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Author: Jon Kronemeyer

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The Biz with JK is about Sales, Leadership and Relationship building. I want to bring a new sense of energy and life into sales and my guests are selected specifically to deliver that. Sales about relevance to your customer and to your audience. The Biz with JK is about delivering that to you every Friday.
62 Episodes
Be transparent about what you're not great at with your customer....?What? Really? YES! This is the message from Todd Caponi, the best selling author and owner of Sales Melon.Todd, a self proclaimed sales nerd, quit his job as CRO and wrote his best selling book, The Transparency Sale, after his success in a meeting where he presented what his company is NOT capable of doing!He was blown away with how quickly he closed a multimillion dollar deal by being transparent about his incapabilities and basically decided to quit his job and write a book!This episode he explains how buyers think and how you can create more trust, quicker, by being transparent and showing your customers what you can and cannot do!
Show me a sales script and I'll show you a bunch of sales people that tell me about themselves and their product!Show me a Sales Message and I'll show you a company that closes more customers and grows faster than most! Your sales message is so important in order for you to capture the interest of your potential customer, and start the relationship building immediately. Your sales message is a part of your sales process and should be focussed on, developed and refined constantly as your company and business grows.That's what I love about what Jim Karrh and his company, Karrh and Associates, do. They help build a strong sales processes.  Help with developing your true ideal client and really focuses on a strong sales message that will empower your sales team and develop your pipeline even further.Today we talk Sales Message, Ideal Clients and how important your Sales Process is!
Why battle on price when you brand is at stake?Why batte on price when you customer isn't a partner?When do you walk away.....?These are all hard questions that we have to ask ourselves as Sales Professionals.  It's so vital that we keep the integrity of the brand, if you don't want your brand to be known as the "cheap one."It's ok to walk awayIt's ok to say noAnd....It's ok to say "your not the right partner for me."Build a sustainable business on brand and value and you win!
Just thought I would drop an old school episode on how to define a sales process and why it's so important! Build one and be better!!!
James Muir could be one of the most analytical people in sales but because of that he has created the perfect close!  I mean this, it's the perfect close and so perfect he wrote a book about it! These two simple questions have changed peoples lives and closing rate significantly and when used properly, are actually timing questions rather than closing questions.It's fair to say his book, The Perfect Close, is worth reading twice and full of tactics and fundamentals that we should be using everyday in our sales journey.Chapter 12 however, is where the rubber meets the road.Check out this chat that is FULL of nuggets that you can implement now for success!
Carson Heady is one of the most interesting people I have meant!Working at Microsoft, he has 300,000 Social followers, author of three books, has a wife and family and has no interest in slowing down!How do you get 300,000 followers working for the biggest company in the world...? Well you just start putting relevant and interesting content out!That's what I love about Carson.  He wants to be connected to interesting people. He wants to learn, then he takes that information and knowledge and puts it out to the world.  To HELP them! That's why people follow him.Today we talk dealing with challenging leadership, doing what it takes to grow business and how you need to reinvent yourself all the time!
Chris has been utilizing stories for years in his personal life, professional life, leadership roles, podcasts, books, and in all of his training.Now working with Dale Dupree at the Sales Rebellion, Chris is a master storyteller and actually just a really great guy!Today we talk understanding the status quo before your presentation and ensuring that you tell the right story in the right environment.
Dale Dupree has been forefront of innovative selling and marketing before it was cool to do things different! Learning from his father in the copier world, Dale has taken on a new meaning to being a rebel in Sales.  Never be boring and doing something outstanding to stand out, is how the Sales Rebellion was born.Dale is authentic as they come and his complete vulnerability in the public and social space has driven him to one of the most popular Sales Leaders and Sales advice providers out there.
Love JBay and his ability to simplify and create effective prospecting.  Jason is the owner of Blissful Prospecting and simply he helps reps and sales teams who love landing big meetings with prospects but hate getting ignored by their prospecting efforts. Along with his company, JBay's efforts on bringing relevant and meaningful content to LinkedIn is second to none. With over 20,000 followers, Jason provides real life examples of tactics and strategies that he teaches in his courses and uses himself. The fact is Jason's content is truly helpful!
Absolutely love this guy Simon Hares!His business, Serial Trainer 7, has been extremely successful and has grown to a world wide business in 7 years. Simon is super energetic but more importantly extremely relevant with his content that he puts out in social media. That's how I started following him, and I found everything that he gives advice on is relatable.Simon is strong on LinkedIn and today we talk Sales, Business Negotiation and bringing Value to the customer.
Helping salespeople invest in themselves! That's James Buckley's statement on his LinkedInWhat can you say about James "Saywhatsales" Buckley!?  Well listen to this podcast and let me know! Energy, passion and a LOVE for his craft, James is now Director of Business Development at JB Sales which is his dream job!Connecting with like minded people and driving new content to our community is where James fits and he's not leaving unless John Barrows forces him out!If you're looking to enhance your brand in social media, check out his Personal Branding course in the show notes.James is also host of the very successful  UNCrushed Podcast.We are excited to talk prospecting, sales success and personal branding on LinkedIn today!
