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A weekly show for those who are ready to fill their ears with poetry and inspiration! Tahira's mission is to inspire the world with poetry and with her live performances, she has moved audiences and performed at award-winning and long-running nights.

A Psychology Bsc Graduate, a lover of her job as a Support Worker, a Performance-Poet, and Author takes you behind the scenes of living a fulfilled life.

In addition, listen to inspirational stories from artists behind the spoken word scene worldwide.

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Staying strong and believing are no stranger qualities for Pauline. And we could do with such advise these days! Pauline is not only a wonderful friend who I was privelaged to meet earlier this year, she is also a strong and beautiful poet! We hear her poems 'Stay Strong And Believe' and 'My Champion.' Listen to her inspiring story and great tips on writing and getting your voice heard. Also be inspired by Pauline's amazing strength and positivity that carries her in her journey. More about Pauline: 💫 Pauline Gilman nee Hanson is the author of 'The Tapestry of My Life.' She is the mother of three fine young men and the grandmother to one grandson. Her parents are from the Windrush era to whom she greatly admired. Her love of writing stems from her childhood years at primary school. As a cancer survivor, Pauline wrote' The Tapestry of My Life.' She says "Our voices were not made to be stifled and quietened down. They were made to be heard. Let us not to be afraid of the dark to come into the light, let our dreams become reality, break our shackles, let us all rise like the phoenix from the ashes." 📙 'The Tapestry Of My Life' is about awareness of emotions in all aspects of our lives and learning how to find and explore our coping mechanisms. Moreover, not to be too afraid to discover our different ranges of inner moods. 💪 You can find out more about Pauline on the following platforms: ☑️ Facebook: Pauline Hanson Gilman ☑️ Facebook page: The Tapestry of My Life ☑️ Instagram: @adina1962 ☑️ Twitter: @phg9497 ☑️ LinkedIn: 💫 Check out her book on Amazon: --- Send in a voice message:
We open the episode with Paula's beautiful poem 'Listen with an open heart' and we close with her poem 'Shopping' - another great piece! Paula shares her wonderful and inspiring story and how her dynamic work has remained true to her own passion and desire to give other people a voice. Her writing stuck around and last year, she decided to stand forward and started sharing her poetry on the Yorkshire poetry scene where she headlined at 'High Five' in Howarth. Paula also discusses how 'the power of your own words' can act as a powerful source in being open as an individual. Why is being open important? How can it aid us in our journey? Listen, find out and be inspired ☺️ 💫 more about Paula: Paula is a poet and performs her poetry on the Yorkshire poetry scene. As a child, Paula danced and did gymnastics and it won't come as a surprise to you, that the performer in Paula won and she completed drama school in Manchester Polytechnic School of Theatre. Paula has worked as an actor and has directed 'The Tempest' with a group of 28 learning disabled young people, which they performed on the main stage at The Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield. She has also been an Associate Artist with Blaize for many years and toured rurally and worked in community theatre. She has worked as a lead artist on many projects and in community engagement and project management. Paula is also an Accredited Relational Dynamic Coach. She has written her first play: 'The Mounting' which is work in progress. Find out more about Paula on Instagram here: @paula_horton 👉 and on Twitter here: @pjh012 --- Send in a voice message:
Why do some people give and not expect anything in return? What do the achieve? How can learning and developing the art of giving enhance the quality of our lives? Well today's episode is dedicated to a special friend who is a very giving person. How can we be inspired by her amazing qualities? Find out ☺️ 💫 Life is always worth living if we can find the things to live for, and giving is one quality that can give you a sense of purpose. --- Send in a voice message:
Be ready for some HIGH energy poetry and inspiration! 💫 DrayZera started writing at the age of 7. He started performing in 2016 and since then, he debuted his first festival "Bury Fringe All Dayer” a few months later as well as the “Folkeast” Festival. He is also the author of "Broken Circuitboard" released in 2017. He has performed in the US at the “Tenth Annual Poetry Festival.” DrayZera has since performed across the UK and released the accclaimed Spoken Word-themed film series “Psycho Lucy” filmed in the grand Roman City of Bath and his Debut Music Video “Cut Them Loose” 🎶... in this episode, you can listen to his poems, find out what it takes to become a performer, the challenges of balancing work and life and we touch base on other inspirational themes. 💫 You can find out more about DrayZera on the following links where you can also watch his videos: 👉 👉 👉 👉 👉 I was also featured on DrayZera's Podcast! You can check it out here: --- Send in a voice message:
