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Author: Paul Bishop & Richard Prosch

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Riding hell-for-leather into the bullet blazing action of the Western genre in books, TV, movies, and any other media at home on the range...
210 Episodes
Welcome back, buckaroos, for the second part of our Six-Gun Justice Podcast's Worldwide West Tour visit to England. Join host Paul Bishop as he chats with British Western wordslinger Andrew McBride about all things Western with a British twist...Support the show
Howdy, cowpokes... It's tea time on the range as the Six-Gun Justice Podcast returns to its Worldwide West Tour with a stop in Ol' Blighty... Join host Paul Bishop and his special guest David Whitehead (aka bestselling Western wordslinger Ben Bridges) as they face down a violent gang of Piccadilly Cowboys and then delve even further into the extensive history of the many indigenous Westerns spawned on British shores...Support the show
Get them spurs jangling, wranglers, 'cause today's episode is gonna take us back to the year 1876, when the West was truly wild and legends roamed the frontier. Join host Paul Bishop as he chats with Steve Wiegand, author of 1876: The Year of the Gun, about Wyatt Earp, Wild Bill Hickok, Custer and more...It's gonna be a rootin', shootin', good time...Support the show
Boy, howdy, so many of those great vintage Western paperback we'd all run an Apache gauntlet to own and read had one thing in common—the likeness of action model Steve Holland on the covers...Today, Six-Gun Justice Podcast, host Paul Bishop is joined by special guest Michael Stradford author of Steve Holland: Cowboy, a just released compendium featuring Steve Holland's influence on our conception of the heroic cowboy...Support the show
G'day, cowpokes...It's time to lasso your kangaroo down, mate, as the Six-Gun Justice Podcast's Worldwide West Tour  continues its stop in the Land Down Under. Join host Paul Bishop and his special guest, Australian pulp maven Crocodile Andrew Nette as they go walkabout across the Outback in search of Kangaroo Westerns...Support the show
Put some shrimp on the barbie, pick up your didgeridoo, and grab a cold can of Fosters as the Six-Gun Justice Podcast's Worldwide West Tour stops in the Land Down Under for a look at the massive body of indigenous Australian Westerns produced by homegrown print publishers—such as  Cleveland, Horowitz, and others—along with the fistful of Kangaroo Cowboy wordslingers who gunned Western stories down by the hundreds...Support the show
Tip yer' chairs back and hook yer' boots over the hitchin' rail as it's time for another episode of the Six-Gun Justice Podcast... Join the virtual posse as head wrangler Paul Bishop gets back on the trail of the Worldwide West with Part 2 of of the tour's stop in Germany, where he'll be chatting with German wordslinger Alfred Wallon, author of over 200 German language Westerns...Support the show
Round up ye'r broncs and cool ye'r spurs for another episode of the Six-Gun Justice Podcast...Westerns are a genuine American art form, but that hasn't stopped the rest of the world from telling an amazing slew of their own wild west tales. These are often written by wordslingers who have never set foot on American shores, let alone been west of the Mississippi...For the next few episodes, podcast host Paul Bishop and various special guests will be riding the whirlwind we're calling the Worldwide West Tour. First stop: Germany Part 1...Support the show
Rein them horses in, sidewinders, it's time to listen in as Six-Gun Justice host Paul Bishop chews the barbed wire with his guests Chris Conway and Antoinette Sol about the impact of Western comics around the globe...Support the show
All-righty, cowpokes...It's time to grab yer' pencil stubs, haul yer' writing tablets out of yer' saddlebags, and settle in for some learnin' as Six-Gun Justice Podcast co-host Paul Bishop gets some smart lecturing from Professor Christopher Conway on the influence of the American Western in Mexican films comics and popular culture in part two of Heroes of the Borderlands...Support the show
Step into the stirrup and saddle up for the 200th episode of the Six-Gun Justice Podcast. To celebrate, your host Paul Bishop is joined by his special guest Professor Christopher Conway for part one of an in-depth look at the Heroes of the Borderlands and the impact of the Western genre in Mexico and Latin America...Support the show
