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Two Guys Drinking Whiskey
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Two Guys Drinking Whiskey

Author: Christopher Matt & Neil Merritt

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Just a couple guys from the Midwest bringing Whiskey to the Masses.
128 Episodes
In the final part of the New to Whiskey mini-series we discuss Canadian Whiskey.Enjoy.
This episode will better help you understand some basics of Japanese Whiskey and its subtle comparisons to other Whiskies.Enjoy.
In Part 4 of the New to Whiskey series we discuss Scotch Whisky, and what makes it so different from the rest.
In the New to Whiskey series part 3  we discuss what makes Irish Whiskey distinct from the others.   
Part 2 of the New to Whiskey series covers Rye, Wheat, Single Malt, Wheated Bourbon and Blended Whiskies.  This episode helps explain the difference between most American Whiskey.Cheers!
Part 1 of the "New to Whiskey" series will cover the basic fundamentals of Bourbon Whiskey.  Everything from what actually makes it a Bourbon to all the fancy and sometimes confusing wordage on the bottles.Enjoy.
New to Whiskey? We got you.  Don't know the difference between Scotch Whisky and Irish Whiskey? This is for you.While most of our episodes feature in depth content and long format conversations, these next few episodes will cover the basics of Whiskey from all across the globe. We hope you enjoy this mini-series.Cheers! 
Neil and Christopher explore the smokey side of Compass Box with their No Name 3 offering. Whilst comparing it with other peaty options. Then the guys totally switch gears and make a boulevardier cocktail and discuss watching horror movies with their kids among other great topics in this fun episode. Cheers!
Neil and Christopher start the show off with a Dickel 9yr store pick, then move onto testing each other with a blind tasting of Barrel Craft Spirit's 16yr Seagrass and Markers Mark's RC6.  Sniffling noses add to the challenge and Neil is conflicted on if the Seagrass 16yr is really worth the price tag...Enjoy!
In this episode the guys enjoy another great offering from Scotch Whisky wizards Compass Box! Experimental Grain Whisky is an immaculate blend and they compare it next to Viking Heart 15yr from Highland Park and the abundant Clynelish 14yr.  Plus Christopher brags about his fancy expresso machine again. Enjoy!
In this episode Neil and Christopher introduce their Private Barrel Selection for Starks Sport Shop and Liquor Store.  This bold and beautiful offering was done in collaboration with The Deathless Dogs and the Stark Family at the wonderful 45th Parallel Distillery. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did.  Cheers 
In this episode Neil is joined by Whiskey loving friend Justin aka @the_bourbonaut . Together they explore 2 store picks from Driftless Glen Distillery and then do a Barrel Proof Blind! Good times and great conversation.
Have you ever gotten into something that you had every intention on hating? Neil and Christopher did just that with Bespoken spirits Bourbon and Rye. Can you reduce the aging process of whiskey down to just a few months and get a palatable and enjoyable product? Is this flat out cheating, or is the the sustainable answer to all your Whiskey woes. Spoiler alert, we were surprised. Enjoy this episode, we sure did! 
Christopher, Neil and Neighbor Joe explore some great cask finished Bourbon from Starlight Distillery. Sauternes, Port and a Cigar batch featuring Amburana Barrels. 
Neil and Jenna sit by the fire, drink and discuss their favorite cocktail of the summer and then proceed to dive into 2 great bottles scotch while reminiscing over the movie that inspired their love for Glenfarclas.  
The day has finally come where Belle Meade Reserve Bourbon will no longer be available nation wide. but fear not...  Has Nelson Brothers Reserve arrived to take its place?? Will be it as good? Will it take over as the "house wine" in our home bars? Will it suck?!?All these questions will be answered in this episode as Neil and Christopher compare the two side by side. Plus plenty of other great conversations.Cheers!
Neil and Christopher relive their youth by Comparing the latest Bonded offerings from Jack Daniel's. And of course they have to compare it next to Old No.7 !Plus some post Fathers Day chat and why Banana's are evil!? Cheers!
Christopher's Mom does some Whiskey shopping for the guys while in Florida and brings back two nice Store picks. The guys also pair the whiskey with Banana Bread Muffins. Just a delicious episode all around!Cheers!
Neil and Jenna Commemorate 5 years of Rockfilter Whiskey by drinking Rockfilter Whiskey.Barrel Roll RyeDessa's Distance and Time BourbonTest Acre Experimental series 3Good Whiskey and classic Neil and Jenna conversation.Hope you enjoy,Cheers!
Christopher Splurges on a Whiskey brand neither of they guys have tried before.  They also put this up against other Whiskies to better reference the blending and age dynamic involved in the Fable & Folly by Orphan Barrel!Cheers.
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