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Author: Tegan Dawson

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Small Towns Big Stories. Inspired by the Haunted Hills, a place where the hills rumble and cows won't stay, in Gippsland Victoria. Our show is named after these hills but will share stories of other small towns their history, crime and paranormal.
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Yallourn North had a wide variety of criminals. Many are unknown.Some were more akin to slapstick comedians, and some are serious villains.Even so, no citizen of the Brown Coal Mine ever received a death sentence.Rumour has it some of the Kelly gang spent time in the hills around Yallourn North while hiding from the police.It is never proven, just a legend. Discover the true crimes of this small town by listening to this episode. For more information follow this link.
The second episode of the Haunted Hills podcast, in this episode Tegan Dawson narrates the history of the Brown Coal Mine a small town with big stories. In this podcast, you’ll meet the butcher, baker, maybe the candlestick maker, the healers, everyday heroes, and many many others. The town is chockablock of personalities, who lived entire lives here or passed by adding to the complex small town tapestry.Thank you to all the people from Yallourn North who shared their families stories although you will probably hear some stories you hadn’t before too. It’s so great the locals shared their stories because their past reveals what the town was.If you’re in the local area, explore the Brown Coal Mine History Podcast on location! If you have the nerve.
1. Haunted Hills

1. Haunted Hills


 In the first-ever podcast, Tegan Dawson, previous tour guide and owner of Haunted Hills Tours, divulges the narrative of the Haunted Hills. It is a place that exists, in Central Gippsland, in the Latrobe City Council between Morwell and Moe. Below the ghost town or now the mine that was Yallourn. Don't worry if none of this sounds familiar. You will feel like a local in no time - confused and slightly mad of the back alley stories from the small town with big stories the Haunted Hills.  Subscribe to the podcast, keep listening, and all will be revealed. Tegan, I mean, me, I am fascinated by History, True Crime and Paranormal stories. Plus weird and wonderful stories that don't fit into the other three categories. As I have been telling these stories for a while, I also will be addressing common misconceptions - are there underground rivers? Caves? What makes that noise? What noise? Oh that, hello non-locals and welcome!  There is a rumbling noise heard by people who spend time in the Haunted Hills.  Some people say this was a criminal conspiracy.  We investigate all this and more in the podcast. Listen where ever you are or if you have the nerve on location. Enhance your listening experience by checking out
The Haunted Hills is a place where the hills rumble and cows won’t stay - it inspires us. The show is named after these hills as well as the first podcast. Then there are more stories of other small towns starting in Gippsland Victoria Australia. Featuring their history, crime and Paranormal. With the magic of technology, we can cover nearly any small town anywhere. All we need is an internet connection and the astral plane. In 2015, I started telling the first lot of these stories as location-based tours. In Yallourn North,  Rosedale and Traralgon. Anyone can download a podcast where ever they are, or if they have the nerve to listen on location. Our website - Haunted Hills Support us on Patreon and join the fun - free sign up until 31 March 2020. Patreon Haunted Hills  
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