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If one movie could save the world in 2020... it would be this one (but it can't) (but we loved it). Plus, Stanley sings again and knows an awful lot about this movie! It's t-t-t-teriffic!
The best movie one could ever rent from Blockbuster! Something for everyone in this one: WWII history, eye candy, fashion, Jon Bon Jovi (really), action, and (ill-fated) scuba diving. Plus, this movie sparked an international incident!
Stanley breaks out all of his "I read The Odyssey in college" energy to talk about this Cohen Brothers mini-epic. But, really, we mostly talk about George Clooney's swoon-factor and Holly Hunter for prez. This can definitely serve as a SparkNotes for this oft assigned book, right?
Marilyn and Niall, our erstwhile partners and even better film critics, join us for nerdy, nerdy super hero stuff. Stanley truly shines with the amount of trivia he knows, and unfortunately we can only pine for James McAvoy, as he is not in this movie--but man isn't he great?
Who knew 2000 gave us a white Get Out? Neither one of us would have stayed for any of the nonsense in Meet the Parents, but stay tuned for a hilarious warning-romp through the perilous landscape of taking your relationship to the next level.
Slut-shaming, office phone sex, justice, and Aaron Eckhart as a BIKER--you probably think only ONE of those things would appear in a movie about Julia Roberts trying to save lives from an evil water company. But you'd be wrong. It was raunchy, it was fun, and we have notes!
In the eighties, date movies were sweet (problematic and racist, but sweet!): Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club... sweet. No one was running for their lives from literal death. But in 2000, that's the date movie we got--a grab-his-arm, cuddle-up-and-scream thrill fest called Final Destination, which spawned a whole set of scare-ems. Listen up!
THE CELL!! Have you seen it? It's super weird! JLo goes into Vincent D'Onofiro's (for you Law and Order CI fans) actual mind and finds a lot of body jewelry not being used for its intended purpose. Confusingly, also starring Vince Vaughn, which is one too many "Vinces" for these podcast hosts. Check it out!
We enter Stanley and Meredith's greatest fear: an angry and open ocean (Meredith: except for snakes) to learn about fish, capitalism, and storms--and a verdict on which of those things you should be most afraid of. Clooney looks great (and you should be most afraid of snakes, but that's another movie).
The mac daddy of the year 2000--complete with recently COVID-recovered America's Dad Tom Hanks. You think it's hard to get clean during Coronavirus? Try handling a dead body on a desert island, cleaning a wound you get spearfishing with a homemade sharp stick, and recovering from the most broken heart you'll ever have (WILSONNNN!!!). We have notes!
We were truly caught off guard by the emotion in this episode! Thirst, surprise, anger... the stuff of life. Not that you'd remember after, if you were dealing with what Guy Pierce, the heroin-chic misanthrope of Meredith's college dreams, is in this ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE (but we still had notes).
How does Road Trip, a movie premised on needing to retrieve a sex tape made while cheating on your girlfriend from said girlfriend's mail room at college, surprise us by not being quite as horrible as we thought it was... also will Stanley really keep doing Cross Fit? All the big questions, as well as a big snake (ah!) and some questionable race stuff awaits you... as do our notes!
Part 2 of our rewatch of Gladiator includes actual research! Also Ridley Scott's hubris and more of Russell Crowe looking like a pre-problematic snack. Finally: betrayal and our verdict on Gladiator, 20 years later.
Back when we didn't have so many mixed feelings about Russell Crowe and men were men, we could just obsess over his guyliner. But little did we know the Germinaics were coming, and we'd actually have to do some research for this episode.
We dig into the crates and watch the movie that speaks to the heart of every dudebro alive, and you'll want to hear the hard lessons that Stanley has learned now that he's watching High Fidelity as an adult. Claps for Stanley and NOTES for this movie.About the movie: High Fidelity is a 2000 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Stephen Frears. It stars John Cusack, Iben Hjejle, Jack Black, Todd Louiso, and Lisa Bonet. The film is based on the 1995 British novel of the same name by Nick Hornby, with the setting moved from London to Chicago and the name of the lead character changed.
Three of the undoubtedly hottest ladies to ever kick ass, what men think feminism is, an absolutely genre-defining instance of black face, an innocent time when the worst we could imagine of tech bros is that they'd erode our privacy, and all the action sequences you can shake a stick at. Plus: a Sizzler cameo? We took the notes so you don't have to!
Ang Lee takes our lives into his hands on this watch, because we were DEAD at how well the CGI from this 20-year-old movie holds up, and have lots of thoughts about the "Romance" that develops in between the badass fight scenes.
Welcome to We Have Notes. For our first movie, we watched Billy Elliot. Neither one of us had ever seen it before but both had extremely wrong impressions about what this movie was. 1980s miners, union politics, and... plies? Imagine the notes!
This is your first chance to hear the greatness that is We Have Notes, and we're kicking things off by talking about the Oscars
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