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Our podcast focuses on how shoppers are transforming retail and what you need to do about it. Retail strategist and shopping futurist Wendy Liebmann shares her passionate, unvarnished shopper-centric view of where retail is headed. She interviews experts in retail, marketing, insights, design, education, and more. She and the WSL team regularly share excerpts from WSL’s latest proprietary shopper research about what’s coming next. The Future Shop Podcast is a no-holes barred view of what shoppers want, what you need to deliver, who’s getting it right, and who’s getting it wrong. And why. In this fast and furious view, you will begin to understand how to anticipate the future that’s emerging right under your nose. WSL Strategic Retail is a leader in shopper insights and retail strategy. It helps clients around the world anticipate change in order to grow in the near and longer-term. It is recognized for its ground-breaking How America Shops® and How the World Shops research. Visit us at:
11 Episodes
In this episode, Wendy Liebmann interviews Andy Murray, CEO of BigQUEST, and Founder and Chair, Customer Centric Leadership Initiative at the University of Arkansas’ Walton College of Business, and formerly head of customer experience at Walmart and ASDA UK.Wendy and Andy discuss:Why being a shopper-centric organization is more important than ever.The role of the physical store in an omni-channel world.How to deliver “new” when people no longer shop the aisles.How to build shopper-centric organizations to drive the Future of Retail.
In this episode, Wendy Liebmann interviews Greg Farrar, CEO of ECRM, a leading trade organization and provider of business-to-business solutions for retail food service operators, health system buyers, and for the suppliers of consumer packaged goods for general merchandise, food service products, medical supplies, and pharmaceuticals.You’ll learn:How the pandemic changed the relationship between brands and retailersHow ECRM flipped its business model in a moment as it was no longer tethered to time and spaceHow the organization has opened up the global business world to buyers and sellers just as the physical world was closing down, andWhat all organizations, big and small, can learn from this as they build the future of retail
In the final episode of this 3-part discussion, WSL Strategic Retail’s Wendy Liebmann and Candace Corlett, reflect on how shoppers are moving on having survived the chaos, and how companies must reset fast to accommodate them.  The implications for retail, brands and service companies are now crystal clear:  Retail must restructure (finally) to accommodate new technologies shoppers have quickly adopted. Brands must connect in new ways emotionally.  And a new level of service expectations emerges. 
In this episode, Wendy Liebmann and Candace Corlett, WSL Strategic Retail’s managing partners, continue the previous discussion and talk bluntly about the fact that there is no going back.  That longing for the past days of retail – pre-pandemic – is irrelevant and dangerous.  They discuss how retail has not been “a happy place” for shoppers for a long time, that the pandemic merely exacerbated the situation.  They discuss how to connect emotionally with shoppers in a digital world, where brands fit, the movement to smaller stores, and how shoppers are dealing with the recession. 
Wendy Liebmann and Candace Corlett, WSL Strategic Retail’s managing partners, discuss key shopper insights from the first six months of the pandemic, surprises and new realities, and how retailers and brands must now move forward. In this first segment of a three-part discussion, they answer the burning question: Will shoppers ever go back to the store?
In this episode, Wendy Liebmann interviews Dr. Gayatri Devi, a nationally recognized neurologist, attending physician at Lenox Hill Hospital/Northwell Health, director of New York Memory and Healthy Aging Services, and author of “A Calm Brain: How to Relax Into a Stress-free, High-powered Life”.  You’ll learn:How the current pandemic has changed not only relationships with families and work but also retail experiences.What shoppers are missing and now long for.The importance of creating emotional engagement at retail now.The new vernacular to rebuild trust with shoppers. The power of retail in a world where everyday personal connections are now limited.
In this episode, Wendy Liebmann interviews Matthew Parry, Senior Director II of Customer Experience at Walmart Health & Wellness, about how the largest retailer in the world is disrupting everyday health care.  You’ll learn:Walmart’s strategy to build personal health care solutions – from clinics to the whole storeNew customer purchasing behaviors inside and outside the storeHow Covid-19 has forced Walmart to leapfrog 5 years into the futureAnd lots more
In this episode, Wendy Liebmann interviews Craig Dubitsky, the “happy” founder of Hello Products, about how to create brands and retail that shoppers want in these volatile times.  They discuss reinventing established categories, how big companies can move fast, how unleashing internal creativity can transform business culture and how, as e-commerce has grown, retail has become all about “how I got it” rather than the magic of “what I got” – and that’s no longer good enough.  These two iconoclasts agree that it is essential in these times to humanize brands and retail whether you’re a small entrepreneurial company or a global giant.
In this episode, Helena Foulkes, former CEO of Hudson’s Bay Co (Saks Fifth Avenue), president of CVS Health and current Home Depot board member, talks frankly to Wendy Liebmann about the future of retail, winners and losers, silver linings and how to lead in a crisis.
In this episode, Wendy Liebmann, WSL’s CEO & Chief Shopper, interviews Elizabeth Gretkowski, senior consultant at WSL, about The Big Business of WELL.  They discuss how shoppers are responding in this time of heightened anxiety, their underlying mindset, share insights from WSL’s How America Shops® research, and define the long-term implications for retailers and manufacturers.  They tell you how to reframe your thinking and your business culture.
In this episode, Wendy Liebmann, CEO & Chief Shopper, interviews Candace Corlett, president of WSL, about how companies have been pre-occupied with Amazon. They talk about how the shopper, not Amazon, has been disrupting the retail world. And that Amazon is merely the enabler of what shoppers want. They share highlights from WSL’s latest How America Shops® research and tell you how to reframe your thinking.
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