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Author: James Cary

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This is the Faith in Kids stream that's just for kids and their families! Lots of fun with Ed, Jam, Amy and friends talking about God's love for us and kindness to us in Christ Jesus, through fun facts, sketches and songs. More information at
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When were you last exhausted? You were just so tired, you couldn’t go on. Ed has an epic aquatic story that will blow your mind, and Jam explains why he doesn’t like water. And get ready to shout “Ego Eimi!” It’ll make sense at the time. This is the Fifth Sign of the Secret King from John 6:16-20   Sketch by James Cary, performed by Nat and Rob HolmanSong: There is No Mountain High Enough from Dumbrocks QuestionsU5s What did Jesus do in this story?5-7s Why were the disciples worried?8s-11s Can you think of a situation in the next week when you might need to pray to Jesus for help to get through?Over 11s Why do you think Jesus lets us get into those really hard or scary situations?Support the show
When were you last really REALLY hungry? And there was either no food, or weird food? How long can you go without food? Longer than an emperor penguin? A bear? A crocodile? This time, Ed and Jam look at the fourth sign, and the only one in all four gospels (can you name all four?), the Feeding of the 5000 and discover that only Jesus gives us what we need. Song: A New New Day by Awesome CutlerySketch by James Cary performed by Rob and Nat Holman QuestionsU5s             What did Jesus give everyone in todays story5-7s            If you had been fed by Jesus that day, what would you have said to your parent at the end? 8-11s          Are you praying for something you need at the moment?11-14s        Are you believing Jesus gives us what you need? When do you doubt it?Support the show
Ever been stuck somewhere for 38 years? How bad can traffic be? And when Jesus does something amazing, do we miss the point? What is work? Is this too many questions? And what was life like was Jam and Ed were ten? This week, the third sign in John 5:1-16.Sketch by James Cary, performed by Rob and Nat HolmanSong: Get up by Slugs & Bugs featuring Zeke Mitchell from Sing the Bible Vol. 3Boogie along to the video QuestionsUnder 5 What amazing thing did Jesus do in this story?5-7 How do you think you would have reacted to what Jesus did if you’d been there?8-11 If you’d been there, what questions would you have had for Jesus?Over 11s Do you find it hard to live for Jesus while you have unanswered questions? Why is that? Support the show
The SECOND sign of the secret King in John's gospel: Jesus heals an official's son when he's literally miles away! And loads of fun facts about very strange-but-true Royal officials. After all, why should the King carve his own meat, or wind up a clock?Sketch written by James Cary and performed by Rob and Nat Holman.Song is May My Mind by Michael J Tinker from Mission To Dendros Mix TapeAnd why not try the Mission to Dendros comedy series, written by Jam Cary!Theme and background music via licence from Soundstripe.Support the show
Ed and Jam are back for a new series carrying on with their explorations into the Gospel of John! But what are the seven signs of the secret king? The first is the most famous miracle of all - Jesus turns water into wine.  Find out more about that massive picture by Veronese here.Sketch written by James Cary and performed by Rob and Nat Holman.Song: The Hero by Awesome CutlerySupport the show
Bonkers! Amazing! Unbelievable! Really? If you don't believe it, come and see for yourself. The final episode in the series. Whatever age your children are, find out together about the selfie toaster, the baby mop and the time Jam met his favourite TV star. And then stay to hear how Nathanael how to find out for himself if Jesus really was the real deal. Let's do the same in 2023. Reading and sketch performed by Anna Boon and Cameron Potts with James Cary.Support the show
Everyone loves a Christmas hug! Jesus came down to live among us. He could give the real hugs! Bring your whole family along, to hear about the bonkers places people have chosen to live - in a cupboard, out in space and in a plane. But none are as surprising as the Son of God choosing to live .... as a man! Bonkers!More from Liz (Anna Boon) and John (Cameron Potts)And What's that God to do with Christmas? from DumbrocksSupport the show
How do you join a family? And what’s the average family Christmas? Presents in the morning or afternoon? And did you remember to get batteries? We’re in John 1:11-13 – and do you know who John’s brother is? And the last time two brothers played football for England? More Jam on John; and Liz (Anna Boon) is interview John (Cameron Potts) again. Music from Slugs and Bugs I'm Adopted from Under Where? And get the Camel from Buckingham Palace to the Bethlehem Stable by giving to Faith in Kids.Support the show
Who doesn't love fairy lights? And how do they remind us of the Christmas story about Jesus? Jam and Ed are digging into John's Gospel - and enlist the help of Amy to talk about lighthouses. Plus Liz (Anna Boon) is in the dark when it comes to the Gospel of John (Cameron Potts).Our Light Has Come is from Dumbrocks' new Christmas Album. Support this vital ministry by buying it!Other music via licence from Soundstripe.Support the show
Ed and Jam are back with first of five Christmas podcasts! But wait! Dude, where's my donkey? No shepherds? No angels? No yonder star?That's because we're in John's Gospel and we go right back to the beginning, way further back than you thought possible!Plus Liz (Anna Boon) interviews with John (Cameron Potts).More fun facts, and a new feature called Jam on John. It's all happening!Music from Slugs and Bugs Christmas album.Support the show
How was your summer? Jam swam in the sea and knew Ed would be proud. And took another unexpected dip... How many cats are there in Rome? How many capital cities can you get around in 24 hours? But there is amazing city, with a tree and a river that brings us all hope. We read about it in Revelation 22. It's very encouraging! Along with your emails. Drops us a line.Reading from Rob and Nat Holman.Poem - What's Your Favourite Tree? - written and read by James CaryOur song is Home in Heaven by Slugs and BugsOther music licensed from Soundstripe.Support the show
When did you last need some serious encouragement? Life is hard and we need help. But we are not alone. We look at Acts 9 and why Ananias was terrified. Some more Armadillo Quadruplet names. And don't forget that you've always got to look out for the digestive juices.Music from Dumbrocks: There is No Mountain High Enough.Sketch performed by Rob and Nat Holman.Support the show
A story about whale vomit that doesn't involve Jonah? And listen in for the brain exploding story of two brothers; Reg & Richard. If it wasn't one of Jam's fun facts we would refuse to believe it could be true. But that's not even the most incredible story in the episode! That's because this is the one where Jesus tells us the story about two other brothers. Both got lost, in very different ways.Listen in because all of us, need to know the joy of coming home to our heavenly father, because with Jesus.... I am lost and forgiven.Sketch written and performed by James Cary and Ed Drew.Dr Jesus from Awesome CutleryOther music licence from SoundStripeSupport the show
What do you love doing with your body? Climbing trees, jumping on a trampoline or sleeping for hours?Jam loves running down hills and Ed loves swimming in cold rivers. How do adults manage to lose 100 bones? And why can't new born babies cry when they're experts at screaming?Have an adventure with your body. Because God has given you just the right one to enjoy!This episode includes teaching on body image, gender and gender identity.Support the show
Summer #3 I am Hurting

