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In this episodeWendy Liebmann talks with Chris Skyers, Vice President of Own Brands for the Wakefern Food Corporation (which includes ShopRite), about the social imperative and commercial opportunity to support under-served communities.They discuss:The importance of access to affordable and healthier options; it’s not just about lower pricesHow important it is to see the whole shopper and their life and not assume lower-income households only look to buy the cheapest product; that premium brands and products need to be part of the offerThe commercial opportunity – the size of the prize – serving these communities is significant.Being a store of the community with services and products the community needs is the real opportunityIn the end, serving lower-income communities is not just about putting cheaper products on the shelf. It's about access and choice and inspiration.
In this episode WSL’s Wendy Liebmann and Candace Corlett discuss that, in spite of all the attention given to ecommerce during the pandemic, the physical store matters. But not the same way it used to.They discuss:Why the store still matters to shoppersWhat shoppers expect from stores today [hint: efficiency and happiness]How, in a world of so many choices, people have created a new shopping journey for themselves, often and alwaysHow old retail terms now have very new meaningsThat saving is about time as much as money, andWhy ecommerce is a solution, but not the only solution
In this episode  Wendy Liebmann talks with Andrea Leigh, former Amazon executive, and founder of The Allume Group, an ecommerce education community, about the future of commerce.They discuss:How lifestage and lifestyle needs coupled with new technologies mean that shopping is now a passive -- rather than an active -- activity.That “always shopping” has impacted loyalty to retailers and brandsHow digital shopping can create opportunity to shop in physical storesThe emerging challenges for Amazon, and how specialty-oriented retailers are winningThe impact of omni-commerce and the critical need for seamless shoppingThe “revenge of the stores” as shoppers, especially older ones, move back to physical retail, andThe critical distinction between saving time and faster shopping, and the investment implications for the future
In this episode, Wendy Liebmann talks with Bryan Gildenberg, senior vice president of Commerce for the Omnicom Commerce Group about how to create a vision of the future when we are still living in a world of wet cement.They discuss:Major pandemic shifts that will impact grocery retail, including InstacartHow the physical store will be the replenishment arm of e-commerce and that an endless aisle is “silly”The role of partnerships and experiential retailHow the reselling environment will be even more complex in three to five years, and the resulting implications for supply chainGaming, Snapchat and the metaverse, and That there’s never been more opportunity than now to address behavioral changes 
In this episode, Wendy Liebmann talks with Paco Underhill, founder of Envirosell, author of Why We Buy, What Women Want, and his newly published How We Eat, about the changing world of food and drink, and the impact on grocery retail in this US. They discuss:The social, political, economic, and technological developments impacting food consumption and food retailThat increasingly knowledgeable and digitally engaged shoppers are on a mission to become happier and healthier, and are now demanding accountability from brands and retailersThat cutting edge grocery retail left the US 40 years ago, and that innovation is coming from Brazil, Mexico, China, and other areas around the worldHow technology is enabling retail to get smaller, more local, more diverseHow Aldi, Lidl and Trader Joe’s have built extraordinary levels of shopper trust with their curated, easy to shop conceptsThe digital home and digital kitchen, and how they are transforming the way we buy and the future impact of the hybrid world between the physical and digital shopping 
In this episode Wendy Liebmann talks to Lauren Brindley, Group Vice President and General Merchandise Manager for Beauty and Personal Care, Walgreens, about whether the future of the beauty category is now truly connected to health and wellness. They discuss:How US shoppers have come to understand the natural link between beauty, health, and wellbeing and the opportunities for healthcare companies and retailers to support shoppers on this new journeyHow Walgreens is connecting the pharmacy to the skin care aisle with training, merchandising, and education The need – and opportunity – to create more personalized, inclusive offers to ensure healthy beauty (and the entire store) is more inclusive Where national and exclusive brands fit into the new retail beauty modelAnd how the online-offline offer to shoppers will enable their more personalized connection and drive loyalty
WSL’s Wendy Liebmann, CEO, and Candace Corlett,  President, challenge the notion that companies cannot anticipate the future in these times.  The shopper and retail trends WSL identified and has been tracking for 4 – 5 years are now clearly redefining the retail landscape.They discuss:How powerful shopper movements and new shopper values are transforming retailHow new retail opportunities, from live streaming to spontaneous shopping, are adding more complexity to everything from trip management, category management to shopper marketing, and supply chainThe level of retail innovation WSL tracks around the world, and how it is inspiring and challenging companies to move fast to the futureHow, by asking shoppers and retailers the right questions, WSL’s research gets to the essence of what’s coming nextVisit our website for additional links!
