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Author: Ryan Beilman

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This Podcast is about cars, and more specifically about Volkswagen and Audi cars. Come take a listen.
41 Episodes
We are getting back to normal shows and events! We talk old cool parts, and Ryan is getting bored of his current vehicle and more
Cassettes, Cd's, Sony x-plode, Dannys new car, and we recap this years Wookies with Abe Barinholtz
39. Trips, Tans, Tired

39. Trips, Tans, Tired


Danny is taking a trip. Who likes tan cars? and more :)
We talk to Bobby about our collective love for the ever so charming mk1, his vw collection and more
37.  (-_-)

37. (-_-)


Are we in a bad mood this week? haha whatever JUST LISTEN
We sit down with our good Friend Ian Poor and talk about deliveries, tropic orange things and taste some Hot Hatch Hot Sauce
Tony sits down with us and talks about his latest (Corrocco) build in the latest issue of PVW and we talk about his many year love affair with his Jetta coupe build...
Danny and I sit and get some shit off our chest about selling cars, we both want tdi cup cars and some mk3 talk
We are joined by a couple ladies for a special episode.
32. It's Cold AF

32. It's Cold AF


Even though we are in the middle of winter we are hopeful for cool things to come like car shows and builds, aaaaand just fun, general vw talk...
We sit down with Greg and go over his business, some of his cars, and our love for the scene.
We talk about hoards, the snow, and drift mode!
29. Our Christmas Car Lists

29. Our Christmas Car Lists


We go over what we want for Christmas. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of our awesome listeners! about vw's like usual. Come on in and be part of it.
Danny Stuffs a Turkey, We think of what we are grateful for, and John from VOLKSCRACK makes an announcement...
In this episode we call Jamie and talk about his latest build and new adventure across the USA, we also talk about previous and upcoming builds of his. And finally he gives us a little insight on where he thinks the VW "scene" stands as of today. Give it a listen!
25. Halloweeeeeen

25. Halloweeeeeen


In this episode we talk a little bit about VW's but more about Halloween!
In this episode we sit down with brothers, Ivan and Ken and talk cosmic. Then, we sit down with John from volkscrack and shoot the shit. Check it!!!
This is part two of ESI and we sat down and had a couple of interesting conversations with 2 totally different enthusiasts but true enthusiasts none the less! Check it
Part 1 of a three part series, we sit down with Ted and talk crazy memories, his first car and car clubs. Then we sit with Jared and see how he put this whole thing together.
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