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When not writing blog posts, I record conversations with friends and acquaintances about anything and everything - from blogging, to writing, video games, board games, television, movies, music, and more. It's always unplanned, unscripted, and somewhat unpredictable, but almost always interesting and entertaining.
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This week I talk to my younger daughters about life in lockdown - what homeschooling is like, not revising for exams, watching too much YouTube, making slime, playing video games, and lots more.
We have a rather special guest on the podcast this week. She is one of the luminaries that helped forge the idea of posting an online diary or journal into the collective consciousness. If you were reading and writing blog posts in the mid 2000s, you might have followed any of a number of online journals - among them Dooce, written by Heather Armstrong, Belle du Jour, written by Brooke Magnanti, and Petite Angaise, written by a british girl living in Paris called Catherine Sanderson. This week we find out the story of how "Petite Anglaise" came to be, what happens when a blog becomes famous, how you go about turning a blog into a book, and why we now know Catherine's name.
This week I look back at how the podcast is going so far - the challenges, the trials, the successes, and of course the amazing guests that have told us their blogging stories so far. I also take some time to report on "life in lockdown". p.s. check out the isolation haircut my daughters inflicted me with :)
Talking to Stacey about blogging, writing, diaries, life, adventures, disasters, and of course her blogging journey at LiveJournal. You can find Stacey at the following URL:
Talking to Katy about her blog at LiveJournal, long distance relationships, broadcasting on the radio, and more! You can find Katy at the following location online:
Talking to Lauren about life in San Francisco, the modern dating landscape, and her unintentionally notorious blogging journey (you'll have to listen to her story to understand why). You can find Lauren at the URL below - the blog is private, but if you listen to the podcast, she explains how to gain access: Blog - Email -
Talking to Kristin about life in Wisconsin, her earliest days using computers and the internet, working with animals, learning to become a Tattoo artist, and of course her blogging journey. You can find Kristin at the following locations online: Tumblr - We got cut short by an emergency at the animal shelter before we got the chance to really talk about it - so Kristin will be back soon to tell us all about the work, the life, and the animals she looks after.
Talking to Natalie about life in Louisiana, computers, the internet, computer games, table top board games, podcasts, graphic novels, and of course her blogging journey with "Coffee with Calypso". You can find Natalie at the following locations online: Blog - Twitter - Instagram -
#9 - Jade - Jessica June

#9 - Jade - Jessica June


Talking to Jade about life, struggles, hardship, resurrection, and her blogging and modelling journey at Tumblr and Instagram. You can find Jade at the following locations online: Tumblr - Instagram - Facebook Page -
Talking to Jon Jacob about life, computers, the internet, podcasting, and his blogging journey with "Thoroughly Good". You can find Jon at the following locations online: Blog : Podcast : Twitter : Facebook : Instagram :
This week I talk to Tinika Wells from South Africa about her blogging journey, taking part in NaNoWriMo, her inspirations, and where her writing might take her next. You can find Tinika at the following places online: Wordress - Tumblr - Twitter - Instagram -
The first Wednesday show! Talking to Laura about the "Birds of Prey" movie, the "Dr Stone" manga, a wonderful TV comedy called "Friday Night Dinner", and a number of video games - among them "Resident Evil", "My Time in Portia", and "Fortnite".
Talking to Brooke Cutler about life in Australia, acting, performing, computers, the internet, and of course her blogging journey with "The Little Blog of Everything". You can find Brooke at the following locations online: Blog - Twitter - Instagram -
Talking to Ian Hope about growing up in the north of England, music, football, computers, and his blogging journey with "Half Time Pie". You can find Ian at the following locations online: Blog - Twitter - Facebook -
Talking to Steve McCune about his blog at - how he got started, what he writes about, what his motivations are, who has inspired him along the way, and also about life in Panama, and how he came to be there in the first place. You can find Steve at the following places online: Blog - Links -
Talking to Amy Lyon Smith about her blog "Bedlam and Daisies" - how she got started, what she writes about, and where her journey might take her next. You can find Amy at the following places online: Blog - Instagram - Pinterest -
Talking to my eldest daughter Laura about her attempts at getting a blog started at both Tumblr, and Wordpress. We also talk about anxiety, depression, Snapchat, anime, manga, movies, food, and everything in-between.
To start the podcast, a look back at my own blogging journey, the platforms I have written on, and the people I have crossed paths with along the way. I have some homework to do on the audio quality, editing, and planning - but at least it's a start. Blog - Twitter - Instagram - Facebook -
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