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Dawn Murphy is a freelance artist currently residing in the Chicagoland area. She specializes in portraiture and costume illustration with a focus on pop culture. She has created numerous officially licensed artworks for Lucasfilm/Star Wars, Topps Trading Cards and RRParks Cards. Her work has been featured in the Star Wars Celebration Art Show, Star Wars Insider Magazine, the sci-fi anthology book Contact Light, and book four of the War of the Seasons series. When she isn't drawing she loves to play video games with her son and husband, reading, sewing costumes and trying not to burn dinner.   Follow Dawn at: You can contact with comments and questions. Follow on Instagram:
I interviewed Cake and Sugar Artist, Kate Sartorious, about her career in March of 2020 and wanted to share it again in this  Kate is a the owner and operator of Kate's Cake Design where she makes unique cake toppers for her clients. Kate also teaches an online Cake Topper course called 'Top Tier Cake Topper Masterclass.' You can find Kate and her work on Instagram! Contact us at  
It’s cool if you want to be an artist. It’s cool if that’s your hobby. But you need to be honest with yourself if it’s something to make money or something that’s simply personal enjoyment. If it’s a hobby - great! Enjoy yourself. If it’s a business - get to work.
Please join 'THE BREAKTHROUGH CREATIVE' FACEBOOK GROUP. I'm looking forward to meeting you there. Episode 92: There are lots of good reasons to begin your career by working for a company BEFORE you start your own thing because there are so many things you don't know that you don't know. Why not make it a bit easier on yourself and learn on the job while you plan and even start your own business. My thoughts on the topic in this episode.
Mikey Wheeler is a professional tattooist who shares his journey from sandwich maker to apprentice to pro! Mikey also goes into the details of the business side of Tattooing. You can see Mikey's work and find him at: You can contact John at  
How does one find their creative style? How does one achieve their first published book? Kunal Kundu has done both! An animator, illustrator and sculptor, Kunal took leave from his career to find his 'style' and shares his process in this episode. Kunal also reveals his gritty approach to publishing his first book. For more on Kunal check out the links below: You can reach John at
I share my thoughts on... (1:22) The Benefits of Becoming an ARTIST & DESIGNER (15:55) Managing SCOPE CREEP (22:12) SOFT SKILLS: Showing Clients Grace & Generosity Please share this episode with the pre-pro and professional creatives in your life. Contact me at
This is The Breakthrough Creative's most dowloaded episode of 2021. Worth another listen - Ep 44 (2021) In my first Q&A Coaching episode, I answer questions from my guest, Jason de Knegt. We talk about Pricing, Managing your Workload and Finding your professional Niche. Jason de Knegt is a bartender & illustrator who balances his official ‘day job’ crafting cocktails with creating digital paintings for his clients. Like many hoping to make a full-time career shift into the art world, he hopes to blend his professional experience with his creative pursuits… in this case applying what he’s learned in the service and hospitality industry to providing unique portraits for those who enjoy his work and particular style. You can check out Jason's art (& even a few bonus cocktail recipes) and follow Jason on instagram at or his website Please subscribe to The Breakthrough Creative and share with the artists in your life. You can reach us at
Hey Breakthrough Creative Friends! This episode is about how my experience with airbrushing led to so many different opportunities in my life AND HOW the PROCESS I WENT THROUGH can do the same for you... whether it is an airbrush, a piano, acting, writing or WHATEVER YOUR THING IS. You can learn more about my AIRBRUSHING PAST by listening to... Ep 35: How I Made $11,000 in One Month Airbrushing T-Shirts Please share these episodes with the artists in your life! For more info or questions contact
Carlos Huante, master creature concept designer, is back! You have seen his amazing creature designs in some of the biggest movies made. In this episode, Carlos shares his experiences working directly with Rick Baker on MIB, Ridley Scott on Prometheus and Andy Muschietti on IT. Listen to my first interview with Carlos: You can follow Carlos at: Please share this episode with the artists in your life. You can reach me at    
There are 3 MUST-DO practices you need to know and do with each new client to nurture your business relationship. Don't miss these. They are the secret sauce of building client relationships, ongoing business and increased income!