Summer #3 I am Hurting


Life hurts. There is pain and sadness. And even Jesus wept - even though he was about to something amazing, wonderful and make it all better. Why? Find out as Ed and Jam talk about this (in John 11:32-37) along with woodpeckers and armadillos!God is Bigger is from Awesome Cutlery. Get the track, and read the lyrics here.Support the show
Which are you into? Cats? Dogs? Or Goldfish? Or Cows? Fun facts about man's best friend, and what it means to love and be loved.  The Bible says it's not good to be alone (Genesis 2:18-25). But what does that mean? And how did Adam react to the arrival of Eve in the Garden of Eden? HEALTH WARNING: The Faith in Kids Podcast does not accept responsibility for scratches from cats.Music from Slugs and Bugs. Love One Another. More info HERE. Thanks Randall!Sketch performed by Anna Nicholson and Iain Ridley.Other music via licence from Soundstripe.Support the show
Ed and Jam are back ALREADY with a new summer series of seven sizzling podcasts! What was the last thing you made that you were really proud of? And some fun facts about beavers and termites doing things VISIBLE FROM SPACE. And, more importantly, we get stuck into Genesis 1:26-31. Enjoy!Support the show
What's the big puzzle about the monkey puzzle tree? What have you grown? And how do we change? All this and more in the final episode in this mini-series on Peter's tricky letter, made less tricky. We're looking at 2 Peter 3:17-18 with a sketch, a song and the usual amount of nonsense you'd expect from the Faith in Kids podcast!Support the show
Ed and Jam are back with 2 Peter 2:9, answering questions like: which is the least stressed country? And when did you last take care of something? And will Ed ever have a family holiday that goes right? Ed's Got Questions, as usual. A sketch and live music from Awesome Cutlery.Support the show
Ed and Jam are back with more from Peter's tricky letter. 2 Peter 1:16-17, in fact. More fun facts about giant squid and duck-billed platypusses? Platypi? And Peter's mind is blown the transfigured, along with Ed's Got Questions. And live music from Awesome Cutlery.Support the showThese podcasts are only possible because of the faithful generosity of our supporters and listeners. Faith in Kids exists because people like you give generously. If you've enjoyed listening, you share our passion for the Gospel to be shared with children and for them to be raised in faith. Will you support us financially? For the cost of a cup of coffee per month, you could enable Faith in Kids to reach more parents, churches, and ultimately, children for Christ. Click here.  ( and select 'donate' or go to Stewardship)Faith in Kids supports churches and parents so that children can engage with Jesus Christ and respond to him, having their hearts and minds captured by Christ’s words. We aim to resource, equip and support those who oversee the children’s ministry in their local church and encourage and equip parents to open the Bible and speak about faith in Christ with their children at home.Support the show
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