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Putting words to the inexpressible aspects of life and faith, and how our guests explore them both in the real world and on the page.
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In our continued conversation about what makes good stories that are worth reading, we talk about the power of empathy in fiction, for both villains and heroes.
David and Roseanna White chat about the role of villains and anti-heroes in stories, and how they inspire us to make better choices in reality.
Where do fact and fiction, truth and story, meet?
Today’s guest is Lauralee Bliss. She’s the author of Mountains, Madness and Miracles: 4000 Miles Along the Appalachian Trail and Gators, Guts and Glory: Adventures Along the Florida Trail as well as numerous works of fiction.
Today's Guest is Joy Palmer Author of Weddings, Willows, and Revised Expectations, Love, Lace, and Minor Alterations, and Marriage, Melodies and Rewritten Conclusions (coming winter 2020.)
Today’s Guest is Hannah Currie, author of Heart of a Royal and the sequel Heart of a Princess (releasing Summer 2020).
Today's guest is  Susie Finkbeiner, author of Paint Chips, My Mother's Chamomile with WhiteFire, The Pearl Spence Series including the books A Cup of Dust, A Trail of Crumbs and A Song of Home and All Manner of Things and the upcoming Stories That Bind Us.
Today’s Guest is Angela Henderson author of Isaac’s Ice Cream Tree and Isaac and Izzy’s Treehouse. We talk about why she loves picture books, how she brings her books alive when she reads to groups of children and the power of collaboration between authors and illustrators.
Today's Guest is Roseanna M. White, author and WhiteFire Editor.   We talk about the foundation and calling of WhiteFire, here career's ups and downs, why everyone should read romance, and why we need to #bebetter.
Today’s Guest is Sarah – S.E. – Clancy We talk about her upcoming release Victoria Grace the Jerkface, her love of sarcasm, hatred of condiments and how to navigate the difficulties of raising teens in the modern age.
Today’s Guest is Olivia Smit author of the soon to be released book Seeing Voices, how traumatic experiences change our loaves and her experiencess as a youn writer.
Today's Guest is April McGowan author of Jasmine, Macy, Hold the Light and Shine the Light. We walk about living with a Chronic Illness and how that informs her writing along with the various themes found in her books including mental illness, adoption and foster care, and homelessness.
unExpressed Ep2 Cara Luecht

unExpressed Ep2 Cara Luecht


Today's Guest is Cara Luecht, author of Soul Painter, Soul's Prisoner and Soul's Cry We talk about how her blog post Why I Write spoke to us as a publisher, emotional honesty and empathy, and why stories often speak to us more than education and facts.
Today’s Guest is Camille Eide, author of Like a Love Song, Like there’s no Tomorrow, The Memoir of Johnny Devine and Wings Like a Dove. We talk about how self reflection helps bring life to characters and situations, how filling her time and thinking with good things help make her a better writer and her most recent novel Wings Like a Dove that released in December 2019
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