Toss your reins over the hitchin' post,  buckaroos, and lend an ear as Six-Gun Justice Podcast host Paul Bishop is joined by the new Queen of the Dark Range, Randi Samuelson-Brown...A lyrical writer known for her award nominated and compelling historical fiction, Randi has now embarked  on a journey into the realm of Western noir. In Brand Chaser, the first book in her new Dark Range series, Randi has engaged her passion for storytelling to paint an unflinching portrait of the seedy underbelly of the modern-day West. Branded Graves, the second book in the Dark Range series will be released by Wolfpack Publishing in late 2022...Support the show
Hold your horse now, things are about to get wild! Join host Paul Bishop as he chews the barbed wire with Western wordslinger Jeff Mariotte to get the lowdown on Jeff's new Cody Cavanaugh Western series, weird Western tales of Desperados and Deathlands, the life of a tie-in writer, and believe it or not—Tarzan in the Wild West...Support the show
Pull back on those reins, buckaroos, and slow down long enough to listen as Six-Gun Justice Podcast host Paul Bishop is joined by guest co-host Tim DeForest discuss an overlooked niche in the Western genre—Western episodes of non-Western TV shows...Support the show
Saddle up your bronc and get ready to ride into Indian Territory with the Six-Gun Justice Podcast's head wrangler Paul Bishop and his guest James Robert Daniels, author of the acclaimed first Western novel The Comanche Kid...A love child of The Searchers, Lonesome Dove, and True Grit, The Comanche Kid lives up to its hype as a candidate for best Western of the year...Support the show
Circle the wagons and put the coffee pot over the campfire, it's time for a new episode of the Six-Gun Justice Podcast. Today, Paul is joined by Richard Prosch, who returns to the ranch and brings wordslinger Mel Odom with him to discuss their new traditional Western series, The Guns of Legende, which debuts this month on the virtual spinner racks as well as in paperback and large print editions...Support the show
The horses are hitched and the stage coach is ready to hit the trail for another episode of the Six-Gun Justice Podcast. Join head wrangler Paul Bishop for a Gatling gun burst of Western book and movie reviews, a look at the Kids of Western comics, an overview of TV's Wanted: Dead Or Alive, and an in-depth feature on Western TV show gimmick guns...Support the show
Starting with this Six-Gun Justice Podcast episode, we are updating our episodic numbering system to reflect the total number of full-length episodes, speed listen installments, and conversation segments we have produced over the past two years. In another bit og housekeeping, as the Six-Gun Justice Podcast enters its third year, we are rapidly approaching our 200th episode. However because of time commitments needed for other projects, necessity demands a switch from delivering new content twice a week to producing new episodes every other week. This will allow us to continue talking about our favorite genre, Westerns, while also freeing up time to delve into other endeavors.For today's episode get ready to duck for cover as Paul faces down two accomplished western wordslingers, Bill Markley and Kellen Cutsforth,  who can't seem to agree on anything. It's time to throw down words in a high noon showdown over the truth behind  historic western personalities, incidents, and legends...Support the show
Head 'em up and move 'em out...It's time for another full-length episode of the Six-Gun Justice Podcast. Westerns on TV have almost as long a history as television itself. Stampeding across the black and white TV screens of American living rooms on every network the popularity of westerns during the ‘40s thorough the ‘60s has been fully documented, however there has been no concerted effort to document the history and the stories behind the numerous novels and novelizations tied in to these shows. Today's episode will hopefully go a long way toward filling that void, as Paul discusses the many Western TV tie-in novels he has collected over the years...Support the show
With a "Hi-Ho, Silver, away!" (or a "Hi-Yo, Silver, away!" depending on which side of the never ending argument you fall) it's time to get ready for the latest Six-Gun Justice Podcast episode, Legend of the Texas Rangers Part 3, in which co-hosts Paul Bishop and Richard Prosh saddle up with The Lone Ranger and Tonto...Support the show
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