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Author: Tegan Dawson

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Haunted Hills is a location in Gippsland - it is also reportedly haunted. Our first episode explores this, then we explore other towns through their people, crime and legends.
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Bendigo Crime covers stories about storekeepers who used bad weights to steal from prospectors. A bigamist and a man who did not keep his promises and more.
Bendigo History

Bendigo History


This episode is about the history that today is known as Bendigo The traditional owners of Bendigo are the Dja Dja Wurrung (Djaara) people Taungurung Peoples of the Kulin Nation. The first name colonisers called it Sandhurst.   The narrative follows the Absalom family and the town.
Hear about the historical true crime from the Beechworth area. Hear about the local rules, robbery, murder, adultery and more.   Over on Patreon is Beechworth Breakouts - the escapes from the Prison.  
The final part to the Beechworth History and Kibell family.
Beechworth and Miners, Grocers, Truck drivers the Kibell's - Christopher and Joseph.    Over on Patreon is part one of the Beechworth Breakouts
There is a lot to say about Beechworth Victoria also many of its landmarks have been there since close to when it was converged upon as a gold mining area. This had a seriously negative impact on the Aboriginal people of the area, along with the beliefs of the colonisers which were reported in the media. 
This true crime episode is from Mansfield Victoria. The Traditional Custodians of Country are the people of the  the traditional owners of this land are the Taungurung clan -Taungurung people, also spelt Daung Wurrung. Hear about bushrangers, murders, theft and more. The bonus episode on is Bogong Jack - traditionally people think he is John Payner - we have found another potentiality.   
Hear about historical people from Mansfield Victoria including a soldier who fought in the Boer War. Hear about the McMillan's from the Mansfield area, the school, and other bits. 
Omeo true crime has a number of murders in it. Which his different for our usual crime episodes which usually have less featured - because there are less and more crime.    We are not posting any episodes during December if you miss us, check out our Patreon  
Omeo History

Omeo History


One of the bonus episodes about the oldest woman who lived and died in Gippsland in 1933, spent sometime in Omeo. There is also a well known murder that occurred here in 1928 - but during the crime episode you will also hear this was a place for bushrangers and murderers. But before we hear about the crimes let us get a feel for the town and the regular people who make the town. It was a very isolated town difficult to get too, the gold miners made it there by 1854.
The final instalment of the Spooktober episodes, for Karin and Jamaica Inn along with some extra paranormal content as well. 
Part two to the interview with Karin Beasant about the Jamaica Inn on the Bodmin Moor. Continuing with the historical and paranormal of this special place.
The Jamaica Inn is a historic place that attracts spirits maybe off the moor or has such a long history many spirits have stayed and call it home some for a season some for longer.   For Halloween Month we have a special three part interview with Karin Beasant of the South Bristol Paranormal and Jamaica Inn Paranormal Team -   There is a write up in Haunted Magazine about the Jamaica Inn Part one of an interview with Karin Beasant
Three murders in one small town in Gippsland Victoria. Plus other crimes.
Startford History

Startford History


The history of Stratford Victoria, on the Avon river. Stratford was named after Shakespeare's home town, Stratford-on-Avon, it was in the council area of Avon adjacent to bushy park. Settlers started coming out to take up land in 1842.
This true crime episode is from San Remo Victoria. The Traditional Custodians of Country are the people of the The Bunurong People.   Hear about horse crimes, theft, other crimes and a murder.    True crime podcasts or episodes usually focus on just murders and missing people but that's not all there is in the field of crimes. Haunted Hills started out exploring a theory that criminals kept the legend going to give them space to keep on distilling illegally, making illegal coins. It shares a little about the small towns, as Robert Kennedy once said "Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves. What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on."   While I encourage people to play judge and jury, we are not re-adjudicating these crimes most of them occurred too long ago to be appropriate however, these discussions create a contrast of values.   For ad-free listening and live discussions about the content shared here join for as little as $2US a month.
San Remo History

San Remo History


Before it was named San Remo by the settlers it would have been named something else. Prior to this it was named Griffiths point then colloquially - not officially named after the first settler we will met the Davis'. Lets meet the people cos its the people who make the place.
Corinella is a small town on the coast in Bass Coast Shire, with French Island off the coast that ran a prison.    Hear about financial disputes, prison escapes, murder and more in this episode of small town crime. 
Corinella History

Corinella History


This episode looks at the township of Corinella, the traditional owners of this land are the Bunerong People who would have had different names for it. Corinella may mean running water in an Aboriginal language group. Following the Early Settlers James McNabb and other people. 
Korumburra Crime

Korumburra Crime


Korumburra Crime history -Hear about strikers, assaults, arson and horse thieving and family of sly grog traders. 
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