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Before the age of social media and the internet, information about the economy flowed slower and people still had time to panic. Today, people still panic. But the panic sets in faster and they react quicker –– right at the snap of their finger as they scroll online. In this week’s episode of “The Capitalist Investor,” Derek, Luke, and Tony focus on Snap’s latest profit forecast and how the social media company’s report sent the market on a decline. Episode #128 is all about discussing the flow of information and what the market is really saying. To know the market means to act with due diligence and do what you will with the information you trust. Outline of This Episode:●  [0:50] Brief praise for wedding season●  [4:20] The market reacts to Snapchat ●  [7:45] Today, the effects hit quick ●  [13:40] Using due diligence to find main takeaways ●  [19:00] Eating, fast food, and consumer behavior  
What’s going on in the economy right now can be deeply felt at a personal level. How much has your grocery bill increased in the past couple months? Where are you trying to spend less –– is it at the store, booking travel, or subscription services? In Episode #127 of “The Capitalist Investor,” Derek and Luke analyze several companies' earnings reports and different cost trends they see in their everyday lives. The guys touch on the green energy conversation and how certain ideas may seem attractive, but ultimately fall short economically. This week’s episode invites you to reflect and think about what’s happening largely in the economy and how that's playing out right in front of you. Outline of This Episode: ●  [3:40] Earnings season tells a story ●  [16:25] Greenflation… What is it? ●  [23:00] Airbnb vs. Hotels  ●  [24:30] 2022 summer vacation trends●  [25:50] Is it always worth it to sign up and subscribe? 
Wall Street believes there’s only a 50 percent chance of a recession. And if that recession takes place, it would be in 2023, a short and shallow one. We completely disagree. In Episode #126 of “The Capitalist Investor,” Mark, Derek, and Tony don’t question the odds of a recession but what the bubble will be that bursts and unwinds it. This week’s episode begs the question: what looks weird right now? In 2000 it was the tech stocks, in 2008 it was the housing market. What will it be this time around? The guys have ideas and want to hear yours.  Outline of This Episode: ●  [2:00] The history of economic bubbles ●  [4:50] Will the job market be the first to burst? ●  [8:30] What do other people think looks 'weird?’  ●  [19:35] When will the bubble burst? 
Everyday there is something new we wake up to, but what’s always the same lately is the market’s pain. Sky high inflation, geopolitical risk, slowing economic growth, labor shortage –– the market is in a negative place right now. But is it at its bottom? On episode #125 of “The Capitalist Investor,” Mark is back with Luke and Derek to talk about the stock market’s chance to recover, and the decisions at play to see it happen. The guys know what the Fed should do but that’s not always what they will do. The disconnection can be frustrating, but this week’s episode is all about taking a breath, thinking and preparing for what’s expected. Outline of This Episode:●  [1:10] Where the market is at right now ●  [6:10] This may not be the bottom quite yet ●  [11:25] The Dems’ distractions and deflections●  [14:25] Predictions and possible actions 
Elon Musk is everywhere: the news, the media, our Twitter feeds. People can’t get enough of him and his revolutionizing maneuvers. The world needs its town hall and we’re curious to see what Musk has in store for it and what he will unveil. In Episode #124 of “The Capitalist Investor,” Derek and Luke are joined by Tony to talk about the left-wing media’s portrayal of Musk’s Twitter venture, and Fidelity as they pioneer the 401(k) sphere and open it up to Bitcoin. With a soft spot for Cleveland sports, the guys chat about former Cavaliers player, J.R. Smith and his recent academic athlete award. This week asks all the big questions and explores the latest moves. Outline of This Episode:●  [1:05] Everything Elon  ●  [11:30] 401(k)s, Bitcoin, and Fidelity’s offering ●  [19:30] A soft spot for Cleveland sports 
Seeing the economy from a different perspective is essential. Investors need to be able to find a balance to what they know and what business owners see and experience out in the world. This week, Derek and Luke bring a new perspective to the table and speak with Matt Guse –– President and owner of MRS Machining, a small business machining company based in Wisconsin. The guys have discussed inflation, labor shortages, and supply chain crises as they take place, but what does that look like from a small business owner’s point of view? Episode #123 of “The Capitalist Investor,” delivers a new angle on real life ups and downs small business owners have experienced over the last two years and what they predict is in store. Outline of This Episode: ●  [3:40] Bringing new perspectives, meet Matt Guse●  [5:45] Getting a small business off the ground ●  [8:45] 35 years of owning a company and what comes with it  ●  [12:50] The warnings that Guse pays attention to ●  [21:45] How does a small business owner feel about the future?
