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Before I Die

Author: Jessica Wicks Kelly

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Before I Die is a motivation mindset and personal development podcast focusing on living life with the end in mind and building your legacy here and now. This podcast interview interesting people who are pushing themselves to leave a mark on their world that matters and extends their existence.
2 Episodes
Learn how you have the uniquely human ability to reframe your stories to create meaning. Join us as motivational speaker and coach, Ly Smith, talks about her own struggles and how she used the power of framing and forgiveness to create a life that is now helping countless people with their own struggles. 
Our minds and bodies are connected at the deepest level and to change our minds, we start with the one thing we have power over: our bodies. Biohacking is a process of figuring out what works best for your body to generate energy, accomplish specific physical goals, and overcome disease. Kyle Thalman, a lifelong gymnast and coach, talks about biohacking from his experience as a coach and student of sports psychology. Learn all about the history of biohacking, pliability, 80/20 excersize, and the power of the mind over the body in the very first episode of Before I Die.
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