In this episode, Wendy Liebmann talks with Tim Girvin, founder and chief creative officer of Girvin Inc., about how companies need to tell their stories in this age when shoppers are more focused on their health and wellbeing than on accumulating things.They discuss:The importance of truth in storytelling when shoppers have access to so much informationHow to integrate the story through everything – packaging, store, website – so the relationship to the brand is unforgettableHow to “walk around the backside” of a brand – product or retail – to prove the story from a shopper’s perspectiveThe importance of building a human connection across all touchpointsWhat it takes to train internal teams to tell better  storiesGet the transcript and other sources on our website.
Wendy Liebmann talks with Anne Fink, president of global foodservice at PepsiCo about how she, her team, and her foodservice community responded when the industry shut down overnight -- and how together they have reinvented their business model for these changing times.They discuss: The importance of taking care of all constituents – employees, customers, consumers, and communitiesStaying true to your corporate purpose How to build community engagement during times of great upheaval, and in so doing build longer-term brand trustThe importance of continuous innovation and how it enables companies to respond quickly in disruptive timesTrends that will drive retail growth, from “home as hub”, to making shoppers’ lives easier, to delivering heightened, meaningful experiences in stores
In this episode Wendy Liebmann talks with Joclyn Konrad, Executive Vice President and Chief Pharmacy Officer, Rite Aid, about the company’s new RxEvolution retail concept and the future of retail healthcare delivery. They discuss:How the new concept focuses on younger shoppers and their extended family (including pets), providing whole health solutions – from pharmacy to front store, and from traditional to alternative remediesHow the pandemic enabled Rite Aid to connect with a younger generation of shoppers who would not necessarily see a traditional drug store as a destinationStore design, and how critical light and greenery has been to deliver a healthy, “thriving” experience The front store merchandise mix – and the integration of healthier options throughout And how digital – from telehealth to efficient shopping options -- fits within the overall concept 
Wendy Liebmann talks with Peter V.S. Bond, VP of CPG Strategy and Development for Fetch Rewards, about whether it is possible to build shopper loyalty today, and how important it is to understand where shoppers are on their loyalty journey.They discuss:The critical components retailers and brands need to build loyaltyHow to connect actions to loyalty; recognizing that not all shoppers are driven by discountsWays to accumulate 1P data even if you are not a DTC brandHow a frictionless and meaningful relationship is just one part of building loyalty
In this episode, Wendy Liebmann and Candace Corlett walk – and talk – you through a virtual Retail Safari®. They share their latest observations of what’s working and not at retail – from department stores, drug stores, mass merchants, specialty beauty and more...They discuss:How department stores are winning and losing (yes, some are winning)How retail partnerships -- the Power of Two – are creating reasons for digital-first shoppers to come back into the physical storeHow creating a “human store” is key to creating a successful customer experienceHow the idea of a Store of the Future only works if it can be delivered in more than one store
Wendy Liebmann talks with Martin Waters, CEO of Victoria’s Secret, about the transformation of the iconic Victoria’s Secret brand, with lessons for retailers and brands about how to stay relevant, always, and how to boldly move ahead when evolution is not an option.  They discuss:How to ensure a company is sensitive to cultural shifts that ensure a brand’s continued relevance to shoppersHow to tell the new story fast and boldly (no small steps allowed)Becoming a digital-first company, personalizing relationships with shoppers, and how and when to integrate technology into physical storesBuilding a corporate culture of openness; the importance of listening to retail associates and internal executives Visit our website and take a virtual tour of the store with our Retail Safari®.
