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One Decade fan conned two of his friends (who have seen little to no Kamen Rider) to start a retrospective podcast of Kamen Rider, using Decade as the lens.
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Every time our hosts think they've hit the bottom, Kiva keeps digging deeper. Join us for a short episode that somehow still involves a break for existential dread!
It's the Sonic the Hedgehog spectacular, dear reader. Also: More Kiva questions you can't answer, including how hyuuuu-maaaan emotions work. Show Notes Wizard People, Dear Reader (,_Dear_Reader) What is Love (
This week, Zi-o's time travel shenanigans end up affecting an episode on Kiva as one of your hosts comes unstuck in time just before the show finds new ways to hit them in the heart.
A new tighter format leads to... no, nobody's having a good time this week on Kiva. But we're creeping closer to that halfway point! Maybe there's a midseason turn to save it? The editor has seen the show and knows, and cackles.
This week is a breakthrough for all three hosts as their feelings on Kiva crystallize. Hint: by the end of the episode, they're all feeling the urge to double up on Kiva with next week's show!
This week, back to full strength, our hosts return to the world of Kiva, where they're more positive than usual. Which isn't saying much when the episode involves phrases like "these characters are too good for Kamen Rider Kiva". BUTTON
Nobody: Literally nobody: Kiva: WHOOOOOO WANTS AMNEEEEEEEESIAAAAAAAAAAA (and dubious little play)?!
This time around, our hosts decide slow and steady wins the race and pace back to two episodes no matter which series (for now...), and what luck! They come out of this arc pretty positive on the events even if the plot strikes them as incredibly transparent.
This week in Kiva: rock stars. I swear I've heard the gothic vampire turns stage presence tale somewhere before...
On a slightly briefer journey into darkness than usual, we cover the tragic tale of the luthier (yes that's a real word!) Ōmura, a Fangire with feelings. Watch our hosts begin to turn around on this show!
Sometimes ignorance is bliss, and that's how the boys feel as they dig deeper into this gothic Rider's series, learning terrible facts from wikis and discovering maybe the series isn't about friends, you guys. It's about whether or not that stew was made from people or dog.
The boys push onwards, and begin wondering what to do about a series like Kiva... Or a series like Zero-One. Or Zi-O. Or... Look, there's a lot on the table by the end of this episode.
Our hosts begin their journey into the gothic times and space of Kamen Rider Kiva, and remember all too late "Oh, right, whenever we switch series like this there's a lot of tangents." (Editor's Note: I'm in the middle of a move this week, and as a result there was not enough time to give this my usual final quality pass before upload if I wanted to hit deadline. If it sounds a little rougher than usual, just know that this is a one-off and we'll be back to normal next Saturday.)
And so we come to the close of our Kuuga season. Tune in next time for Kamen Rider Kiva!
This took the better part of a year! Finally, the title of the podcast returns. Briefly.
In which the show collapses in upon itself for the first time.
Here it is, the end of Kuuga (barring a little unpacking on a future episode). There was a guest editor on this one, who left these notes: First two tracks definitely from the show, possibly from the Kamen Rider Kuuga OST? I wish I had more detailed credits for these given that they MIGHT just be show rips - I could not find a tracklisting for any CD release that had these names in any form, especially since the set I had referred to a 2CD edition and the only one of those I found was mostly vocal tracks. Intro: "Densetsu" Ep 45 discussion BGM: "Sekai" Outro: "Life's What You Make It (Video Edit)", Talk Talk
There weren't a lot of notes on the old site. We're looking to fix that in 2020. -Fletcher
Apparently there was no description on this one originally. -Fletcher
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