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Author: Dave Neill & James Botting

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The Forward Thinking Podcast is hosted by Dave Neill & James Botting, Personal Development Enthusiasts from the UK. Together they pass on all they have learned from their own studies, entrepreneurs and coaches from around the globe. Mindset, focus, dreams, success, mental health, fitness and confidence are just some of topics covered and with the help of their guests, they hope to help you achieve in all areas of life.
33 Episodes
In this episode Dave & James speak about their experiences of carry around their past problems "old baggage"and highlighting just how heavy it can be. The key teachings in this episode is learning to drop your old baggage and leave it behind. Take the lessons with you but leave behind the emotion attached to it. It's far too heavy and will not serve you in the future. How much more lighter would you feel if you could release all your old baggage?
In this episode Dave talks with Lexi Luxe, a professional cover girl, playboy model, social media influencer, clip producer and photographer. We try and uncover the reasons behind the stigma that the glamour world faces and how people can start "forward thinking' to change their mindset towards it in order to stop people feeling alienated or trolled. Life is too short to judge others for what they do for a living. The glamour world isn't going anywhere and it is part of your every day life. Remember in the film "The Devil Wears Prada" Miranda owns the lead by explaining exactly how that blue sweater was chosen by the very people in that room..... Yeah the glamour industry is telling what to wear, buy and idolise, you just don't even realise.One of my favourite episodes so far by far.....
In this episode Dave talks about how people handle pressure differently. Whether it be fight or flight, or burning up under the pressure, Dave helps you work out the best ways to deal with it. Most problems are not as bad as they seem, they just feel this way. Life is full of pressure and stressful situations, your success lays in how you manage you emotions and the problems at hand....Can You Handle The Heat?
In this episode Dave talks about how the year 2020 doesn't have to be the end of your world. This year will be looked back on as a turning point in human history. Do you want to be on the winning side or losing side?Now is the time to createNow is the time to buildNow is the time to take action
Self Love #22

Self Love #22


This episode talks about the importance of taking some time out for you. Self love is critical to personal development and will help you feel achieved, whilst also stopping blow out.Give this episode a listen and give some time to you.... P.S. you do have the time.....
How To Get Results #21

How To Get Results #21


In this episode I speak on how to get the results you want from the letter you wrote yourself in the previous episode.Its a must listen to for any one looking to take action on achieving what you really want from life. A simple, yet difficult process, can lead to amazing results. Ten years isn't a long time, but a lot can happen. Listen to this podcast and take action on your dreams.
In this episode I cover once again the positive effects of forward thinking. The powerful effects being in control of your feelings and mindset can have and why it's so important to continuously seek to improve every day. Little daily steps are the best way to make progress. Start Forward Thinking TODAY !!!!!!
Write Your Letter #19

Write Your Letter #19


In this short episode I talk about how one simple exercise can have such a powerful effect on your life. Proven to work if used properly, I explain how to write yourself a letter from the future, in order to predict its outcome.
Season 2 gets off to a great start with this episode ft Karlie Somerville. A mum, business woman and community leader, is there anything this young lady can't do? Karlie has thrived during this pandemic and it has come off the back of help not one or two, but over 5000 business.Risking her own health to keep this country going, Karlie is a true inspiration to all who know her and those who don't.Karlie Details:Corona Virus Business Support Group: Blitz: Growth Network:
Haters Gonna Hate #17

Haters Gonna Hate #17


Haters Gonna Hate, You know they are there, we all have them and they come in all shapes and forms. Don't let them get to you!!!! In this episode Dave talks about how we should love haters and what to do when we get them. Another great episode and worth a listen to.
In this episode Dave talks about the importance of communicating with yourself. Why self doubt and down talking yourself can be so damaging. The negative effects that this can have on you and your life but also the positive effect that talking good about yourself can have on your life. This episode is for any one who has a bad habit of talking bad about themselves and has a lot of self doubt.New instagram @forwardthinkingpodcast give me a follow
In this episode Dave speaks with life, business & mindset coach Lorraine Stamp. From the corporate world to coaching, Lorraine made the transition via over coming her own demons, to become one of the best coaches in her industry.Lorraine teaches through three principles and helps people achieve their freedom by giving them choices they didn't know they had, whilst also teaching them to love every thing about themselves.What a great episode.Lorraines Links:
In this episode Dave has a chat with Sally Brady a Confidence and Mindset coach. Sally spent her early career in the corporate world and is now a coach helping people overcome problems she has faced herself.Her story on how she made the switch is a fascinating one and worth the listen.Another great episode in this series.Sally's Links:
In this episode Dave speaks with Fear Strategist Keith Blakemore Noble about how he helps people over come their fears. Keith uses a range of different skills including Hypnosis and NLP to help his clients and shares his journey and success in the industry during these times.Keiths Links:https://KeithBlakemoreNoble.com
In this Episode, Dave talks with James Perryman of Momentus & My People Club about the importance of good communication and how his companies are leading the way in helping business to communicate better.There has never been a more important time as a business or career professional to really make sure your communication is on point. James with all his experience and passion explains how he can solve this problem for you.James Perrymans Links:
In this Episode Dave speaks with Jez Tinkler of I AM TRUTH CBD about how his brand is helping people cope with not just physical but also mental health problems using his product. Jez has been at the forefront for some time now and offers great advice and support for his customers and today, he does the same for all of you.Discount Code: FORWARD10Enjoy because its a great interview.
In this episode Dave talks with Emma from In House Health, a nurse turned business woman, who helps companies look after their staff's physical and mental health whilst at work. They discuss everything from the importance of mental health as well as physical health during this time and Emma really comes into her own when she gives out her tips and advice on how to manage these tough times.Emma's links
In this Episode, Dave speaks with Dave Heffernan about the importance of taking care of your mental health in these troubling times. Dave Heffernan or "The Heff" as he is also known, is a mental health professional who has helped people with their problems for most of his life. His personal story is one that never ceases to amaze people and his advice in this episode is second to non.Dave Heffernans links:
Part 2 of my Mental Health & Fitness During The Pandemic features Robert Leat of @rleat_fitness. Rob is a fitness professional of 6 years and just like me, wants to provide help to all he can during this time.Robs advice is second to none in this podcast, so give it a listen and if you would like to work with Rob, here is where you can find him.
In this episode, Dave is joined by @james.botting of 3 Peaks Coaching to talk about the effects of mental health during the lockdown and why fitness can play such a big part in helping every one through this.
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