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We're just your average couple, living normal lives, who happen to be obsessed with everything related to true crime. Shortly after relocating to the great Pacific Northwest, we realized there were stories upon gruesome stories to be told from this region. And we want nothing more than to share them with you.

So come join us every first and third Friday of the month as we take a deep look into the dark and twisted. It isn't for the feint of heart, but we promise it will be worth it.

​And remember...what happens in the woods, stays in the woods.
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It never fails to surprise us the level of manipulation that some people feel comfortable using on members of their own family. Taking advantage of loved ones for financial gain is something we hear of all too well. Where do you draw the line? Our case this episode really makes you contemplate that question. When Tashia Stuart , her 7 year old daughter and her husband, Todd, fell on hard times, Judy Hebert didn’t hesitate to allow them to move in with her. Her daughter and her granddaughter meant the world to her and Judy would do whatever she could to help them. Unfortunately, it would be a choice that would lead to an unfortunate outcome for Judy.Tashia had no reservations about stealing money from her mother, even though she was being helped and taken care of by a loving parent. In the end, she had no reservations about killing her mother to gain financially either. Join us as we discuss the sad end to a beautiful life Judy had created for herself. She was definitely a person worth knowing and is greatly missed by all who knew her.We believe that mental illness is a persistent issue in America. As mentioned in this episode, everyone deserves access to mental health help but few are able to get it for various reasons. If you or a loved one are suffering from mental health issues and don't know where to start, please contact SAMHSA 1-877-726-4727 for help in finding care in your area or go to for more information.Information from this Episode:Criminal Perspective Podcast“Deadly Women” released 2015“Blood Relatives: Children of the Scorn” released 2016 page on Tashia Stuart charged for attempted murder acquitted of all charges the psychologist doesn’t believe her story sentenced to 45 years’s appeal is searching for a connection
This episode centers around one woman who found plenty of Mr. Rights, but she was definitely Mrs. Wrong. Being a beautiful woman, Gladys Raphs would never suffer alone for long. She traded husbands as often as her wardrobe, with a divorce every other year. And there were some men who were just in her life for fun, they were perhaps the lucky ones to avoid the marriage trap. But Gladys had goals and in the 1940’s, it was easy to tell a tale and gain a person’s trust. And Gladys succeeded in telling some very tall tales. When she and a former lover rekindled their romance, it wasn’t long before the two were speeding off to Reno for a secret marriage. Why the secret? Gladys was still married to then husband number 4. Perhaps it was true love, or perhaps it was true love for money? Poor Dr. Willis Broadhurst was sucked into the outrageous lies of a deceitful woman. After changing his will and giving her access to everything he had, she paid him back with an affair and murder. He would never realize just how foolish had been before being killed and left in a field by Gladys’ much, much younger lover and husband number 7.This tale is truly a twisted one.Join us for a discussion of bigomy, sex, love, lies and even Paul Bunyan on this episode of the podcast.Some information from this episode:Paul Bunyan is real, dammit! trial in Vale, Oregon State vs. Gladys Broadhurst Black Widow‘Til Death Do Us...A True Crime Story of Bigamy and Murder By Patrick Gallagher
Join us this episode for a small town case that was solved with the help of the latest technology in personal surveillance cameras. When the body of a woman was found on a rural road partially burned in the early morning of October 24, 2017, Pierce County Sheriff’s didn’t have much to go on to catch her killer, not even her identity. Thankfully, luck and technology was on their side. Little by little, pieces of video evidence would show a trail that the killer was leaving unknowingly on home security and business cameras wherever he went. After the identity of Linda Sweezer was established as their victim, more questions were left unanswered than not. Who would do this to such a kind woman? What could the motive possibly be? And how did her body end up so far from her home in Kent, Washington?This week’s case is incredibly sad as we discuss the senseless murder of a local woman who’s life centered around giving back to her community and family. In Linda’s honor, please consider going out into your community to support your local Juneteenth Celebrations. If you live in the Kent, Washington area, there is a link below to information on the memorial celebration held in Linda Sweezer’s honor at Morrill Meadows Park. Some information from this episode:Murder victim found near Lake Tapps: arrested in murder of Linda Sweezer: grieving community mourns Linda’s passing: Rougeau charged with 1st Degree Murder: Court Appearance: Verdict: Sentencing: Sweezer Memorial Juneteenth Celebration: but not mentioned*Investigation Discovery: See No Evil, Season 7 Episode 4- Headlights and Fire
