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Austin and Taylor go heavy on the classic offseason content of recapping a game from 20 years ago and power ranking all 32 NFL teams.
Austin and Taylor are joined by Chiefs Senior Team Reporter Matt McMullen to talk about Super Bowl 57, draft day, the schedule, and two GOATs of their profession: Patrick Mahomes and Mitch Holthus. We also continued our 2003 retrospective with the Week 2 recap against the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Austin and Taylor break down the 2023 Chiefs schedule, as well as recapping Week 1 of our 2003 retrospective.
Austin and Taylor open up Star Wars Day in style, and then discuss the Chiefs news, preview an offseason segment, and break down the 2023 NFL draft class. Also, Arden Key still sucks.
Austin and Taylor tried to go LIVE on YouTube to cover the 2023 Draft, and while it mostly worked out, there were definitely some hiccups along the way from a tech perspective. I'll be better next time!Youtube Link:
Austin and Taylor are joined by KCSN Chiefs Analyst Craig Stout to talk all about the upcoming NFL draft. Find KCSN's draft guide at which is over 300 pages of prospect analysis with a specific focus on how they might fit with the Chiefs. Please support their work, they're great people.
The Gang's Got Selects

The Gang's Got Selects


Austin and Taylor make decisions on what they'd do with each position group on the Chiefs roster with only two weeks to go until the 2023 NFL draft in Kansas City.
Austin and Taylor discuss being podcast free agents, and then welcome ChiefsWire and KCSN's Charles Goldman to talk all things Chiefs offseason, from free agency to the draft to Tyreek Hill smack talk.
Austin and Taylor check in on the offseason happenings, as well as read their conversation from a year ago when the Chiefs traded away Tyreek Hill.
Austin and Taylor talk NFL free agency, and some news breaks live early on in the show.
The Gang Makes QB Tiers

The Gang Makes QB Tiers


Austin and Taylor are joined by film analyst and friend of the pod Dan Harms to discuss upcoming NFL draft, and then answer some mailbag questions including ranking all 32 QBs in the NFL.
Austin and Taylor are STILL talking about the Super Bowl 57 victory, and you should be too. Plus some NFL news and mailbag questions.
Rany Given Sunday

Rany Given Sunday


Austin and Taylor are joined by The Ringer's Rany Jazayerli to recap the Chiefs Super Bowl 57 victory
Austin and Taylor recap the thrilling Super Bowl 57 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. Champs, baby!!
Austin and Taylor preview the third Super Bowl for the Chiefs in the last four seasons, Super Bowl LVII against the Philadelphia Eagles
A cut from this week's episode, here's the Ringer's Rany Jazayerli talking nerves, AFC champions, and legacies.
Austin and Taylor were joined by The Ringer's Rany Jazayerli to break down the Chiefs' AFC Championship win over the Cincinnati Bengals. Plus a mailbag segment and a new Super Bowl song!
suck it forever, Bungles!
A cut from this week's episode, here's the Ringer's Rany Jazayerli talking Mahomes injury, legacies, and the Bengals.
Austin and Taylor are joined once again by The Ringer's Rany Jazayerli to recap the Chiefs playoff victory over the Jaguars and preview the mega-showdown with the BengalsCheck out Rany on Twitter @Jazayerli and on The Ringer this week with his brilliant Patrick Mahomes column.
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