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In a growing program, Esports promotes acceptance and inclusivity and provides an outlet for students to do what they enjoy while garnering educational benefits. Ann Panaro, Lenovo’s K12 and Higher-Ed Community Manager, is joined by Jeff Palumbo, Lenovo’s Global Esports Solutions Manager, addressing tech trends within Esports that are innovating the education sector. 
Ann Panaro, Lenovo’s K-12 and Higher Education Community Manager—and Jeff Palumbo, Lenovo’s Global Esports Solutions Manager, discuss developing a great Esports program to make the most of its vast benefits and opportunities. Gaming, event panning, production, and much more, Esports offers something for everyone—and above all, a myriad of valuable life skills.
Partner, Andy Whiteside, founder of Xentegra, joins Stephen Miller to explain how Lenovo’s outcome based solutions fit into his company’s sales equation. Learn how Lenovo 360 helps you activate your customer pipeline and fully realize the power of our people, programs, and tools. 
K-12 Software Trends

K-12 Software Trends


Do you serve K-12 customers? Then you don’t want to miss this riveting exchange! K-12 Community Manager Ann Panaro gets into the nitty gritty of K-12 software needs with Blake Gregorisch and how to grow this business segment. 
Higher education Partners and their customers have been on a roller coaster ride with the turning tides of remote learning. Ann Panaro and Craig Ewell give us a peek behind the Higher Education IT curtain and insights on how to capitalize on trending needs with smarter solutions. 
Join host Stephen Miller, Lenovo Brand Ambassador, to get an insightful recap on what’s new for the ThinkPad lineup, including our sustainability champion, the Z series. Special guests from, Allison Heeter and Megan Corkell, join in the fun. This conversation will keep you glued to your seat! 
Lenovo’s Chief Technologist, Stephen Miller, and Andrea Sittig-Rolf of Blitzmasters dissect the business sales process and how to maximize various methods of contacting customers. Listen to techniques, successful sales stories, and tips for proven bottom-line results.
Lenovo’s Chief Technologist, Stephen Miller, is joined by Lenovo’s partner for Diversity and Inclusion, Shantell Thomas, to discuss the representation of diverse communities and their impact on businesses. Plus, learn how to optimize tech tools and work environments for inclusivity. 
Achieve higher levels of collaboration productivity wherever your team works and attract your employees back to the office—with Lenovo’s Chief Technologist, Stephen Miller, and Brian Mignault, Lenovo’s Director of North America Vertical Solutions and Smart Collaboration Sales. 
Join two Lenovo tech superstars—Stephen Miller and Kaila Woodard—as they sit down to talk about the launch Windows 11 and how ThinkBook is poised to make the most of the new system. When you listen, you’ll learn about devices designed for smarter collaboration, enhanced productivity, security, and more.
Sit down with Lenovo’s Stephen Miller as he takes another dive into the Windows 11 launch and what it means for business customers. On this episode,  you’ll learn about Windows Autopilot and the benefits it offers. From fast deployment to enhanced security features, and everything in-between, Autopilot lets IT teams get back to focusing on the big tasks. 
Lenovo’s Chief Technologist, Stephen Miller, and Commercial Trainer at Microsoft, Joanna Belvedere, bring their A-game providing business benefits. The two masters of their field break down how Windows 11 can be your team’s ultimate tool for productive and efficient hybrid work. 
Sit down with our very own Stephen Miller to get the ins and outs of AR and VR in today’s business world! During this chat, you’ll learn the best ways to position these next-gen technologies for success with your customers.
Sit down with our host Stephen Miller and an entire lineup of superstar guests on this edition of Channel Chatter. When you listen, you’ll get deep insight into the importance of device and data security, especially as it pertains to the world of meetings and collaboration. Hear what back-to-office strategies can work to maximize your team’s communications, while also staying secure from threats. 
