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Author: Darnell Christie

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From big headlines to the smaller stories, Darnell Responds delves into the narratives that connect us all. From current affairs, travel, lifestyle and more, presenter Darnell Christie leads a discussion with wide-ranging insight from local to international perspectives.
7 Episodes
In this episode, we speak to climate justice activist, Suzanne Dhaliwal, looking at the importance of decolonisation within the climate movement. Then, founder of Kenyan NGO, Agnes Leina talks on the empowerment of women to address drought. And young Ugandan activist, Mulindwa Moses demonstrates the power of youth in the climate battle.
In this episode, we speak to social intervention specialist, Twilight Bey. We discuss what recent global events surrounding racism and the mobilisation of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement have highlighted in society. Then, looking ahead, we delve into the possible solutions for empowerment and progression within the Black community.
As we ease out of the coronavirus crisis, attention is being directed to climate change. What has COVID-19 taught us about our relationship with the natural world and our ability to manage crises? To find out, Darnell speaks with climate specialist and researcher, Vijay Kolinjivadi. Later, we learn how culinary innovators, Aaron Thomas and Leo Taylor are using insects as food to increase sustainability. 
Migrants and refugees are continuing to arrive on Greek shores with hopes of entering Europe. Darnell speaks to journalists Daphne Tolis and Valentini Anagnostopoulou to understand what is happening on the ground and how the crisis is being managed. Greek Helsinki Monitor, Vassilis Tsarnas also speaks about the humanitarian implication of the crisis. 
In light of recent acts of civil disobedience undertaken by the Green Anti-Capitalist Front (GAF) in London over the past weeks, Darnell Speaks to both Activists and academics and investigates whether Anarchism is really on the rise in the United Kingdom and if British society is ready to accept it.
Should we be encouraging ourselves to become more multilingual? Darnell talks with Francesca Denley about British attitudes to language learning in light of International Mother Language Day 2020. And later we get some top tips from Johnley Videna on how to start learning a new language from day one.  
This is Darnell Responds the new podcast hosted by me, Darnell Christie. Discussing and digging into the latest news from around the world.Be sure not to miss the debut episode on Friday 21st of February. 
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