The world of dating can be a treacherous thing to navigate. In recent years, online sites have popped up all over claiming the ability to connect you with your “Soulmate”, help you find “The One”, and guide you to your “Match”. There are sites for any type of person and relationship you could ever need. Even some you didn't know that you may want. What these sites don’t tell you, and can’t tell you, is that people lie. People hide behind the anonymity of the internet. They portray themselves as an altered version of reality and the truth is forever lost on the millions of profiles searching for that elusive thing called love.In the spring of April 2016, Seattle resident Ingrid Lyne was last seen on a date at a Mariners baseball game. She had met her date, John Charlton, online and the two had been casually seeing one another for about 2 months. After the night of April 8th, she was never seen again. When evidence of her murder was found in several different recycling containers around the Seattle area and her car later found abandoned, authorities knew that the responsible person for this horrible crime was a danger to society.Information about the man she was seeing was found by her mother, completely by chance while looking at phone records. The more investigators looked into John, the quicker he became the #1 suspect in her murder He was arrested and charged within days and would be convicted of 1st Degree Murder and Theft of a Vehicle in 2017. Join us this episode as we share with you a case that was suggested by a listener on our Instagram page. This incredibly sad case brought light to the dangers of internet dating to people all over the world. Information from this episode:Charges filed in dismemberment death recycling container found with murder evidence held and statement released by family of murder emerge area where remains were found site where remains were found history for John Charlton in Idaho on John Charlton Cause Report for arrest of John Charlton information County online access to view records - *There is a fee charged to view the court records*
This episode covers the convictions of Gertrude Nunez Jackson and her lover, Jeannance Freeman, for the murder of her to young children.On May 12, 1961 the bodies of Larry and Martha Jackson, just aged 6 and 4, were found in the Crooked River Ravine at Ogden State Park. Within days, Gertrude and Jeannance were arrested and charged with 1st degree murder of the children. Almost immediately, Gertrude confessed to the crimes, blaming the entire thing on Jeannance. But the story she gave wasn’t that cut and dry. Because of the stigma associated with being homosexual during that time, public opinion was prejudiced by the media reports of the young women who didn’t conform to societies norm. For her part in the murders, Jeannance would become the first woman in the state of Oregon to be sentenced to death at the age of 19. In exchange for testifying at Jeannance’s trial, Gertrude would only serve 7 years of a life sentence before being paroled. While it seemed the persons responsible paid for their crimes, one woman paid more than the other. Join us, almost 60 years to the date after the murders occured, as we discuss all of the different versions that have come out over the years and the details of the convictions.Some information from this episode:Child Torturing Couple and Gertrude arrested Ladder: Daughters of Bilitis- commentary article on Jeannance Freeman year anniversary of the murders Library records of the crimes records of Jeannance’s appeal saved by voters repealing the death penalty Journal, Salem, Oregon: Aug 20, 1985 Starting Over by The associated Press
This week we take a look at the unsolved murder of 24 year old Arpana Jinaga.If ever the French saying “joie de vie” aptly described a person, it would have been Arpana. She was a vibrant, giving and intelligent woman. Anyone who she came in contact with quickly recognized her joy for life. Originally from India, she made her way halfway around the world in search of a new adventure and would eventually settle in the small area of Redmond, Washington in 2008 to begin a new career. After just 6 months in the evergreen state, what should have been a great start to her new life would end with her brutal murder.This is a case that has been unsolved for over a decade and is quite frustrating because there were some good suspects and even evidence to link them to the crime. There has been an arrest of a potential suspect and even 2 trials. But in the end, there have been no convictions in this case. Join us as we discuss the issues investigators and the prosecution came up against when trying to find justice for this young woman, whose life was cut way too short.First news of Arapan’s death arrest is made 2 years after the crime Northwest Riders Motorcycle chat thread: Court’s response to Emanuel Fair’s appeal in before first trial of Appeals Review of juror instruction you would like to listen to a great podcast who also covered the unsolved murder of Arpana Jinaga, check out Unresolved.
