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One Decade fan conned two of his friends (who have seen little to no Kamen Rider) to start a retrospective podcast of Kamen Rider, using Decade as the lens.
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This week is incredibly lesbian because Fiona is back to talk about how one of her favorite anime, Symphogear, is insanely Rider-inspired. And also it might literally not know straight people or men exist. Special Guest: Fiona.
What was intended to be a shorter episode with hosts busy or ill turned into the birthing of an entire new sub-series because Fletcher and Chris a) own a lot of these films and b) love talking about them. Show Notes: Pink Lady and Jeff ( was a real production and you can't unlearn that. Read about this absolutely insane story. I sliced it out of the episode because it was too tangential even for this, but there was a whole discussion of VHS-based classic rental stores and a famous San Diego establishment that died twice, Kensington Video ( RIP to a real one. In case my Animorphs joke went over your head because it wasn't an Animorphs joke, have an explanation (
This week: oh no we wanted Rui knocked down a peg but not like thiiiiiiiiiiis
On the very first Decacast After Dark, Garrett and Sibyl discuss Bandai's surreal new J-Drama "Girl Gun Lady" and how despite the show being hot trash, neither party can stop watching. If you're in the US, episodes are being subbed by Bandai themselves right here ( Update: even under the Decacast After Dark banner we're probably not touching Ultimate Girls after Sibyl watched further, not as anything other than a one-shot.
The monkey's paw curls: Garrett gets his Gatchaman combat sequence that he's been craving for months, in a way he never saw coming.
Sadly, our two-host podcast cannot get to the bottom of if the new King Kong film is any good, but with the help of an editor, it CAN learn something about scissors.
Garrett and Fletch chat about the absolutely insane amount of Rider and tokusatsu announcements that came out over the weekend. There are even more than the ones mentioned within, a few of them global. Links to follow.
For the first time in a dog's age (no pun intended on any of the alien cast members), we've got a full house to discuss one of the weirdest episodes of the show yet!
This week, we're diving into the incredibly strange world of tokusatsu (and adjacent) crossover series, and learning how close we keep coming to getting to play them ourselves in the west. Show Notes: Info on that time we almost got The Great Battle in the US ( Gotta Get Out Of This Town (, a pop-punk/emo podcast your humble editor co-hosts, which named this episode.
A brief jaunt into the realm of "OH THIS WAS A BAD IDEA? YOU THINK?" with two hosts, two aliens, and Rui.
This week, the show changes its entire identity on a dime, and the discussion that comes out of this is... stark.
This week, with anime now allowed on the podcast, we take a digression with your favorite editor into the world of the Garo anime spinoffs.
Trigger warning: mid-episode (in the show, not just the podcast) there's a sudden abrupt discussion of suicide. The hosts pass quickly over it since it has NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING but be aware they will mention it. Also this week: fanservice, Evan, and gender identities!
Two hosts. One new medium. Today, Decacast is officially ANIME.
With a new half-series coming up between Amazons blocks, it's time for a brief history of a series you might have thought was more popular than it is: Gatchaman/G-Force/Battle of the Planets/Eagle Riders!
This week's episode is brought to you by the number 3 and the letter "NO"
This week: did you ever expect our hosts to dig up actual Japanese laws just to see how absurd a series for children was being? Because they did that.
Two hosts enter two episodes and only one of any relevance leaves... it's CLIP SHOW WEEK!
All your favorite hosts ask the question about all your favorite riders: will they get upgrades? Why is this death game so low-impact? IS THAT A KID?
We've finally made it to the big 50 (please ignore that we're almost at three times that) and we celebrate by going "so... is anything happening?"
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