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One Decade fan conned two of his friends (who have seen little to no Kamen Rider) to start a retrospective podcast of Kamen Rider, using Decade as the lens.
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This week signals the return of a long-lost guest, and that means that this episode is NOT SAFE FOR CHILDREN OR WORK. Let's go down the ballot together. Show Notes Please note that this week, presume all of these are NSFW. * Fiona's current writing gig ( * The Bee Woman doujin ( * The requested song ( * The final ballot option ( Special Guest: Fiona.
Folks, we're finally at an episode which is all-adult content with the discussion to match. By which I mean our hosts this week learn about sex, morality, philosophy, screenwriting, and text versus subtext.
Kamen Rider Ryuki keeps improving as we get actual character motivations, growth, and arcs! This is like... actual television.
Remember the Kiva movie episode, where there was a giant argument about kaiju films? We're all banned from discussing Godzilla: King of the Monsters forever is what I'm saying.
English-only puns for Kamen Rider Lawyer: "Kamen Rider? No... you're just a Common Liar!" Hire me, Toei. - F
Kamen Rider asking the hard questions like: what if cops could be bad? Drive is worst Heisei Rider, don't @ me - F
I promise that despite all the talk about "mirror sound" this episode I did not splice in any horrible effects. - F
Everyone noticed it was EPISODE 100 YAAAAAAAAAAAAY so instead of going with just another weekly trek through the past, our hosts covered the most recently translated official release... which is a way higher-budget trek through the past that also tries so much less hard to make sense than the already low bar for time travel stories in this show. But at least everyone loves the Build cast!
A new series means fresh optimism and exciting new takes! So far everyone loves the cast and writing, but can they hold up the whole way? Find out on this measured debut, and also see what we'll be covering next week as a special bonus!
Content warning: cannibalism and murder! This week, right after last week's two-host tiebreaker... we get a different two-host tiebreaker! But it's a much more interesting episode for it.
Content warning: this one involves some real hardcore assault on a lady! It is not discussed in depth, but if you're watching along, YIKES. As for the podcast this week, down one host, nobody can break the stalemate about who's at fault for this episode...
Let's start talking about moral judgements and correct an error! The real Amazons begins here.
This is the single most educational podcast about tokusatsu you're going to listen to this year, and I'm not sorry. - F
Side-episodes mean we can safely sideline a host, so with Evan down for non-cannibal related reasons, we settle into the midseason of Amazons and start to dig into the characters. Via violence. Stay tuned at the end for a half-discussion of Garo!
A two-host close to our first two-part arc, and the stakes begin to change for the show! Isn't it great to hear our hosts enjoy themselves again?
Just like the extermination team, our hosts are dwindling! Is someone being eaten? I hope not.
Can our hosts get horny for a belt? YOU DECIDE. The evidence is the podcast before you.
Someone decided to try and make a Rider series explicitly for adults, and to top it all off, it was the first official English release of the franchise in about twenty years. So we're watching it on off-weeks now. If you want to watch along, "Amazon Riders" can be found on Amazon Prime free for members, fully translated. It cannot be stressed enough: later episodes of this show are going to describe some extremely hardcore things. I will warn of them when it comes up but I'm not letting people go in blind to the series with an excess of gore, cannibalism, and more. - Editor Fletch
Rejoice! Here at the end of all timelines, our hosts finally catch up on a series that began the same month as this podcast.
On this, the pentultimate episode of Zi-O coverage, technical difficulties arise one more time to crush the flow of discussion. Don't worry, we fixed it ten minutes later.
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