What can you say about one of the most successful authors in Canada?  Well you say he's one of the most energetic, fun, inspiring people around!  And we are inspired as fellow Canadians!Patrick Tinney has written three best selling books.  Unlocking Yes, Perpetual Hunger and his latest, The Bonus Round.Starting his sales career with the Toronto Star, Patrick stayed in Advertising Sales with some of the biggest companies around.His success lead him to writing his first book and starting his career as a Sales coach and motivator.  Now as founder of Centroid Training, Patrick is teaching, coaching and guiding companies around the globe to success.Today we talk Sales negotiation, relationship building and how Sales is the best industry you can be in!
This week I get a chance to sit and chat with Ryan Staley, Founder and CEO of Whale Boss. Ryan has climbed the enterprise sales ladder, by building and scaling companies and delivering results!  From growing a enterprise team from 0-$30M ARR in 6 years with 3-4 people without lead generation, marketing support and in a declining market to closing over $125 Million in Net New Contracts. Ryan was a 19 x Award Winner for Sales and Sales Leadership in his old life.  Now, bringing his experience and knowledge to his own company, Ryan is helping companies with sustainable growth through Whale Boss and his very successful podcast Sales and Marketing Built Freedom.Today we talk Enterprise sales, Focusing on the right decision makers and creating a very accurate Perfect Customer profile. and Marketing Built Freedom Podcast @
Starting his career in Retail, Sam has grown his business acumen and brand through his company Web Choice.Now as part owner, Web Choice helps companies customize bespoke web designs that will build confidence in your brand and create and convert leads on a regular bases.Sam's podcast, The Business Growth Show - Podcast, he interviews business leaders, experts and entrepreneurs from across the globe.  As well, Sam is highly active on LinkedIn and his content is incredibly insightful and I recommend you all connect with him!Today we talk digital marketing growth, SEO and how COVID better make you think about your next move in the digital age!📱: +44 (0) 7834 766004✉️:
On January 15th, 2009 Dave Sanderson's life was changed forever. That's when his "plane crash moment" happened, which was in fact a real plane crash.  Dave was one of the last people to exit the US Airways flight 1549, otherwise known as the "Miracle on the Hudson" and dive into the frigid waters.The interesting thing is Dave had such an amazing life before the crash as well.  As head of security for many years for Tony Robbins, Dave had access to learning from some of the most inspirational people on the planet.  He also contributes much of his success to his longtime mentor Bill, who gave him the 12 lessons that will change your life forever.  This also inspired Dave to write his third book titled "God Gives you the Lesson when You are Ready."What many people don't know is Dave still continues to be a very successful sales person and we get to talk about Sales, Supply Chain and of course we dial in on how his interpretation of the moment created a positive emotion to grow both personally and professionally.
This guy is awesome!  That's the best way to describe Mike!Director of Sales, North America, Life and Health Sciences at UL and Author of "Mike's Rules" for sales! Mike has built a sales culture that most companies dream to have.  Coming into UL, Mike worked the talent to get the best out of his team and himself, building the foundation on mentorship and team work.In this episode we talk about Onboarding, Mentorship, Team Culture and how important it is to keep a positive outlook on sales.
What can you say about Henna Pryor other than rockstar! Henna worked as a recruiting director at KForce for 14 years and absolutely crushed it. Awards, tops sales and strong relationships with her customers couldn't stop Henna from pursuing her own aspirations of building her own business as a Executive Leadership Coach.  Now as President of Pyrority Group, Henna focuses on Sales Messaging helping people create a powerful connection with their target clients.We talk Sales, messaging, emotional connection and how important email communication will be moving into the new norm!
This guy is a rockstar! Love the energy and love the focus on his customers.Matt started bussing tables and took a chance on taking a job as a rep in the food service industry at 22 years old.16 years later, Matthew is now with Sysco and reps the world of food service in the St. Louis industry.As the pandemic creates a disaster for the restaurant industry, Matthew is focused on continuous empathy to his customers, listening and guiding them to solutions that will forever change their business forever.We talk sales, being laser focused on listening to your customer and of course his 3 P's to success! - Matthew
Welcome Chris Dunn to Biz Bites with JK!Chris is amazing. Getting his start in multi-level marketing he started to consume books, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracey and Tony Robbins in his first job and realized sales was a passion of his.Accidentally he found Trade Show and Exhibits and his realization of what he wanted to do was found.After moving back to Massachusetts in 1996, Chris has been in the Trade Show business since.  Working for the last 16 years with Blue Hive, Chris is a true Sales Professional, that focuses on listening to his customers, empathy and quite frankly, just doing all the right things.We talk how to keep relationships strong, when the industry you're apart of struggles.
Sandy is building an empire!  Sandy's MRN Reality has expanded rapidly throughout Southwestern Ontario.Under the Keller Williams Brand, Sandy has now started his own Brokerage in Vaughn and has aspirations of expanding all over Ontario and beyond.Powered by MRN, Sandy has partnerships with a Real Estate Investment company as well as Executive Properties, which handles his rental division.Today we talk about Sales and Leadership in Real Estate and the challenges that Agents face in the ever competing world of Selling Homes.
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