Luke Emsley is a talented poet, rapper and the author of 'Beyond Daylight', a psychological crime thriller. He trained as an actor at Italia Conti drama school in London and has always been massively passionate about performing. In this episode, Luke shares more on the following: "I thought theatre, TV and film work would be my ‘forever-career’, but as with the best laid plans of mice and men, it didn’t work out that way. I was a naive, young man, immature in many ways. I couldn’t figure out how to pay the bills and live independently and so waiting on my ‘big break’ was a little like playing the lottery; I was just hoping for things to fall into place..." ⚠️ Find out what happens next, listen to his wonderful poems, top tips about being true to yourself, how to deal with stress and mental health and how creativity can aid you in your journey. We discuss ways in which we can build good communication skills when working with children, the flaws in the education system and the simple solution. We also touch base on how it can be difficult to find the right balance in life, why expressing yourself through writing is important, how this can be a challenge and how Luke has been using Lockdown to rekindle his creative passion! He has also started to professionally film his spoken word poetry and you can subscribe to his channel 'lemsleyspeaks' here and if you're a poet, why not put yourself forward to 'lemsleyrecommends' and have your work featured? 🎉: | Check out his debut novel here 📙 | | Find his amazing work on Instagram here: @lemsleynovels --- Send in a voice message:
It's time to talk about the things that need to be talked about more often and also time to take some inspiration! After all, it's all about RESILIENCE THROUGH POETRY TODAY! We have an NHS HERO from York: Antony Stones 🏆 Antony has been writing and performing poetry for 2 years. He has worked on the NHS front line since 2006, he's worked ten years in the ambulance service and the last three and a half years in primary care as an Advanced Practitioner. He has recently branched into children's picture books and has published 'Puffin bills Extraordinary week' which is available on amazon. Here is the link: 📙 Antonys writing style is fairly straight forward and very honest. His work is mostly related to mental health and some of his poems are related to his personal experience of mixed anxiety/deppressive disorder and PTSD, some of his writing also springs from his professional experience. We talk about Antony's story and how he got into writing and performing, his journey, challenges and how he uses his challenges to inspire and strengthen others. Listen to his wonderful poems and you don't have to feel alone again when you listen to his second poem 'The Darkness.' We talk about mental health and what anxiety actually is, what it feels like and even importantly, how writing can help. We have a profound discussion about impulsive thoughts. You can find out more about Antony on his YouTube channel where his poetry is uploaded: 'A Stones Poetry’ 📼 --- Send in a voice message:
Get ready your pen and paper ready for WISDOM and tips about happiness from a young and beautiful soul: Julia Iannielli all the way from New York! 🗽 Julia brings her unique story and poems to our doorstep! We dive into her past and how she used it to meet her goals and feed her inner-drive. We talk about how writing can help express one's feelings and make sense of the world. We touch base on multiple important subjects that need to be addressed more often. Julia's book 'Because The Universe Told Me To' was a work in progress during the recording of this episode, but now it is published and you can find it here: ✔️ More about her story: Julia is a senior at Washington State University graduating with majors in Political Science Pre-Law, Philosophy Pre-Law, and Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies. She is a member on the board of director’s for Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse, Alpha Omicron Pi – Alpha Gamma Chapter, ASWSU Cougar Lobby Team, and the Pacific Northwest Political Science Association. She also holds intern positions at the Thomas S. Foley Institute for Public Policy and Public Service, the WSU Pre-Law Resource Center, and is the Contact Representative for WSU Cougs in the Law. Julia enjoys writing and performing spoken word poetry in her free time. In the future, Julia aspires to work for the United Nations and eventually attend Columbia Law School in New York to become an Apello Court Judge. Additionally, she has recently published her first beautiful poetry collection called "Because The Universe Told Me To" and aspires to use her writing to create social change. Find her on Instagram here: @juliaiannielli --- Send in a voice message:
Chris is an American poet living in the UK. As well as an accomplished poet, storyteller and a graphic designer, he is also the Co-Founder of the Fight Evil With Poetry Press and loves speaking about culture, creativity and the joy of failure. He writes poetry both for the page and the stage and teaches poetry online at Skillshare. Chris is also the winner of the 'Four letter word poetry Slam.' In this episode, Chris shares two great poems, we talk about what it took him to turn a story of hurt into a story of love, and how he uses poetry to express his feelings and experiences. We talk about the method he uses for writing and we can learn some great tips. Listen in for a massive inspirational boost as Chris also shares the story behind 'Fight Evil With Poetry' and how it became a great success. Get in touch for bookings, script work, workshops, or custom poetry commissions! Visit ✔️ find out more about the Anthology on and follow him on Facebook, twitter and instagram: ✔️ ✔️ Twitter: @chrisncambell --- Send in a voice message:
