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One Decade fan conned two of his friends (who have seen little to no Kamen Rider) to start a retrospective podcast of Kamen Rider, using Decade as the lens.
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This week, two men, one belt, a lot of questions about who's brainwashed and who's just written badly? All this and more on Kamen Rider Blade!
This week, two men, one drug, and the milk that's tearing them apart.
This week, the lads wonder how Mega Man X logic applies to a deck (deca?) of cards, exposit on the dangers of weed, and nearly come to blows. Again.
This week, one man down and one month in, 2023 kicks off with a return to Blade, and the debut of new character "Nurse Girlfriend".
This week: everyone saw Shin Ultraman but the editor! And maybe Evan. Spoilers within.
This week, despite it continuing to be 2022, we take a time warp back to the 2000s... not because Blade was a show from 2004, no. You'll find out. Show Notes If you weren't online in 2001, here is an explanation of what they're discussing ( If that made no sense, have further context (
Content warning: This episode contains a lot of discussion of adult themes, including quite impressive practical gore, drug use, racism, and basically Black Sun is a show for adults by adults. This one is not for the kids. This week: two hosts, two candidates, only one can be the Content Creation King. It's Kamen Rider: Black Sun. Maybe this becomes a full season of coverage later, but for now, just the opening episode.
This week, two hosts and an editor take a side road into ANIMETOWN, with the Kamen Rider W sequel anime, Fuuto PI, which is just ending this week on ~~Funimation~~ Crunchyroll. Everyone can't help but ask: is it gay enough?
This week, two of our hosts take a journey into modern times and discuss Kamen Rider Geats (or some of it, so far...), and then your faithful editor has to bleep out A LOT of spoilers for a lot of unrelated series.
This week, we have questions about how this suit thing is gonna work out long term, but also, did you know that it's 2022?
This week involves a lot of time travel, and that's in a production sense, not a plot sense. Also, we're still in the initial "oh man this is new, this is neat!" phase so let's see how long that sticks with Blade.
This week, a new series! Learn French! Find out who released the bees! Ask yourself "Wait, are we getting into this right out the gate? Somehow?"
This week we go to some dark places with Spider-Man, but the healing power of cops brings our boys back home with a renewed vow to improve themselves. Would Spider-Man shoot a child? Opinions are mixed.
This week, you really can do better. Please don't put yourself through this. He will keep leaving you on the side of the road to walk back to town.
This week, the Spring of Morbius kicks into high gear as a certain vampire debuts in comics and also Spider-Man is here.
This week we ain't got time for that so we're in and out in a new record pace. Maybe we need to double-up on these.
This week, we meet the Emissary from Hell, Spider-Man, and embark on a journey into one of the most foundational works of tokusatsu. Also: tangents!
This week, Chris and Garrett take a trip into the past and decide that perhaps we could ask Mothra for help with podcasting. Plus: what set editor Sibyl off enough to get her to interject? Find out together as we discuss Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster!
The biggest smash of the Showa era (and possibly the biggest Godzilla film, period) is the subject of Scale #2, and Sibyl/Chris get just as contentious as before in covering this classic instead of the film you probably expected when you saw this title.
This week is incredibly lesbian because Fiona is back to talk about how one of her favorite anime, Symphogear, is insanely Rider-inspired. And also it might literally not know straight people or men exist. Special Guest: Fiona.