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We chat with Sean Hadley, founder of MagicDAQ, which is a professional data acquisition and testing tool that can be scripted with Python. He talks about how he lives as an expat in New Zealand selling primarily back into the United States. Additionally, he tells us what has worked for marketing, sales, and coming up with a good price for his product.
We check back in with Jonathan Georgino, who reports that sales have increased and inbound marketing efforts are starting to pay off. In addition, he tells a story about how he turned a potential legal battle into a collaboration effort.
Creating videos on YouTube to engage an audience can be tricky. We chat with Daniel Bogdanoff about how he grew the successful Keysight Labs YouTube channel to function as one part of a marketing effort to sell oscilloscopes.
How do you get your first customers, and when should you hire help? Natalie Luneva, who runs her own coaching and consulting business, joins us to discuss these issues.
State of the Show

State of the Show


In this episode of the Hello Blink Show, Harris and Shawn take a look back at 2020 to talk about what worked and what didn't work for the show. They also ask listeners to respond with what they want to hear in 2021.



This is the practical podcast for technical people. We cover topics involving business, sales, and marketing with the engineer and developer in mind. If you've been wanting to jump from your corporate job to start your own business or sell your invention on the side, this is the show for you.
In this episode of the Hello Blink Show, Harris and Shawn wanted to share their presentation on sales and marketing for Boulder Startup Week 2020. They are joined by special guest Katie Hackos.
In this episode of the Hello Blink Show, Harris and Shawn welcome developer Lola Ojabowale to the show. Lola shares her insights in no code development with listeners.
Harris and Shawn welcome back legal expert and attorney, Mark Tyson. Mark shares some legal advice in negotiating contracts and how to handle particular pitfalls with your employer or contractor.
Harris and Shawn interview Matt Liberty about finding contractor work, referrals, and selecting the best candidate. Listeners will hear his advice as Matt discusses his company, Jetperch, and their tool, Joulescope.
Harris and Shawn interview electrical engineer, Mihir Shah. Mihir shares his insights into the success of his latest startup and his acquisition by another firm.
Shawn and Harris chat with Lisa Lewis Miller, career coach, owner of Career Clarity, and author of an upcoming book about changing careers (or starting fresh!).
Shawn and Harris chat with David and Chris, owners of Cyber City Circtuits. David and Chris are working to expand their contract manufacturing (for electronics and PCB assembly) business and need help reaching new customers.
Harris and Shawn interview electronics engineer, Chris Gammell. Chris shares his insights into how he manages his clients and education for his businesses.
Pariss Athena is the creator of the #BlackTechTwitter community and founder of Black Tech Pipeline. She shares her story of growing and managing an online community and how she is turning that into a business.
Harris and Shawn discuss how founders and marketers can use Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) as an important metric to measure the performance of content against particular keywords.
We welcome Jermaine Murray as our special guest to discuss best hiring practices for a company and how a startup can go about recruiting top talent. Plus, what led him to start his own company.
We welcome to the show Kia Roberts, who worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn and the Director of Investigations for the National Football League (NFL) and founded her own company, Triangle Investigations.
Harris and Shawn interview firmware developer, hardware designer, technical writer, and community leader, Kattni Rembor from Adafruit Industries and Circuit Python. Kattni shares her insights into how she engages followers and educates her peers.
We welcome to the show historian and author, Anton Howes. His book, Arts and Minds: How the Royal Society of Arts Changed a Nation, explores how the RSA encouraged invention and innovation during the Industrial revolution.
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