Things are a little different this week in the woods…Get ready for a bonus episode with guest host Mara, who took charge of research and story telling. This week, Jess and Brice get all the sordid and dirty details of the life and crimes one of the most despicable mothers in recent history. Elizabeth Diane Downs.On May 19, 1983, Diane and her 3 young children were returning home when she claims a "shaggy man" stopped her car on an isolated back road. Allegedly, when she refused to give the keys and car over to the man, Downs and her children were shot. Her middle daughter, only 7 years old at the time, would not survive the incident. The other two siblings would have injuries that would change the course of their lives forever.Police found nothing to suggest anyone other than Diane had done these horrible things. Even going so far as to shoot her own arm to keep up with her story. While Diane maintained her innocence, and still does, a jury saw right through her act and found her guilty of the crimes. She was convicted of charges of Murder, Attempted Murder and Assault in 1984. Join us for this special episode, and don't forget to let us know your thoughts!Some information on this case:Small Sacrifices book by Ann Rule Wikipedia page on Diane Downs interview Mother Surrogate
Join us for the continuation of our 2 part episodes for Season 3!​During a time of great hardship, people often turn to drastic means in order to survive. During the depression, kidnappings rose in popularity as a way to make some easy money. One of the most famous of these was when the young toddler of the well known aviator and inventor, Charles Lindbergh and his wife Anne, was kidnapped and murdered. And while there were notable occurrences throughout the nation, Washington state had a string of kidnapping cases that occurred between 1935 and 1936. The victims' stories would make for sensational news headlines across the globe.We’re going back to the 1930’s for a 2-part look at a wave of kidnappings, or “snatchings” as they were referred to, in Tacoma, Washington. During these 18 months, there would be three kidnappings that had the town, even the nation, gripped with fear of what the outcome would be.​​Information on Mildred Hook:​Historical Essay on case Written by Daryl C. McClary​Idaho's First Fallen Trooper​Fallen Deputy Sheriff Information​Mildred Hook Find a Grave​Information on Charles Mattson:​Historical Essay on case Written by Daryl C. McClary​News paper articles on kidnapping​President Franklin D. Roosevelts Statements on the kidnapping​Mattson Mansion torn down
During a time of great hardship, people often turn to drastic means in order to survive. During the depression, kidnappings rose in popularity as a way to make some easy money. One of the most famous of these was when the young toddler of the well known aviator and inventor, Charles Lindbergh and his wife Anne, was kidnapped and murdered. And while there were notable occurrences throughout the nation, Washington state had a string of kidnapping cases that occurred between 1935 and 1936. The victims' stories would make for sensational news headlines across the globe.We’re going back to the 1930’s for a 2-part look at a wave of kidnappings, or “snatchings” as they were referred to, in Tacoma, Washington. During these 18 months, there would be three kidnappings that had the town, even the nation, gripped with fear of what the outcome would be.Statement from the FBI’s website on the case: Essay on case written by: Daryl C. McClary: PI news article:
When the young wife of a pastor suddenly passed away in what seems to be a tragic fire, his church congregation rallies behind him to offer support. But of course, nothing is as it seems. Nick and Dawn Hacheney had been married for over 6 years at the time of Dawn’s death. On the outside, their marriage looked idyllic. Everyone assumed the couple was much in love. After Dawn's death, Nick, who was a youth pastor in local Bainbridge Island’s Christ Community Church, garnered love and support from all throughout the church and it’s members. In particular, 5 different women who he would manipulate into doing the unthinkable and begin sexual relationships with him.It wasn’t long before this twisted love triangle would grow out of control and the lies were too hard to hide and eventually, the real reason behind Dawn’s death would come out.Join us on our season 2 finale episode as we discuss the death of Dawn Hacheney and just how her husband managed to use his position as a church leader to get away with her murder for almost 3 years. Some information from this episode“A Twisted Faith” by Gregg Olsen - Amazon link hereJudge Allows Jury to Hear of Alleged Killer’s Affairs Hacheney’s Lovers Testify“Trial proves salacious” Hacheney’s appeal in 2007 after the appeal Hacheney’s Ted Talk in Prison
