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One Decade fan conned two of his friends (who have seen little to no Kamen Rider) to start a retrospective podcast of Kamen Rider, using Decade as the lens.
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What is a murderer? No, seriously, we're not entirely sure if the criminals on this show count given how weird this battle royale plot is getting.
This week, we're diving into the incredibly strange world of tokusatsu (and adjacent) crossover series, and learning how close we keep coming to getting to play them ourselves in the west. Show Notes: Info on that time we almost got The Great Battle in the US ( Gotta Get Out Of This Town (, a pop-punk/emo podcast your humble editor co-hosts, which named this episode.
A brief jaunt into the realm of "OH THIS WAS A BAD IDEA? YOU THINK?" with two hosts, two aliens, and Rui.
This week, the show changes its entire identity on a dime, and the discussion that comes out of this is... stark.
This week, with anime now allowed on the podcast, we take a digression with your favorite editor into the world of the Garo anime spinoffs.
Trigger warning: mid-episode (in the show, not just the podcast) there's a sudden abrupt discussion of suicide. The hosts pass quickly over it since it has NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING but be aware they will mention it. Also this week: fanservice, Evan, and gender identities!
Two hosts. One new medium. Today, Decacast is officially ANIME.
With a new half-series coming up between Amazons blocks, it's time for a brief history of a series you might have thought was more popular than it is: Gatchaman/G-Force/Battle of the Planets/Eagle Riders!
I want you to know I removed as many Jojo spoilers as possible, aside from the one where Jeshua, son of Joshua, was the first Jojo. - F
Lawyers: how do they work? Plus, the editor gains a cursed new power.
This week, tokusatsu news becomes a warped reflection of this podcast on every level, and your editor tells you why.
How much asshole is too much asshole? This and other questions about privacy and customer relations this week on Kamen Rider Ryuki.
It really is quite remarkable how many Kamen Riders will murder someone and not think twice about it, huh?
It's pronounced like "news".
It turns out the real monster is victorian man. Show Notes A brief look from a comedian at the incredibly troublesome aspects of steampunk (
This week signals the return of a long-lost guest, and that means that this episode is NOT SAFE FOR CHILDREN OR WORK. Let's go down the ballot together. Show Notes Please note that this week, presume all of these are NSFW. * Fiona's current writing gig ( * The Bee Woman doujin ( * The requested song ( * The final ballot option ( Special Guest: Fiona.
Kamen Rider Ryuki keeps improving as we get actual character motivations, growth, and arcs! This is like... actual television.
English-only puns for Kamen Rider Lawyer: "Kamen Rider? No... you're just a Common Liar!" Hire me, Toei. - F
Kamen Rider asking the hard questions like: what if cops could be bad? Drive is worst Heisei Rider, don't @ me - F
I promise that despite all the talk about "mirror sound" this episode I did not splice in any horrible effects. - F
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