What if you could save your customers 201 hours a year on IT blind spots? With Lenovo Device Intelligence, you can. This SaaS gives insights into fleet management so IT managers can take proactive, preventive measures before the blue screen of death occurs. Artificial Intelligence makes LDI more effective daily, running in the background, figuring out the best hardware and software configs for users and helping optimize performance. With these advanced predictive analytics, 30-50% of employee device downtime is eliminated. Learn how you can be your customers’ hero, revolutionize employee experience, and get a healthy recurring revenue stream going in the process. Entertaining and insightful, here are our special guests:·       Amy Clauss, Lenovo Director, Global Services, Lenovo Device Intelligence·       Anna Kraemer, Lenovo Services Channel Account Manager
Couldn’t we all use more order in our chaotic lives? When home became home office, the need for space raised its hand. Breathing Room is the answer. Hear Stephen and Kelley Jonkoff, an organization expert, discuss ways to change the way you see your work and your workspace. Learn how to declutter physically and digitally while adding ThinkVision displays for improved productivity. This podcast will your customers create a better employee experience with relaxation and renewal. And show you how displays create an upsell attachment that maximizes revenue and relationships. Our guests also include:·       Jimmy Smith, Lenovo ThinkVision Marketing Lead·       Anna Kraemer, Lenovo Services Channel Account ManagerLISTEN NOW
Join 5S Technologies, Les Roach, Director of Sales and Marketing and our host, Stephen Miller, as they explain how to open customers’ eyes to “everything as a service.” In this era of subscription addiction, you’ll learn how subscription-based hardware, software, services, and solutions offer a long-term revenue stream. Plus, you’ll learn how to collaborate with Lenovo to create this reoccurring revenue, while equipping yourself with the tools needed to sell CFOs on this model. Other guests include:·         Adrian Escobedo (Esco), Lenovo DCG Field C Suite ·         Anna Kraemer, Lenovo Services Channel Account Manager
What if you could deliver a productive, secure and collaborative work environment that caters to the demands of the top talent of today? AND meet strict security standards? Meet Lenovo Cloud Marketplace, the perfect upsell for businesses looking to maximize cashflow. This lively podcast, hosted by Lenovo Brand Ambassador, Stephen Miller, features these experts: Brendan Scanlan, Microsoft Commercial Channel SalesDyson Hepting, Director, Lenovo NA Software SalesMegan Corkell, Lenovo Brand AmbassadorLearn how Lenovo Cloud Marketplace helps employees collaborate seamlessly and be productive from anywhere. And provides resellers with a revenue stream that nurtures customer goodwill while maximizing their budget.Get started today and boost your revenue opportunities on existing accounts. Contact Steve Heyman now or learn more here.
Prepare to have your mind changed about esports. Host Stephen Miller, Lenovo Brand Ambassador, talks to esports expert, Jeff Palumbo, about how this phenomenon is sweeping campuses nationwide. And it’s not just for the nerds who play Fortnight in their basements. Esports is grooming future content creators and bringing community to students who desperately need it—and giving them shots at scholarships in engineering, graphics, communications, and more. The sales opportunity for tech providers is real. Hardware is only part of the equation. Managed services bring continuity and scale upgrades as needed. Tech providers who specialize in this vertical will reap huge profits—the cashflow kind and by providing community and opportunity for students.
Don’t touch that dial! This is not just another Services podcast. In this episode of Channel Chatter, our host and Technologist, Stephen Miller, is joined by incredible storyteller Anna Kraemer, Services Channel Account Manager and Channel Services Marketing Manager, Pete “the Fact Guy” Paldino. Together, they discuss the chaos of 2020 and how to grow through the opportunities created. Some of the topics include:Work from AnywhereTech/services upgrades for customer experienceDevice as a ServiceAccidental Damage ProtectionPremier SupportHow services create customer loyalty and bigger salesSo join us again for another episode of Channel Chatter, and stay on the pulse of all things Lenovo Channel.
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