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Author: Juliette Lee

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The Awakened Leader is a monthly podcast that helps you put ancient wisdom, depth psychology and scientific principles into day-to-day practice in order to become the best leader you can be. Its purpose is to explore the field of personal alchemy and inner transformation in order to develop soulful leadership and business as a force for good. Each episode features insights from Juliette and interviews with outstanding thought leaders doing great work in the world. Topics include: leading beyond ego, intuition, embodied power, willpower, meditation, dreams, shadow, transpersonal psychology, spiritual awakening and creativity.  For more insight on how to develop awakened leaders, go to
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We don't always show up the way we want to especially when feeling under pressure. Do you find yourself changing depending on the situation or people you are with? This episode is about the power of being in your own skin. We are not heads on sticks. If we are not present, we are not in our most resourceful state. Embodying more of our true self builds greater capacity for presence, confidence, aliveness and connection. We can realise more of our true potential. To live fully and wisely, we need to move beyond cognition and understand that the root of all influence lies in our inner being. Subscribe at to receive monthly inspirational episodes.
Many are feeling the physical as well as mental effects of being cooped up during another lockdown. Karen Kirkness, a leading light in ashtanga yoga, joins me to discuss the many benefits of yoga and why it is so powerful in developing a strong body, healthy mindset and greater self-awareness. Subscribe at to receive monthly inspirational episodes.
Leigh Brasington, renowned insight (vipassana) meditation teacher, joins me to discuss the many benefits of meditation and why it is a vital practice for business leaders to learn, especially now, in order to develop a calm mind, find new ways of thinking and make better decisions. Leigh is one of the few practitioners in the world who teaches jhana practice, the deeper states of meditation - joyous and powerful states of consciousness that lead to unshakable peace. Subscribe at for monthly inspirational episodes.
Dr Fariba Bogzaran, pioneer in the field of dream studies, joins me to discuss lucid dreaming. Dreams where you know you are dreaming and can consciously direct the dream. But what's the significance of lucid dreaming and how can it benefit you and your life? We discuss how to learn the art of lucid dreaming and why it is a powerful spiritual practice in living a more awakened life and becoming a better human being. Subscribe at for monthly inspirational episodes.
In this episode, I'm joined by Jasbinder Garbermann, Irelands leading Jungian Jungian psychologist and Chairwoman of the Jung Centre based in Dublin for over twenty years. We discuss why Carl Jung believed dreams were so important to our well-being and growth; different types of dreams and how to work with them; how to recognise and work with shadow in dreams; why western society largely ignore dreams and the consequences to our planet and society. Subscribe at for monthly inspirational episodes.
An introduction to the amazing world of our dreams and how the hidden messages in your dreams can transform your life and evolve consciousness. Dreams are a direct path to your own inner wisdom. Yet, I believe that many people, particularly in Western society, do not value their dreams enough and miss out on the incredible guidance, personal growth and creativity offered in our dreams. Subscribe at for monthly inspirational episodes.
Anxiety and stress are all normal responses to this level of uncertainty. None of us are invincible. But when you're the boss, all eyes are on you to steer a wise and creative course, to encourage others and put their hearts at ease. The I Ching or book of changes is one of the world's oldest works of literature. Hexagram 8 is about union - holding together. It says to become a centre of influence requires binding people together. So how do you become a centre of unity? Subscribe at for monthly episodes.
What do you do when you find yourself between a rock and a hard place? Impossible choices drive us over the edges of carefully laid plans and predictable lives into the creative fire of invention. In this crucible of contradiction, opposing forces meld to form something new. Subscribe at to receive monthly episodes.
Episode 3: Willpower

Episode 3: Willpower


Psychologists describe the willpower as the ability to resist short-term temptations in order to meet long-term goals. However, transpersonal psychology makes a distinction between the will, a meta-force which springs from our core Self and willpower which can be subject to destructive forces in the psyche. So how do we distinguish between healthy use of the will and willpower? How do we become the best we can be in a balanced way? Subscribe at to receive monthly inspirational episodes.
As business leaders it can be difficult to make the right choices. How do you find wise answers when the decisions you face are complex and can feel overwhelming? In this podcast, I share a practical approach to developing intuition, your inner compass; a way of building a stronger connection to a wise and reliable inner voice at the eye of the storm. Human beings are hard wired to receive insight and guidance from a universal intelligence or higher power yet often over-ride it, or are so full of noisy chatter that they can't tune into it. This podcast discusses how to tap into this unwavering source of guidance to solve every day personal and business problems. Subscribe at to receive monthly inspirational episodes.
Leadership is in crisis globally with huge issues to solve: climate change, corporate corruption and political posturing. Edelman Trust Barometer found that 76% believe CEO’s should lead change rather than waiting for government to impose it. How do business leaders and entrepreneurs become the engines of social change? Transformative leadership comes from a high level of self-awareness and a centre of consciousness rooted in soul rather than ego. In this episode, I share a practical yet challenging approach to developing awakened leaders. Subscribe at to receive monthly inspirational episodes.
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