A golfer’s most useful tool is course management –– it allows them to plan ahead, set their eyes on a specific score and work backwards to reach it. It’s not about getting birdies, but avoiding those double bogeys. Golf is about course management, the stock market is about risk management; right now it’s time to avoid mistakes and just keep the ball in the fairway. This week, Mark is joined by Luke and Tony as they discuss all the headwinds confronting today’s economy. Economic growth is slowing, inflation is still running hot, mortgage rates are skyrocketing, politicians keep lying, and Beyond Meat just continues to mislead the masses. Episode #122 of “The Capitalist Investor,” is all about confronting the issues the economy is facing today all while strategizing efficient plans. Outline of This Episode:●  [4:45] Beyond Meat? Beyond natural ●  [10:45] Politicians say, said, and lied ●  [23:10] Mortgage rates up, buyers’ hopes down●  [29:00] Dissecting the earnings season  
Elon Musk transfixed Twitter once again. But in a new type of way he’s ever done before. How will Elon change the scope of social media now that he’s taken a position and will serve as a board member for Twitter? He’s shown his power and what he’s capable of, hopefully he’s capable of finally bringing an edit button to the world. This week, Derek, Luke, and Tony cover the niche topics and events of the week and fill in on the news as it unfolds. Elon’s new stake in Twitter, the revival of cruises, and the excitement surrounding the Masters Tournament this weekend –– are a sample of topics that the guys go beneath the surface of. Episode #121 of “The Capitalist Investor,” tackles what everyone’s been talking about all while giving a glimpse on what they will be talking about. Outline of This Episode: ●  [2:45] Elon Musk moves in big ways ●  [9:20] The summer of cruises●  [15:50] The Masters will always be about Tiger Woods   ●  [21:45] Masters picks and odds 
Which scenario is real, which is false? A) Meme stocks like GameStop and AMC are currently outperforming the market substantially. B) A leading actor slapped a comedian on stage, on live TV, and won his first ever Oscar Award on that same stage not long afterwards. Trick question, both events are real. We may be living in a very unpredictable world, but we’re able to at least predict what the news you’re reading looks like.  If the headlines haven’t been completely overtaken by the entertainment industry’s latest moment, they probably  contain the word or at least imply recession. This week, Mark, Derek, and Luke come prepared with the latest, most gravitating topics that are hard to ignore by anyone who keeps up with the news or indulges in social media. But Episode #120 of “The Capitalist Investor” is more than just headlines. Fuel shortages, airport nightmares, golf scores, Hollywood drama, meme stock trends –– the guys set the scene up to bring diverse perspectives on the latest topics. And they don’t miss. Outline of This Episode: ●  [1:50] Teeing up: Trump’s latest statement ●  [4:50] Months of recession warnings are catching up  ●  [14:40] Fuel shortages and flying nightmares ●  [19:40] Watching, clapping, Will Smith smacking at the Oscars? ●  [25:15] The meme dream and the return of growth stocks  
Recession, this. Recession, that. The word keeps popping up everywhere; in headlines, on the news, and on social media. When you hear the word “recession” does it send a shiver up your spine? People fear recessions. Or do they fear what they often allude to? Episode #119 of “The Capitalist Investor,” is all about the good, bad, and ugly that comes with recessions. The guys also touch on IRS tax refunds as well as what we’re currently witnessing with the car market –– or the lack of. If you’re looking for some reassurance about the impending recession, received an unexpectedly high tax refund, or if you are just losing your patience searching for a new car –– Derek, Luke, and Tony sort it all out.  Outline of This Episode:●  [3:50] Let’s talk about…Recessions ● [13:45] What’s going on with this year’s tax refunds? ●  [21:10] The concern over used car prices 
Maybe Tom Brady tried to fill up his 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost last week and that’s why he came out of retirement. Joking. But it’s time to confront gas prices or the narrative around them for that matter. This week, Mark, Derek and Luke tackle a slew of topics that in one way or another, relate to public relations and marketing tactics. From the White House drafting TikTok stars to control political narratives, all the way to Tom Brady’s unretirement. Everything’s been attached to a narrative the last couple of years and this episode of “The Capitalist Investor” breaks down a few. Outline of This Episode: ●  [1:30] White House TikTokers ●  [11:35] NATO defense requirements ●  [16:30] Mike Tyson’s come back●  [18:15] Tom Brady’s early UN-retirement  
