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Lando and Stacey debate the interview Dave Portnoy did with Trump (0-19:50). Then we talk some bullshit with phenom member of Monument Fitness, Anna Kolchinski (19:50-49:44). This girl has done more at 21 than Lando at 37! You don't want to miss this.
Lando and Stacey are BACK after a month hiatus. Talk about YELP and the losers that comment on it, what's been going on in their world, and catch you up with all things Monument Fitness, CrossFit, Getting Woked, and more.
The Artist Formerly Known as CrossFit is burning before our very eyes thanks to the very man who founded it and worked as CEO from its inception, Greg Glassman. Even as he was ousted from CEO he still made his mark with ridiculous moves and stupidity. Lando and Stacey discuss WTF is going on with CrossFit, their opinions, and what they are doing with their business and why.
These are turbulent times in the world around us. The murder of George Floyd shook the US to its core and the CrossFit world didn't go untouched. Greg Glassman did his part to and now the entire organization of CrossFit is potentially ruined.  Lando and Stacey talk about CrossFit Lando changing to Monument Fitness Charlestown, and all their thoughts on the CrossFit situation and larger situation in society right now.THEN, Taylor Landes, Lando's little sister, comes in and talks about her journey as a Fit and Fabulous nutrition client of Stacey's. She talks about her struggles with body image, eating disorders, and how she conquered it all during quarantine no less!A MUST LISTEN!
- Afrin Addiction and how to cure it (it's a real thing!)- John Krasinski raises millions for charity and people are up in arms about him making money himself. Lando has thoughts.- Lando the gamer?
Tom Brady is a conniving bitch who gave up on the Pats before the season. 20 years of greatness is thanked but no love is lost for Lando.Lando and Stacey share fake ID stories including Lando using one in Daytona Beach on Spring Break, getting caught, being let in the club to drink anyways, then getting a thousands of dollars fine sent home to his parents months later.
- Stacey freestyles and throws down raps.- Lando and Stacey talk taking naps and drinking coffee beforehand. - Sex and TV...why the F does it exist?
- Lando and Stacey talk about people Lando hates, mainly Elon Musk and Tom Brady.- Lando talks why strength training burns more fat than being a pansy. - Coronavirus update on the world.
Welcome to Season 2!We have a new, more fun, more loose Getting Woked.First episode of Season 2 and we are talking about Parking Tickets.- The City of Boston is still writing tickets like it's a normal day, and not like hundreds of thousands are forced to stay home and leave their cars on the street. But hey, they need that $40 from those tickets, the people don't!- The COVID-19 pandemic is terrible, but the statistics are just that...statistics. Stats = truth. Lando gets fired up talking about the truth about the MA Corona stats. DISCLAIMER: Death is a terrible thing despite it being part of life. It's a suck ass part of life that we at GW wish didn't exist. No analysis of stats or speaking of one's opinion on a podcast or anywhere brings a life back. Know that we never trivialize that. - 5 Minutes of Fitness: EPOC or Afterburn. Keep your metabolism going for hours after a workout if its done with intensity the right way.
- Lando is sick of the Coronavirus absurdity. - Shake Shack and other big businesses don't have to worry about quarantine affects because they're still doing business as usual.- Lando and Stacey went for a walk and experienced some shit- The Boston Marathon would have been today. - it isn't THAT impressive (disclaimer included) - 2013 bombing retelling
Lando and Stacey discuss the current status of the world in Coronavirus.- What is the new normal?- When will shit get back to the old normal?- Are sports ever coming back? And why are sports the barometer for the entire world being cured or not?- What weird shit related to greeting each other in public will come from all this?They also get serious for a bit and talk Hiring and Training Employees- What they learned over the years- What's the most important thing(s) for getting the most out of your staff?Plus interview with Lily Heil, long time member of CrossFit Lando, and talking about burning houses down
- Stacey shares her story about driving a man begging for change to an ATM where he swindles her. Lando shares his which shaped the way he handles homelessness to this date.- Ideas for how to start your day the right way with fitness, nutrition, neither, or both.- Lando and Stacey talk about the recent Tommy John surgery done for Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale and how the world has lost their minds over it.- Lando talks about why feel things the world is wrong usually always
- Lando and Stacey share their most ridiculous/absurd/scary health related stories- Stacey shares advice on snacking while on quarantine.- Lando and Stacey debate TV mainly Ozark and it's merits (Stacey doesn't like it, prefers Homeland)
- Stacey takes the Lando Music Opinion Super Challenge and gets a C+- Stacey explains the benefit of drinking the right amount of water each day- Lando and Stacey discuss how to win during Corona quarantine- Lando and Stacey discuss TV
- A quick episode from the first day of Coronavirus shutdown. Lando and Stacey shoot the breeze about the virus and TV.
- Lando and Stacey talk updates on the Corona, including the worst people ever : Spring Breakers during a pandemic.- Lando and Stacey get into the history of Lando and CrossFit, and his soul leaving his body mid competition.
It's Coronavirus day 5/1, as it seems every day is a new day with this shit.- Lando and Stacey talk about COVID-19, what CF Lando is doing, and what is new.- Lando interviews Stacey about her history with CrossFit.
Yep, it's that time. Time to talk about THE Virus. Coronavirus.Lando and Stacey talk Tori Lanez's new jam. Then they talk everything Coronavirus. It's unavoidable. 
We talk about the important things going on right now:- Stacey interpret's Lil Uzi Vert's new song "Homecoming"- Lando and Stacey talk about eating the right way around your workout.
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