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Thought and a Chaser is an irregular dive into the world of libations, language, and logistics.

Each episode, we bring you one big topic, one small topic, and a bit about what we're drinking. Our motto: Drink what you like, and know what you're drinking.

Thought and a Chaser is brought to you by Adult Juice Box.
18 Episodes
This week, Philip makes the bold claim that no one, including him, really knows what a Sommelier is, and then attempts to back up that claim with history and a tour of the Somm schools of the world. & Liam takes us into the sordid history of McSorley's, the NYC institution and strongest contender for the oldest bar in the US. ---- T&AC is a project of Adult Juice Box,
This week, we're bringing you three stories from our live show, with the absolute best we could do given the crappy audio we had. Every new thing we do is a journey; if you want to be in the parlor car and not the caboose, join our Patreon:
We're back with more history and booze. Hooray! This week, three origins for the phrase The Real McCoy, and a dive into one of baseball's strangest players. Yeah, we know how that sounds. Also, we're doing a liveshow! You should join it!   McCoy:
History is always significantly weirder than we think it is. This week, we're diving into the strange history of the quart, the gallon, and the pint, and the hilarious story of how those came to be. & Books! You cook with! Not that you cook the books, I mean, you can, but, really we mean "Use these books as inspiration for cooking", two in particular: "An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace" by Tamar Adler "A Super Upsetting Cookbook about Sandwiches" by Tyler Kord --- As always, you can find us at, and by the way, we love you.
This week! Philip talks about Prohibition's lasting legacy in American politics, & Liam explores California's most infamous society of drunk historians.
Liberty comes in many forms. Sometimes it's drinking to celebrate, with wine that got rocked by the sea. Sometimes it's expressing your freedom brew. This week, Philip takes us through the history of Madeira wine, and its important role in the American Revolution. & Liam walks us through the history of homebrewing in the United States, and how it sparked the craft beer renaissance. --- Thought & A Chaser is a project of Adult Juice Box. Drink what you like.
This week! Philip breaks down the idea that Alexander the Great didn't just have a god complex, he might have actually been a god to the Romans. Specifically, the God of Libations. & Liam tells us: What happened to the bees? THE BEES. --- Thought & A Chaser is a project of Adult Juice Box. Drink what you like.
This episode we turn things up to 11 by talking not about wine, but about Whiskey and Beer. Philip dives into the history of Bourbon, and why its synonymous with Kentucky. & Liam takes us through the craft beer revolution, where it came from and where it stands now. We hope you enjoy.  
This week, Philip talks about Kami No Shizuku, the infamous Drops of God manga, and its incredible effects on the world of wine. & Liam talks about the Japanese farming revolution at the heart of the Natural Wine movement. --- Thought & A Chaser is project of Adult Juice Box, and we are entirely supported by our Patreon subscribers. Find out more at
This week, Philip dives into the history of British imperialism, Indian occupation, the ice trade, and the first modern cocktail. & Liam takes us into the economics of Chinese delivery, and why your local Chinese restaurant can kick the pants off the delivery megacorps. --- Thought & A Chaser is a project of Adult Juice Box. We are entirely supported by our Patreon subscribers, and for the month of June all new subscription proceeds will be donate to the Anti-Police Terror Project. Visit to find out more.
When we call facial tissue Kleenex, that's a form of genericization. It turns out that happens with wine as well! This week, Philip talks about the history of Hermitage, one of the first genericized brands in wine. A story that begins in the Crusades ends up all the way in Australia and South Africa. & Liam is inspired by the public art in San Francisco to talk about Bacchus and wine gods around the world. Awaken Bacchus! --- We are a project of Adult Juice Box, and are supported by our Patreon patrons.
In this episode, Philip gives a history of the Gallo family, one of the oldest and most powerful families in American wine, including tales of the corporate wine juggernaut bearing the family name. Along the way we talk about Coca-Cola, Apple, PayPal, Cesar Chavez, and the Modesto Nuts. & Liam brings us the history of Major League Baseball and beer, from the founding of the teetotaling early days up through the repeal of prohibition. We meet Saloon owners who bought baseball teams, and US Presidents chanted out of stadiums. ------------ Thought & A Chaser is a project of Adult Juice Box. We are entirely supported by our Patreon patrons, who get early access to the podcast and a host of other goodies. If you enjoy the show, become a subscriber! If that doesn't work for you, think about leaving us a review on iTunes. Drink what you like!
We're back with more stories of making, drinking, and talking about wine. This week: Sherry, and the strange bacterial goo that make it. Plus: where does 2 buck chuck come from, anyway?
One of the most beloved breweries in San Francisco has a history that serves as a lens on the history of San Francisco itself. Liam takes us from Potrero Hill to North Beach, from fire to earthquake, from sour beer to death by cable car, as we trace the history of Anchor Brewing. & Fermented beverages make strange bedfellows of bacteria, and the result is often esters. Esters are the reason your wine (or rum!) smells like tropical fruit. Philip explains where esters come from, and how they contribute to the pleasure of drinking what you like. --- Thought and a Chaser is a project of Adult Juice Box. We are powered by our patrons and subscribers. If you have a story you want us to cover, email
We're back to distract you from the world with talk of duties, tariffs, and global warming! That last one might not be the most pleasant distraction... We're joined this week by Monk Funkster, International Engineer Mystery. He's pulling back the curtain on how taxes are collected on international shipping, and how that relates to the booze you're drinking! Also: Philip and Liam talk about the wine belt, the coffee belt, and why they're merging! (Spoiler: It's not good)
We're back this week with a dive into the modern miracle that is the aluminum can, and why it should be the future of table wine. We chase down that gulp with a slug of Herbal Liqueur history, including a glance at the strange life of Chartreuse. --- Thought and a Chaser is a project of Adult Juice Box, and produced out of the Mule Gallery in North Beach. Thanks to Mule Studio for use of the space and to Liam Campbell for the use of our theme song Pump Over.
Did you know that the bottle your liquor comes in can change how you enjoy it? Did you also know that vinyl records are experiencing a historical tragedy right now? This week's Thought and a Chaser: "Bottles change booze" and "Whither vinyl"
In our inaugural episode, Philip walks through where Alcohol By Volume (ABV) comes from, how it's calculated, and why that matters to you as a drinker. AND! Liam talks about that champion of the logistical world, the pallet. ---- Thought and a Chaser is brought to you by Adult Juice Box. You can find out more and support the show at
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