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The Agency Huddle podcast, we talk to leaders in the web and design freelancing industry to gain valuable insights on growing and scaling your business.
5 Episodes
In this episode, I talk with Grant O'Neill about how and why to offer website care plans to your clients.Topics include:Real world examples of automations used on a real-live agency.How to optimize, which is the biggest bottleneck and time-waste for businesses.Using smart inboxes to sort and organize emails. Automate the creation of a new project to reduce boilerplate work.What types of things to automate and what still needs a personal touch.How to never miss a domain renewal againWorking from home with kidsHow to get buy-in from employees when using automation.LinksGo CreativeGo Creative on FacebookWHMCSLastPassSupport the show ( the show (
In this episode, I talk with Kristina Romero about how and why to offer website care plans to your clients.Topics include:What is a care plan, and why is a care plan a good idea for your business and for your client?How to properly explain what a care plan is to a client.How do you scale care plans, especially if you're a small agency or freelancer.How to stop trading time for money in a care plan.Helping clients follow processes.Onboarding an existing site into a care plan.Is hosting required?LinksKristina RomeroWP Care MarketWP Care Market Facebook CommunitySupport the show (
In this episode, I talk with with Shane Rielly about his journey from a freelancer to an agency owner.Topics include:Industry saturation - will there be too many web designers?The rise of no-code tools.How working with clients changes when you’ve become an agency.Sharing the client communication inbox.How to eliminate risk when writing a proposal.What is a client score card?Why having a maintenance plans helps you land better clients.Finding a partner to help balance your strengths and weaknesses.LinksLonely VikingCreative Pros CommunityContent SnareAgency HighwaySupport the show (
In this episode, Andre talks with Kyle Van Deusen about building his agency from a unique business background.Topics include:The benefits working for a small business before going off on your own.Why using written communication keeps you productive.Why you shouldn't answer your phone when a client calls.Tactics for protecting your schedule.Helping clients figure out their budget.Turning scope-creep into long-term contracts.Breaking down the project into specific phases keeps budget and scope clear.Build your agency based on what you want to do each day.The future of web designers in the age of "No Code" tools.Don't make your clients understand technical jargon.Links: The Admin BarOgal Web DesignProjectHuddle Project Kickoff WorkflowSupport the show (
In this episode, Andre talks with Evan Shoemaker about using a subscription pricing model for their agency, his communication strategy and solutions to common pitfalls. Topics include:How he went from customizing themes for $500, to building large custom sites for companies like Gosite, Optimize, CrazyEgg, Drift, Student Loan Hero and more.Making the decision to be a world-class developer vs being a business owner.Turning a passion for product design into a business identity.How using a subscription model for your agency can be beneficial for both you and your client.How using a subscription model can replace "maintenance plans" with a better ongoing relationship and get better results for clients.How using a 2-week sprint model helps define a continual, flexible scope, and makes last-minute requests easier to discuss.Benefits of a project manager also being an account manager in an agency.How to communicating boundaries upfront has been super helpful to prevent unreasonable requests.How tracking project profitability has been one of the most helpful metrics when building an agency.Links:Webuild IdeasEvan ShoemakerSupport the show (
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