What does fantasy football and stocks have in common? Constant managing, risk assessment and always scouting out other teams and players. This week, the guys are scouring the market for beaten down stocks that have a chance to be redeemed. Salvageable stocks won’t pop overnight though, and it takes a willing investor and someone who is patient enough to dive in and wait it through. In Episode #117 of “The Capitalist Investor,” Mark, Derek, and Luke consolidate a collection of beaten down stocks that could eventually turn around and recoup their performance. Outline of This Episode:●  [1:20] Remember: risk management ●  [3:35] Naming the stocks●  [5:40] Invest in what you know: Roku  ●  [12:05] Paypal and fundamentals ●  [15:55] Worthwhile Meta discount●  [20:50] Penn National’s value from online customers●  [23:55] Purely valuation: Vroom●  [24:55 Commonalities: growth names●  [27:35] Doctor visits have changed: Teladoc●  [32:25] Signing off… on Docusign 
President Biden’s Tuesday night State of the Union Address was an hour-long event of “politics as usual.” He spoke roughly over 6,400 words –– but we want to pay attention to the words he didn’t say and the issues he didn’t address. Although at least 20 minutes of the speech were filled with applause lines, it didn’t distract the guys from what was missing: tangible solutions to inflation, plans on energy independency, and accountability. In this week’s episode of “The Capitalist Investor,” Mark, Derek, and Luke deconstruct Biden’s State of the Union to analyze the probability of issues actually being addressed and treated by this current administration. Episode #116 is not as long as Biden’s speech, but it calls upon the issues America will have to overcome going forward –– in half as much time. Outline of This Episode:●  [2:00] A C-minus overall ●  [7:15] Picking apart the pieces ●  [17:50] Inflation concerns continue ●  [27:20] Lacking energy about energy 
We’re here to take everything that is happening all around the world every day and discuss and analyze how it's affecting the economy, the market, different sectors, and your money. Is this not why you’re here?  Politics is all around us and it’s part of what we do everyday when we make financial decisions. This week, Mark, Derek, and Luke critically analyze and entertain as they sit down and talk about the evolution and effectiveness of Super Bowl commercials, the Heritage Foundation’s freedom index rating, and all the complexities that come with IRS refund checks. Episode 115 of “The Capitalist Investor” will leave you thinking about the last time you saw an effective Super Bowl commercial, why people are so attracted to anecdotal messages, and where the money in your IRS refund check really comes from.Outline of This Episode: [4:15] Super Bowl commercials over the years[13:05] The political rhetoric in the halftime show [19:40] An index that measures how free we are [26:30] What to do with an IRS refund check 
We're always thinking about where the market, its industries and the world are currently standing. But we can’t let that distract us from thinking of where it can stand one month, six months, or even a year from now. This week, Mark, Derek and Luke sit down and summarize where everything lies today and how it can change: tax rates, laws, mortgage rates, the housing market and just overall the social-political climate which we’re living in. Whether you are concerned about when it’s time to take a profit with your large gains, buying or selling a home now or in the future, or even just curious about what the world may look like in a couple months –– this episode covers all the questions that keep everyday investors up at night. In episode #114 of “The Capitalist Investor,” the guys convene and dissect every shift we’ve seen this year to ensure we’re all prepared for what’s to come in the future. Outline of this Episode: [3:00] When to know it's time to turn your gains into profits[9:00] Behavioral Finance 101  [10:55] Who the housing market really hurts [22:05] Mask mandates, living with Covid-19’s lasting impacts 
