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Bedtime Stories with R.A. Spratt

Author: R.A. Spratt

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This is a weekly podcast of funny stories for kids. There are side-splitting versions of my own fractured fairy tales. Also short stories from some of my best-selling books, featuring characters from 'The Adventures of Nanny Piggins' and 'Friday Barnes, Girl Detective'. The stories are perfect for bedtime, long car rides or even if you're just stuck waiting a really long time at the doctor's office. They're written for 7-11 year olds but these are tales the whole family can enjoy. The silliness is ageless. I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoy recording it. After years of being a children's author, typing away in my office with only my goldfish for company, I was bursting to tell my stories out-loud and with lots of silly voices! So please - sit back, get comfy and enjoy some amazing, some silly and some just plain ludicous tales direct from my imagination to you.
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When Tammy and Mum take the dog for a walk the renovations at their local library lead to a discussion about the importance of building accessibility for the improvement of giant literacy.Support the show (
When their attempts to break records on Earth don't work out, Ant and Chelly get the brilliant idea - to try breaking records somewhere else! This soon leads to terrible consequences. Luckily they now have the skilled to fix their own hair brained disasters.Support the show (
When Ant and Chelly get a book for their birthday they are a bit disgruntled, until they discover that it's a book of world records. They are soon inspired to start breaking records of their own. Unfortunately their attempts nearly trigger the destruction of the world, that is until Granny arrives...Support the show (
The audio book of 'The Adventures of Nanny Piggins' went on sale this week! To promote the release, I've recorded this special episode of the podcast with a reading of the first chapter. I hope you enjoy it. Here's a link where you can buy a CD of the audiobook... the show (
As a Halloween special, I have recorded a chapter from FRIDAY BARNES 3, BIG TROUBLE. It's as close as Friday Barnes gets to a ghost story (it's not really very spooky, but the word 'ghost' is mentioned twice). When two girls keep hearing a voice in the attic above their dorm room, they go to Friday to solve the mystery. Special thanks to my publisher, Penguin for giving me permission to record this episode as a promotion for the upcoming release of my new book FRIDAY BARNES 9, NO ESCAPE in February 2021.Support the show (
When Mum takes Vanessa to the city to see the orthodontist, they get side tracked by gourmet chocolate shops and wondering about the violent tendencies of the staff.Support the show (
After a particularly exhausting morning avoiding the truancy officer and eating ice cream, Nanny Piggins entertains the children by telling them the story of her long distant Danish cousin Hannah Christian Anderson Piggins and the Normal Sized Match Girl.Support the show (
When Parker's assignment goes missing and it's worth 80% of his final mark for the year, Friday has to help him find it so he doesn't enrage Mr Spencer and have to do the whole year 9 science coarse again. This is a chapter from 'Friday Barnes 1, Girl Detective' recorded for the podcast to promote the upcoming release of 'Friday Barnes 9, No Escape'.Support the show (
When Mum is driving Tammy and cousin Perry to the Park she tells them a story about Granny that is very hard to believe. It involves a pillow, elite fence climbing skills and secrets from Granny's dark past.Support the show (
Nanny Piggins tells her version of the classic story 'The Princess and the Pea' with her own strongly held views on the subject.Support the show (
To celebrate the upcoming release of the audiobook of 'The Adventures of Nanny Piggins', I'm posting this live recording of me reading Chapter 4 from that book. I recorded this at a zoom event for The Little Bookroom in Melbourne. You can't hear them because they were muted but there were over 90 kids listening in as I read and I could see their faces in the little boxes all over my screen.This is a classic Nanny Piggins story from the first book in her series. It features her first experience driving a car and the first appearance of the Police Sergeant who went on to become a much loved character.Support the show (
Cat's Brilliant Idea

Cat's Brilliant Idea


Dirk only had one friend. And that friend was Cat. Cat was the highest maintenance person at Banksia Grove Public School. And that included Mr Jenner the maintenance man who Cat insisted was on prison release having murdered a substitute teacher. Dirk was trying to live an ordinary life but it was never going to happen, not once Cat had her brilliant idea.Support the show (
Nanny Piggins tells an educational story about the dangers of birthday presents for royal princesses and the dubious integrity of some frogs.Support the show (
It was supposed to be Book Week this week. So to mark the occasion, this weeks episode is the answer to my most commonly asked question when I visit schools for Book Week. It is my explanation of how I come up with ideas for stories. It is quite a story in it's own right.Support the show (
My lovely publisher kind gave me permission to record a chapter from 'Nanny Piggins 2, The Wicked Plan'. It is a wonderful story about a deluded armadillo and the pig who bested him.Support the show (
When Tammy reluctantly goes out for a walks with Mum late one rainy night, they spot an amazing sight.Support the show (
The 5th and final book in The Peski Kids series goes on sale this week. To mark the occasion this weeks episode is me reading the prologue and chapter 1 of that book. I hope you enjoy it! If you want to read the rest of the book for yourself you can order 'The Peski Kids, The Final Mission' from your local bookstore or go to my website and click on the Book Depository banner. They have all my titles and free international shipping.Support the show (
While stuck in a wrought iron fence, Nanny Piggins tells the story of her amazing relative, Jack Piggins and the time she swapped a cow for some cacoa beans.Support the show (
This is me reading the Prologue and Chapter 1 of 'The Peski Kids 1, The Mystery of the Squashed Cockroach'. It's where the story of April, Fin and Joe Peski all begins.Support the show (
Nanny Piggins tells the true story of 'Sleeping Beauty', the fairy who betrayed her, her irrational desire to get her ears pierced and the royal medical student who tried to cure her sleep apnoea.Support the show (
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