Carrie Love in your heart

Carrie Love in your heart


When 20 year old Carrie Love’s purse was found wrapped in a discarded pillowcase on the side of Highway 97 in Oregon, it didn’t take long for authorities to close in on one suspect. Jesse Pratt, her new boss at Northern Star Trucking in Seattle, Washington.The two had set out on a business trip June 16, 1986 but only Jesse would return.Jesse had a history of violence and previous run ins with the law. Nearly every woman in his life, including his mother, would speak against him at his trial for the murder of Carrie Love. He was a man with connections to people you wouldn’t want to know. And there is no way of knowing what else he managed to get away with. When his time finally came, none of that mattered and he was ultimately convicted of Carrie’s murder in 1988 and again in 1991.Pratt now sits in Oregon’s Correctional Facility in Salem. He is the oldest convict there. Some information from this episode:Fatal Journey by Jack GiekVirginia Rambus - information on her disappearance Files Episode on the filming of Forensic Files episode Court Documents from October 4, 1989 Court Documents from May 11, 2005 moved off death row
We are starting off the new year with a wild story. This episode came about when Jess began researching crimes in Australia. With Australia being 2nd to the US as far as listenership for weeks, it was interesting to search out some of the top crimes and criminals that were from that part of the world. The case of the Wanda Beach Murders from the 1960’s stood apart from the rest, but it would lead to so much more.Join us as we discuss cases and crimes that span over 2 decades, and 2 continents, that can all be linked to one disgusting man. Christopher Bernard Wilder. Wilder had perfected his ways of luring beautiful, trusting young women from beaches and malls by presenting himself as a photographer on the hunt for the next big model. Because of this he was dubbed “The Beauty Queen Killer”.His taste for sexual torture and perverted gratification quickly put him on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list in the spring of 1984 as he moved across state lines, abducting young women from mall after mall. The long line of victims would be unknown when all is said and done. The brave women who fought to survive have memories that will never go away of their time with him. The families of the victims he murdered may never have peace. His family, friends and even investigators will have to live with the knowledge that this monster slipped through the cracks and was able to carry on his deviant ways for years without capture.The incredibly twisted story of Christopher Wilder came to an end when he was shot trying to evade capture on Friday, April 13,1984 in New Hampshire. He may be gone, but certainly will never be forgotten.Some information from this episode:Books to read-The Pretty Girl Killer by Andrew BryneThe Beauty Queen Killer by Bruce GibneyDocumentaries to Watch-7 News Spotlight “Wanda Beach Murders” FBI Files “Christopher Wilder: A Model Killer” the Rampage of Christopher Wilder: Minds: Christopher Wilder:
This episode we discuss a female criminal who used her business of fortune telling in North Seattle to scam people out of their hard earned money.In 2007 Sylvia Sutton chanced upon meeting the fortune teller Lady Monica at a street fair in Seattle’s International District. Sylvia made an impulse decision to have her palm read; one that would haunt her the rest of her life. Over the next few years Lady Monica, better known by her real identity of Brenda Nicholas, would scam Sylvia out of her life savings under the guise of “help” to cure a gray aura.Unfortunately, that isn’t all Lady Monica did. In 2011, when highly decorated war hero Patrick Fleming turns up murdered in his retirement home residence, police start piecing together a connection between Sylvia, Patrick and Lady Monica aka Brenda Nicholas. Brenda’s greed would be the ultimate downfall for her and her associates and eventually all responsible parties pay for their crimes.We discuss crimes against the elderly and persons with mental health issues in this episode, a very serious subject, and felt that it was a good idea to mention the subject of loneliness these members of our community often face.If you are so inclined, here are some links with information on how you can brighten someone's day, even