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One Decade fan conned two of his friends (who have seen little to no Kamen Rider) to start a retrospective podcast of Kamen Rider, using Decade as the lens.
94 Episodes
Just like the extermination team, our hosts are dwindling! Is someone being eaten? I hope not.
Can our hosts get horny for a belt? YOU DECIDE. The evidence is the podcast before you.
Someone decided to try and make a Rider series explicitly for adults, and to top it all off, it was the first official English release of the franchise in about twenty years. So we're watching it on off-weeks now. If you want to watch along, "Amazon Riders" can be found on Amazon Prime free for members, fully translated. It cannot be stressed enough: later episodes of this show are going to describe some extremely hardcore things. I will warn of them when it comes up but I'm not letting people go in blind to the series with an excess of gore, cannibalism, and more. - Editor Fletch
Rejoice! Here at the end of all timelines, our hosts finally catch up on a series that began the same month as this podcast.
On this, the pentultimate episode of Zi-O coverage, technical difficulties arise one more time to crush the flow of discussion. Don't worry, we fixed it ten minutes later.
If these episodes had titles, "Flexing His Decade Dick" would be this week's. Honestly this is a pretty fun one overall.
Our hosts rediscover joy and begin theorycrafting about what the end of a series that wrapped half a year ago can hold. Spoilers: they're kinda guessing wildly with a shotgun's success rate.
It all ends here! Or starts ending here, anyway, as our hosts enter the final arc of the series and a new year all in one fell swoop.
Guys, gals, and non-binary pals, allow me to introduce the nightmare form to end all nightmare forms: they've finally hit Grand Zi-O. Also Den-O came along for the ride.
The dread Kamen Rider Koyō has kidnapped Garrett, leaving the remaining hosts to venture into the world of Kamen Rider Kabuto without any protection save that of invoking Gackt.
The show begins to eat itself as our hosts visit Zi-o visiting Kiva which they're in the middle of due to Decade running into Kiva which is wild because Decade is in Zi-o and oh dear lord I've gone cross-eyed.
Down one host, our cast stumble blindly into a land of oni, parties, and diapers - we're one radish pun away from DBZ this week in Zi-O town!
This week our hosts re-meet Kamen Rider Agito, and are briefly treated to Tsukiyomi having a plot arc of her own while the villains realize that if power won't defeat the heroes, maybe raw numbers will...
Our hosts shake off the rust and return to the world of Kamen Rider Blade... which neither of them have seen all of, meaning the major themes of this arc leave them lost until an antagonist spells it out near the end. Plus: so many blades!
For the final(?) summer vacation episode, Chris and Editor Fletch pick back up where we left off in Zi-O (hint: baby murder and everyone thinking major cast are dead), and for those who think the podcast needs more tangents, good news! There's an entire bonus segment for you after the tokusatsu show where your humble hosts go wild with Sailor Moon and mild Steven Universe film discussion.
It's the middle of the show, and so it's time for the obvious: ANOTHER ZI-O. But wait, there's more: will one of our heroes commit Baby Murder? All this and more during this arclet.
Were you one of the tens of people upset by two hosts who knew nothing about a tokusatsu classic covering the arc that was a giant love letter to it? The show's editor was, which is why you're getting a crash course on Android Kikaider while the crew get ahead on Kiva. Handy Links Generation Kikaida ( If you want a more in-depth look at the Kikaider series, the currently on-hiatus podcast Henshin History ( covered the first series and films (they went on break in the middle of 01).
Boy howdy, nobody was in a rush to start Kiva! -Fletcher
A new year brought new speed! As I write this, the show still hasn't finished covering Zi-O. :P -Fletcher
Call me editor worm. Good morning, how are you, I'm editor worm. I'm not a real editor, but I etc. etc. -Fletcher
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