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Addicted to M.R.R.

Author: Travis Ketchum

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A dive into subscription-based businesses who live and breathe M.R.R. (monthly recurring revenue) to talk about what fuels growth, reduces churn and improves lifetime value. We also touch on the mental health side of running a business with high-performance demands including stress, overwhelm, anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. I ask each guest what they've experienced and what they do to deal with these issues along the way. Brought to you by
11 Episodes
The 1-2 punch of Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier run a popular business podcast called "Hustle & Flowchart" that they've been building for years.At first, they monetized this audience with a premium physical newsletter that was filled with their best, bespoke content and costs $97 per month. But, they quickly found that while it had a passionate customer base, they were putting the bulk of their time into a newsletter that just wasn't able to get past its growth celiing.So they shut it down and turned off a huge percentage of their revenue all at once. Now, they've been able to reinvent their paid newsletter offering into a low-ticket recurring model that they can systemically produce with very little effort and brings in enough money to make their daily lives much more comfortable and reliable.Be sure to check out "Hustle & Flowchart" here.Plus, as a bonus here are the two episodes were I was a guest on their show:"Building a list with contests and giveaways - live from Traffic & Conversion 2018""How to get more of your marketing messages in the inbox"Brought to you by Campaign Refinery.
Casey Zeman has been a scrappy and creative entrepreneur for many years now. Starting with an acting career in Hollywood, then realizing he needed more money as quickly as possible to take care of his family - he turned to online marketing.He quickly realized there a greater chance of success in online marketing than acting alone and found that live training through webinars was insanely effective.Just like many other software platforms that exist, EasyWebinar was born out of frustration with what was available on the market so he started building what he wanted to use himself.Launching the first version as a WordPress plugin allowed him to keep costs down, and over time he was able to build up a profitable software and training business that was rebuilt as a Software as a Service (SaaS).EasyWebinar is now doing over $97k in monthly recurring revenue, and Casey has a team of talented people helping thousands of customers achieve success.Check out what EasyWebinar has to offer here: https://easywebinar.comBrought to you by Campaign Refinery.
In a world of many separate tools, Kajabi decided to take a decidedly holistic approach to their marketing stack and people seem to agree with the approach.After launching as a membership management only platform, Kajabi pivoted away from a splintered approach and started offering everything: membership, websites/landing pages, email functionality and more.They no longer put resources towards a vibrant ecosystem, and this newfound internal focus has allowed them to scale Kajabi to $2m monthly recurring revenue and beyond.Follow 'JCron' on Twitter: out what Kajabi has to offer here: https://kajabi.comBrought to you by Campaign Refinery.
Mark Thompson, known for years for his ability to create massive launches of lifetime priced software launches pivoted to a premium monthly recurring shopping cart.His team has quickly grown it to $1m ARR in a short period of time. This is more impressive than you'd originally think, given that most of his existing audience were mid-ticket lifetime price, software buyers.Mark shares his story about how they got started with PayKicstart and key levers they've used to grow the business to 7-figures and beyond.Check out Mark's software, PayKickstart: https://paykickstart.comBrought to you by Campaign Refinery.P.S. Campaign Refinery natively integrates with PayKickstart! :-)
Traditionally a thoroughbred digital marketer and marketing automation agency, Damien went out and acquired a coffee box service from a failing company.Great products don't make for great success. Only great products AND great marketing.Damien shares his story about acquiring the company, sourcing the product and building up the business over time with different pricing models.Check out Damien's coffee company here: to you by Campaign Refinery.
Nothing kills your conversions quicker than a slow-loading landing page (except, perhaps a snap from Thanos himself). In this episode we interview Andy Fletcher from Convertri, a completely free-form landing page editor that has blistering fast load times.Andy talks through the process in which he and his team used the typical "Internet Marketing" space to successfully launch their product, and leverage an army of affiliates to generate a 7-figure annually recurring monster.Check out Andy's software, Convertri: to you by Campaign Refinery.P.S. Campaign Refinery natively integrates with Convertri! :-)
From supplements to helping a company IPO as a penny stock, Patrick Stiles has quite an interesting story of how we came to run his video hosting and analytics company designed specifically for marketers.Check out Vidalytics here: to you by Campaign Refinery.
Today we get a treat from Aaron Krall, best known of his Facebook Group called "SaaS Growth Hacks", but also from works specifically with SaaS-based companies to help them increase trial conversion, reduce churn and improve their lifetime values.In this episode, Aaron opens up about his challenges with mental health, and how he has persevered through some dark times to come out stronger than ever.Check out the popular "SaaS Growth Hacks" group on Facebook.Brought to you by Campaign Refinery.
For episode 2, I interview Jessie Rodriguez of Credit CEO about his software and consulting bundle that helps his customers repair their credit quickly.Credit repair can be a tricky industry with high churn and challenging marketing restrictions. Tuen in to hear how Jessie manages those challenges in a way that allowed to him to not work very much for the better part of a year while he moved back to Hawaii.Check out Jessie's solution here: you by Campaign Refinery.
In our premiere episode of Addicted to M.R.R. we talk with Trent Dyrsmid about his innovative SaaS app called , helping business owners systemize and streamline their SOP process.SOP's (standard operating procedures) are great for creating systems and allowing anyone within an organization to complete tasks with a high degree of reliability.Trent shares his marketing and growth strategies, as well as the daily routines that help him deal with the stress and overwhelm of running multiple businesses.Check out Trent's software here: you by Campaign Refinery.
A brief introduction to my new show, Addicted to M.R.R., and my background as your host (Travis Ketchum). Outlining what to expect from this show, and what we have on deck for the first 10 episodes of Season 1.
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