during this pandemic when in-person contact is limited. These are only 3 of many ways you could connect with someone. If you know of more, please message us to get the words out. Please consider doing a random act of kindness this holiday season in your community in any way possible.Ways for Senior Citizens to stay connected during the pandemicLetters Against Depression VolunteerHow to help and give back in your communityHappy Holidays, from our small campsite in the woods to yours… Some information from this episode:Killer Scammer: The True Story of Brenda Nicholas by Ana BensonPurchase on Amazon BooksInvestigation Discovery shows on Brenda Nicholas and her crimes:Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen on Amazon Prime *pay to view*Dead of Night on Amazon Prime *pay to view*Charges against killer of war veteran: Nicholas is sentenced for her crimes: of Charles Jungbluth: list of grievances in Brenda’s appeals after her conviction:
Our case this episode involves very graphic and disturbing information. We hope that listeners will use discretion while listening. In the summer of 1990, the nightlife in the greater Seattle area was hot. Police would be run ragged when a string breaking and entering and theft crimes begin to be reported in several neighborhoods. Then, 3 women are violently murdered within weeks of one another and the connection is almost overlooked leaving a killer on the loose.That killer was George Waterfield Russell, Jr. George was as gifted a con artist as you might ever meet. From his pre-teen years on Mercer Island, until he was arrested at the age of 32, his criminal activity as a thief and burglar was constant. It wasn’t always about the crime, it was about getting away with it. But he always had a story and a smile to work his way out of trouble. George was the man on the scene in Bellevue, Washington in the early 90’s; he was truly in his element. He was everywhere and nowhere all at once. It wouldn’t take long before his life of petty crime would progress into some of the most horrific murders to this day in the Pacific NorthWest. Join us this episode as we discuss the murders of Mary Ann Pohlreich, Carol Beethe and Andrea Lavine and their sociopathic killer, George Russell, Jr.Some information from this episode:Murderpedia page: Discovery- *audio used in intro*“Dead of Night: Nightclub Nightmare”- aired April 2, 2013 Carol Beethe was found: Newspaper Articles-Moscow-Pullman Daily News: Spokesman-Review: A Ladies Man and His Victims by Jack Olsen
This week we take a look into a landmark case that was solved in Washington State using Genealogical DNA as the only evidence to convict a suspect of two murders from over 30 years ago.Jay Cook and Tanya Van Cuylenborg embarked on an overnight trip from Victoria, Canada in November of 1987 to visit Seattle. Their murders were horrific and although DNA was collected, the case went immediately cold. Until the suspect's DNA got a partial match from a genealogical testing kit uploaded to GEDMatch. When compared, the suspects DNA was 100% matched to the DNA collected back in 1987. Eventually, William Talbott II was arrested and convicted based solely on the DNA. He maintains his complete innocence to this day.As this new development in technology increases, so does the need to ensure the safety of how it’s used to find and catch criminals. What cannot be denied is that countless victims and families are closer to the answers they deserve.Join us for a discussion on how important this technology is and how this has helped solve potentially unsolvable cases that otherwise would remain cold. Info from this episode:Genealogical DNA test Wiki page Conference of State Legislatures Familial DNA Matching Flawed? You a Suspect? Cook and Tanya Van Cuylenborg Wiki page Fifth Estate Solved by Tracing Family Tree Appeals Courts Decision Grim Sleeper Boston Strangler Wiki Page
We decided to release about 30 minutes of discussion from the end of our last episode to you guys for your listening pleasure. Please tell us what you think about it and don't forget to rate and review us on iTunes!**Update to misty copsey description: The Unresolved Podcast