If the Rams win the Super Bowl this Sunday, will Odell Beckham Jr. convert his Super Bowl bonus into Bitcoin? What will Tom Brady do after retiring from 30 years of football? With average ticket prices around $10,000, Brady could buy over half of the Super Bowl seats with just a fraction of his total net worth –– of course if he misses it that much already. This week, Derek, Luke, and Tony talk plays and strategies: the risks that come along with Bitcoin, investing after retirement, the game plan before entering the market, and how every investor has to be prepared to cut their losses. Episode #113 of “The Capitalist Investor” gives the full rundown of all the X’s and O’s that every investor should keep in their back pocket. Outline of this Episode: [5:15] OBJ’s run with Bitcoin [11:00] Just accept what the market gives you [20:10] What will Tom Brady do now? [26:05] What do sports and stocks have in common? Competition 
It’s hard to get away from politics; it’s within our music, media, sports, money –– politics drives everything. From Neil Young’s crusade against Spotify and Joe Rogan to Joe Biden’s pointless remarks on reporters, Derek and Luke reveal that there’s no shortage of political discourse that makes us reflect on the world we live in. And the world we live in is not the same anymore, politically or financially. Last week, we saw an unbelievable swing in the market. Right now, the market is just so volatile and we have to accept this new normal of volatility. Episode #112 of “The Capitalist Investor,” asks the question “what’s changed?” and Derek and Luke deliver to answer that. Outline of this Episode:[2:05] Neil Young’s attempt at cancel culture  [7:20] A short praise for John Madden and his impacts [8:30] High Volatility is here to stay for a bit, be patient[16:15] Joe Biden’s testy remarks on a fair question  
Mark is joined in this week’s special episode by Daniel Turner, founder and director of Power the Future, a non-profit advocacy organization that delivers truth and research to the energy conversation. We like to call him “Dan the Energy Man,” because he sure does know how to spark a discussion and keep the momentum flowing. What do markets and the energy industry have in common? To the eye they look simple, but the deeper they go, the more complex they get. The issues we cover in every episode, one way or another, influence the market –– but they also have an effect on the energy industry that runs our world. In Episode #111 of “The Capitalist Investor,” Mark and Daniel explore the correlations between the economy and its markets, fossil fuel energy and politics to discuss what all our futures may have in store. Outline of this Episode:[1:00] Where energy and the markets overlap [6:10] The issue with being fueled by politics [14:00] Future conflicts will be driven by energy and the economics of it[26:10] What will power our future? Connect with Daniel Turner hereTwitter: @DanielTurnerPTF
How can we sustain the right to a free market but also prevent politicians from cashing in on insider information? How many days should people with Covid-19 quarantine? Is it two weeks, ten days or five? This week’s episode is all about spice; primed with a heated debate on Congress members taking stake in stock and a segment on how the CDC’s messaging schemes are up in flames. In Episode #110 of “The Capitalist Investor,” Mark, Derek and Luke are all in the hot seats as they tackle contentious topics with a little kick at the end. Outline of this Episode: [2:20] What Democrats and Republicans both have in common[16:25] The CDC’s messaging is only as good as its data [24:40] A ‘Red Hot’ topic we love 
Getting rich quickly is all about taking risks. But the key is to not take on too much risk; get rich  smart. Be strategic with the way you put your foot on the gas, place yourself in a position to hit the breaks. How risky are those NFTs? What exactly is the right amount to own in crypto, Bitcoin or even NFTs? Why is it cheaper in some places to buy a house than to get married? 2022 is the year for novice investors to do some homework because the story is changing and portfolios don’t look the same they did years before. In Episode #109 of “The Capitalist Investor,” Mark, Derek and Luke strategize different tools that everyone can utilize in the market, discuss common mistakes in the game and poke a bit of fun with certain politicians' diluted agendas. This week’s episode is brimming with useful advice and humble experiences for the everyday capitalist. Outline of this Episode: [3:15] Get rich quick or get rich smart? Hint: both [10:05] A new storyline brought to light in 2022 [16:30] Weddings these days –– more expensive than houses [20:05] DeSantis'  ‘Escape to Florida’ humor 
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