light this is my tribute to Patsy Sigafoose
You Can't Win if You Don't Play by Stew BittmanA more playful attitude toward life this year might just be the thing we and the world need
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