Mussarat is an artist and a poet. She has been a practising artist for at least 20 years and initially started off as a textiles student and expanded her horizons through self-learning and becoming self-taught. We dive into her story, how she got started and how she grew the courage to start sharing her talent in writing in poetry. We talk about the importance of self-learning and self-teaching and how she did this to aid her in her goals. Mussarat has also worked in various community projects in Yorkshire and is very active in supporting asylum seekers and refugees and volunteers for BIASAN. She is also a trained Reiki practitioner and a Spiritual Artist. We talk about her recent work on the poetry scene and how she plans to continue. Mussarat's writing expires themes about life, social issues, love, passion and spirituality. Her South Asian roots inspire her writing and we discuss this. Listen to her beautiful poems and get inspired by her story! You can find out more about her work on the following links: Serenity: Bradford Cathedral Azaadi Freedom for Kashmir --- Send in a voice message:
Amidst the crisis the world experiences, 'who are you' is the ultimate question. In this episode, we unite together and share our thoughts and prayers for everyone. In the first part, I share my most recent poem called exactly that: 'who are you' written during personal difficulties and I take a moment to thank certain people during this time while mentioning their names. In the second part, I touch base on the global events affecting each one of us, we take a moment to think of the tragic and sad loss of George Floyd. I ask you to think of the people who have lost their lives due to the virus, other reasons, before the virus and we pray for them and their families. I also mention certain people who have lost their loved ones. In the final part, I dedicate my thoughts and wishes to four special people who have faced certain challenges recently and I ask you to think about them. We come together and together we are strong. It's time to reflect and ask ourselves the ultimate question WHO ARE YOU which I unravel in this episode. Send in a voice message on the Anchor app to be featured in the next episode.  --- Send in a voice message:
Jem's first love will always be poetry, yet he never fails to make people laugh and that's where comedy comes in. Listen to Jem's poetry, learn from his inspiring story of overcoming his alcohol addiction and hear his journey on becoming a poet and comedian. He has also continued to do some great work during Lockdown and you can find out what he does. More about Jem - - - > I’ve always written poetry and actually “wrote” my first poem when I was 4 years old, although I only really started performing my work after joining the Batley Poets in June 2017. Since then I’ve performed in many venues – including the Houses of Parliament – for audiences from 4 – 400 people. I usually aim for humour in my poems, though I do write some serious stuff as well, I’m particularly fond of writing parody lyrics to popular songs and have composed versions of Cool for Cats, I Will Survive, My Favourite Things, The Day Before You Came and many others. My influences and inspirations are John Cooper Clarke, Mike Garry, Toria Garbutt and Kate Tempest – the first 3 of whom I have met! I am 61, a sober alcoholic for nearly 17 years and hopefully my first collection – entitled No Limericks Left in This Vehicle – will be published this year, in aid of the NACOA (National Association for Children Of Alcoholics). You can find out more about Jem and his work on Speakeasy performance: --- Send in a voice message:
Listen to the ryhthem of Spirituality with my special guest Wayne-Daniel Berard. Listen to three beautiful poems, one called 'My Father's Covid' as we take a moment to think about his father and his family. Learn from Wayne-Daniel's beautiful philosophy on what it means to be spiritual and hear his unique story on finding out he was Jewish! Wayne-Daniel PhD, teaches Humanities at Nichols College, Dudley, MA. He publishes broadly in poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. His poetry chapbook, The Man Who Remembered Heaven, received the New Eden Award in 2003. His non-fiction When Christians Were Jews (That Is, Now), subtitled Recovering the Lost Jewishness of Christianity with the Gospel of Mark, was published in 2006 by Cowley Publications. A novel The Retreatants, was published in 2012 (Smashwords). A chapbook, Christine Day, Love Poems, was published in 2016 (Kittatuck Press). His novella, Everything We Want, was published in 2018 by Bloodstone Press. A poetry collection, The Realm of Blessing, will be published in 2020 by Unsolicited Press. You can find out more about Wayne-Daniel here on facebook: --- Send in a voice message:
You've got to love what you do! And that is Andy in a nutshell for you 😃hear Andy's inspiring story and listen to his wonderful poems. Andy N is the author of four full length poetry collections the two most recent being ‘Return to Kemptown.' He also is the creator of the writer/artist Podcast chat series “Spoken Label” and co-runs “Comics Unity”, “Reading in Bed” and The Koll, Andy N helps his partner Amanda Steel with the magazine “Printed Words”. He also co runs Stretford’s always welcoming leading Literature show with Steve Smythe and Amanda Steel ‘Speak Easy’ and does ambient music under the name of Ocean in a Bottle. His official website is ° Facebook (Official page) ° Ocean in a Bottle (ambient music) on Facebook on bandcamp ° Andy's latest book can be accessed here: --- Send in a voice message:
Today it's time to take our writing not so seriously! It's time to have some fun! Let's cheer us up during these difficult times! 🎉 7 brilliant poets from all over the world get together in their act of bravery and share their very FIRST poem with YOU! 😅 And hey, it was my request so I share mine too 😊 Send in a voice message and this could be featured in the next episode. Don't forget to get your FREE mini eBook of Mirages to Reality here: 💡 support these lovely poets and check out their pages, they're all on fire! Bagro Ahmed: Masooma Ali: Nabeela Ahmed: Tolu Akinyemi: Yvonne Ugarte: Jem Tevoy: Arun Kapur: Twitter @arunkapur47 --- Send in a voice message:
The past doesn't live with Eden, dreams do. A young writer with a passion for horror takes us behind the scenes of their inner strength to succeed. Having been diagnosed with hEDS and FND, they write to inspire others and show people that "dreams can change and still come true." Speaking of dreams, their first novel 'An Elemental Circus' is ready and due to be published soon. We talk about the struggle and the payoffs, as being diagnosed with HEDS and FND never came in the way! Also listen to the opening poem 'Living in Corona' relevant to the current times and get a sneak peak of the novel while you listen to an extract. You can find out more about Eden on Instagram and Twitter. Show your support and give them a follow! Instagram: Twitter: --- Send in a voice message:
Dive into Mike Southwell's inspiring story on becoming a spoken word artist. Discover the man who inspires him as we explore themes that need to be addressed more often. Hear some music and an emotional ending as we listen to Mike's poem dedicated to the people of Palestine. Mike is a resident Poet for the Sunday Practice, a live music and spoken word night in Leeds. He has been featured at various spoken word events, festivals and charities. He has had two of his spoken word pieces recorded professionally by Urban Soul and Entheos media group. You can find out more about his work on Instagram - @mikespokenword and Facebook - Mike Southwell. Relate to the themes addressed in this episode? Send in your thoughts with a voice message on the Anchor app or email on --- Send in a voice message:
Listen to Tom's powerful poems, discussion about the journey behind becoming a performance poet and slam champion. Be inspired by a truly sincere individual who flows with the words and never fails to get a point across powerfully! Find out more on the 'Anxious Anarchist Poetry' Facebook page and Instagram @angry.unapologetic. Contact on Ps get your FREE mini eBook of Mirages to Reality here! --- Send in a voice message:
During these difficult times, we have no choice but to wait. What motivates us to wait? How is God affirming His presence? Listen to a beautiful song by Brannan Murphy, my thoughts on God and spirituality and how I think it's working these days, a poem called 'God' and six wonderful poets share a spiritual piece with you! Find out more about them:▪️Pauline Hanson Gilman - ▪️Tolu’ A. Akinyemi - ▪️Mussarat Rahman - ▪️ Steven Fortune - ▪️ Taiwo Micheal - ▪️Yvonne Ugarte - 💡Ps get your FREE mini eBook of Mirages to Reality here! --- Send in a voice message:
Self-motivation and self-inspiration are key when it comes to Tolu. It's this very inner drive that unravelled his own hidden gems before he began to teach others to do the same. Tolu has been endorsed by the Arts Council England as a writer with exceptional talent. He is the Author of 5 outstanding books. In this episode, Tolu takes you through his journey of becoming a poet, mentor and author. A man who balances his career with his life in art talks you through his secret to success in whatever field you are in, that is to show up with the right attitude, always. Listen to his poems 'Heritage' which will take you to a journey of his roots and 'Lockdown' which will certainly take you through the current times! Stay tuned for his upcoming collection and you can find out more about Tolu on the following platforms: Instagram: @tolutoludo Twitter: @toluakinyemi Facebook: Youtube: Tolu’ A. Akinyemi Ps get your FREE mini eBook of Mirages to Reality here! --- Send in a voice message:
Poem: Reality

Poem: Reality


Listen to the closing poem of Mirages to Reality. As we face reality on a daily basis and intensely during the current times, how can we utilise it to find out truth. Ps get your FREE mini eBook of Mirages to Reality here! --- Send in a voice message:
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