When fair season hits in the small town of Puyallup Washington, it’s a pretty big deal. Kids andfamilies make plans around the days when they can go to what is now known as theWashington State Fair.On a fall night in September 25, 1992 after spending the day at the fair with a good friend, 14year old Misty Copsey disappeared with no trace. Her mom, Diana received a phone call around8:45 PM from Misty letting her know that she had missed the bus home. Diana was at her nightjob as a caregiver and wasn’t able to leave her patient. After a brief conversation, the twoagreed Misty would call a few people she knew to get a ride and Diana stressed for her to callwith an update on the situation.That call never came.What ensues in the days, months and years after her disappearance is what can only belabeled as neglect and indifference on the part of multiple law enforcement agencies, meddlingby a self proclaimed “unlicensed private detective” and the unanswered hopes of a frustratedmother.Over 25 years later, there are no leads, no body and no answers. The police tried to get noticeon social media in 2017 but one could say it was too little too late for Misty.Someone, somewhere knows something.Join us as we discuss the case and some of the more confusing aspects of the case that haveleft us confused.Some information from this episode:Help bring Misty home: Stolen Child- A 3 part series of articles:Part 1 2 3 Strange Case of Misty Copsey- Reddit thread**Update to misty copsey description: The Unresolved Podcast
Halloween EpisodeJoin us for a special episode that is all treats and no tricks! Our friends Beth and Cristy from Crimes and Closets helped with this collaboration so we could bring you stories from across the nation with a Halloween theme. We had fun recording with them and hope you enjoy it! Don’t forget to join us on the Discord Server at 8:00 PM PST on 10/30/20 and get a chance to chat with us and other true crime lovers about our episodes or other cases.Connect with Crimes and Closets on their website and listen to their episodes anywhere you choose to get your podcasts. Let us know what you think! We want your feedback, so head over to Apple Podcast or our Facebook Page to leave a review and rating. Information from this episode:Bobo the Clown Town Hall Ghost Story info and links for the stories shared by Beth and Cristy from Crimes and Closets can be found on their website
When serial killers are apprehended, rarely is it because they turn themselves in. Not only did Wayne Adam Ford do just that when he walked into the Humboldt County Sheriff’s office, he made sure to have evidence with him to prove he had committed the crime. Evidence in the form of a severed woman’s breast belonging to his most recent victim in Southern California.Over the course of a few days in early November of 1998, Ford gave information on multiple murders and victims that had detectives and investigators from counties all over the West Coast fighting for a chance to speak to him. His crimes were gruesome and not something that anyone will soon forget. Eventually he was connected to the deaths of 4 women, one of which is still unnamed. Join us for the story of Wayne Adam Ford, serial rapist and killer, as we look at his life and crimes. Don’t forget! We have a special Halloween collab episode with podcast Crimes and Closets coming out on October 30, 2020. Make sure to check them out at: and anywhere you choose to listen to podcasts.*Special Thanks to my stepmom Gwen for giving us her time and insight for this podcast! Murderpedia.org parts kept in freezer, Neighbors shocked at charges Murder Trial of victims testify mentioned, but definitely a good read with loads of information:“Body Parts” by Caitlin Rother
No?! Not Bob the baker!

No?! Not Bob the baker!


For years, Robert Hansen lived the perfect double life; a respected member of the community, a mild mannered and shy family man, an avid and record-setting hunter. But there was a monster inside that was capable of horrible and despicable acts towards women. The untamed state of Alaska proved the perfect backdrop for him to fulfill his fantasies of hunting prey. Some human, some animal.With his family away and no one to stop him, “Bob the Baker” embarked on his “summer plan” ready to rape and kill to his hearts content. If it hadn’t been for one very brave victim and her escape from certain death, there’s no telling how long Robert Hansen would have been left unchecked.Join us this episode as we go deep into the aptly named “Land of the Midnight Sun” and find what secrets lay in the frozen ground of the beautiful state of Alaska. * Opening dialogue taken from this videoSome information from this episode:Crimes and Closets Podcast - - ID original : Mind of a Monster - * had no idea husband was a murderer - after an encountering a serial killer - subjected to horrors - - mentioned in the podcast, but recommended:“The Frozen Ground” motion picture from 2013 based on the crimes of Robert Hansen, currently available on Netflix.
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