In this episode:Wendy Liebmann and Candace Corlett preview WSL’s latest How America Shops® research, The New Shopper Truths. The study reveals the now entrenched shopper values that define how companies need to position themselves and communicate to shoppers in the coming years.They discuss:That “fairness” is now the underpinning of what shoppers expect from companiesHow shoppers question the way companies deliver sustainability (not well), and how they have turned an important value into merely a buzzwordThat shoppers are frustrated -- they cannot do it all alone, and they expect companies they buy from to share the burden, to show up, to make a difference, andHow Generation Z is very different from Millennials in attitudes and expectations around these new truths and values
In this episode Wendy Liebmann talks with Ping Hao and Burke White, founders of Brand3P, and developers of the marketplace about the current opportunities -- and challenges -- for brands and retailers as e-commerce marketplaces fast become a primary distribution channel.They discuss:Why marketplaces are growing (Hint: because shoppers are there), and when to consider them as part of your overall distribution strategyWhy listing a product is only the beginningUsing brand and shopper marketing to create an immersive brand environment just as in any physical retail spaceHow to avoid the “butterfly effect”When to participate on a marketplace, and when it may not be right for youWhat a comprehensive marketplace strategy looks like
In this episode, Wendy Liebmann and Jo Horgan, Founder & Co-CEO of Mecca Brands, discuss how retail innovation must be a discipline embedded into the culture of organizations to stay relevant to what shoppers want in a fast-changing world.   They discuss:Putting shoppers at the center of a company’s innovation cultureHow retail innovation is not something that companies can stop and start; it must be a continuous processHow to build the innovation discipline throughout the companyBuilding a process of innovation that goes beyond product and store design to include all aspects of business -- from backroom efficiency, to supply chain, and team educationThe tools to evaluate innovation continuously in order to refine, adapt and continue to iterate Visit our website and take a virtual tour of the store with our Retail Safari®.
In this episode, Wendy Liebmann and Candace Corlett provide a preview of What’s Up in WSL’s latest How America Shops® research.You’ll learn Why retailers’ efforts to differentiate are not working.How spontaneous shopping is impacting traffic, both in-store and online. What categories are most susceptible – and most opportune -- to the spontaneous trip.What to do about it. 
In this episode:Wendy Liebmann discusses how retailers have the opportunity to reintroduce themselves to shoppers as they move out of their COVID-cocoons with Steve Sadove, retired Chairman & CEO of Saks Incorporated, and current board member of Colgate-Palmolive and advisor to Mastercard and private equity.They discuss:The new foundation for retail How to build relationships with shoppers in a mobile-first worldHow shopper data and analytics and perfect information will separate retail winners and losersThe future of marketplaces, commercializing live-streaming, Tik Tok, and new payment methods that open up shoppers’ walletsThe need to create a seamless total experience for shoppersSupply chain challenges and opportunities
In this episode, Wendy Liebmann discusses the expertise, mindset, and agility retail leaders will need in the future with Professor Stephan Kanlian, Chairperson of FIT’s Master’s Program in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management, and Morgan Hagney, AVP, Maybelline New York. They discuss:Critical capabilities required in the new phygital retail environmentThe urgency to build consumer- and shopper-centric organizationsHow to deal with a fluid and fast accelerating channel strategy The need for a broader global perspective as context for changeThe social role brands must play today The future of supply chain and emerging agile technologies 
Wendy Liebmann and Paco Underhill, founder of Envirosell, the behavioral research company, discuss how retail must respond faster to social change if it is to keep up with shoppers.  Wendy and Paco discuss:What shoppers expect now from retailers and brandsWhat made a good store a decade ago does not work todayHow supply chain innovation opens the doors for curation, personalization, and localization Why internet shopping needs to “be beaten up”How effective leadership is about being on the “selling floor”Examples of best – and worst -- retail experiences
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