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Author: Amin & Hanie

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روایت ایران از طریق موسیقی، ادبیات و سفرنامه
Listen to the melody of Iran and its stories through the mother land’s music, stories and travelogues of ancient and contemporary travellers.
5 Episodes
This episode is dedicated to Ostad Mohammad Reza Shajarian who embodied the timeless beauty of Persian music with his powerful voice and profound character. We are going to tell a concise life story of Shajarian and listen to the golden songs that remained from him as the musical voice of a culture. 
In this episode of Padena, you will have a clearer image of Iran nomads or Ashayer. Get familiar with their life on the move through music, literature and travelogues. This episode is sponsored by Iran Nomad Tours. 
The third episode of Padena brings the smell of orange blossoms in spring, tells about the most alluring pieces of Persian poetry and music, and picture divine gardens that Shiraz is home to them. Persian Food Tours sponsored this episode of Padena.
Listen to the melody of Nowruz, the Iranian New Year, and the dance of spring adorned with the Iranian folkloric music and the mood of pre-Nowruz customs and all happenings during the most beloved celebration in Iran. This episode is sponsored by Iran Knowledge.
Listen to Isfahan, as the top touristic city of Iran, through the music, literature, and travelogues.  This episode is sponsored by TasteIran.
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درود بر شما. حسابی کیف کردم ، قطعات انتخابی هم خیلی خوش سلیقه گلچین شدند. موفق باشید

Dec 29th


this episode was very enjoyable.👌

Dec 27th


nice 👌🌹

Dec 18th

qazal karimi

هورا ! درود بر شما و با کمال میل جزو اولین نفراتی خواهم بود که گوش می‌دم این اپیزود رو.

Dec 17th

parisa rezvani

😍 👌👌

Nov 21st

Pari Sima Yazdanpanah

موفق باشید دوستان، کار زیبایی ست

Jul 19th

Sepideh Saadat

Thank you for every minute of this enjoyable file😍 I'm living in shiraz & can't explain how much I loved it❤

May 11th

Marzieh Abolfathi

Mesmerizing thank you ❤️

May 3rd

Aida Azarnia

nice description of Shiraz. I enjoyed it. well done, keep going ❤

May 3rd

Maryam Mansouri Rad

خسته نباشید خدمت همه عوامل این پادکست، بسیار لذت بردم. فقط یه کوچولو جای تصنیف بوی باران... استاد شجریان خالی بود توش

Mar 18th

masoud hasannia


Mar 12th

Reza Nazari

That was awesome, keep going guys 👍

Feb 25th

hadi shajari

I love Isfahan. thank you for this episod

Feb 20th

mariyeh ksj

To be honest it was more than what I expected. each seconds of this episode was enjoyable for me, especially the part of real sounds of bazzar. keep going. I'm sure that your next episodes will be more delightful.

Feb 18th
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