Hi dear listener... This episode is about how our ups and downs, our attitudes and our gratitude along the way can enrich or derail our creative, professional and, yes,  even our personal lives. I am grateful for my journey and I am grateful for you. Cheers - John Please subscribe to this podcast and share with the artists in your life.
I explain my recent disappearance (Covid) and share my Haunted House Story (Art work and Income involved). Missed you all.
Paul Katte is the co-founder of MEG, Make-Up Effects Group, in Sydney, Australia. Paul and his partner, Nick, have created make-up FX for The Matrix, I, Frankenstein, Childhood's End and many more films and commercials. Paul shares the details of his creative and professional journey including stories of working with Marlon Brando and John Frankenheimer on The Island of Dr. Moreau, working with Tom Savini on REDD, INC., the importance of mentors and much more! You can learn more about Paul at: Tom Savin FX direction clip of REDD, INC.: ____________________________________________________________________ You can now support the show on Patreon and receive some amazing benefits! Business Coaching for Artists with John: Instagram:
Ray Villafane is a master sculptor and pumpkin carver. He shares his journey the mindset it takes to become a highly sought after sculptor. Ray has created toys and collectibles for DC and Marvel, appeared on the Food Network and created sand sculptures across the globe. You can learn more about Ray and his work at:  
Michael Spooner is an Animation World Designer. You can hear more about Michael's career in the previous episode (#79). In this episode Michael shares about: - working on the short film test footage for 'Popeye' - working with an animation director and on the team for Hotel Transylvania 2 - and specific designs for the film. Lots of amazing behind-the-scenes info in this episode. Enjoy! You can learn more about Michael by visiting his website: _____________________________________________________ You can now support the show on Patreon and receive some amazing benefits! Business Coaching for Artists with John: Instagram:
This interview first aired in February of 2019. Michael Spooner is an Animation Visual Development Designer for the film and entertainment industry (he is also one of my closest friends). His credits include projects for Disney (The Emperor's New Groove, Lilo & Stitch), Dreamworks (Shrek), and Sony (Hotel Transylvania 2, Smurfs: The Lost Village). He has worked with Ralph Bakshi on 1978's animated version of Tolkien's 'The Lord of the Rings' and spent some time with He-Man in the 1980's. You can learn more about Michael by visiting his website: _____________________________________________________ You can now support the show on Patreon and receive some amazing benefits! Business Coaching for Artists with John: Instagram:
Mike Brennan is a storyteller who uses spoken work and visual art to bring life to his audience and to fellow creatives.  In this episode Mike shares about his creative journey into advertising design, then into ministry and then back into art as an encourager of other creatives. Mike is the host of the podcast, Creative Chats (Great show! Please find, subscribe and listen to it) and visual artist with a flair for popular culture. IG: Facebook Group: Mike Brennan ________________________________________ You can now support the show on Patreon and receive some amazing benefits! Business Coaching for Artists with John: Instagram:  
What should you do about your art education? There are so many ways to get from here to there but which is the right one for you? In this episode I share my thoughts on College, Degrees, Trade Schools, Learning online and Learning on-the-job.  You can now support the show on Patreon and receive some amazing benefits! ________________________________________ Business Coaching for Artists with John: Follow The Breakthrough Creative on Instagram. For guest suggestions, comment or questions please contact Follow John on instagram.
Catherine Borzym has been making and selling her art and craft since middle school (that's right... middle school). Catherine's journey began by designing and selling jewelry to her friends to help them complete their look and then became a grass roots venture as she booked and sold at fairs and farmers markets in the midwest. Catherine's strong organizational and administrative skills paired with her creative abilities enabled her to pivot to marketing and branding & graphic and website design through her company Kiwi Avenue. Catherine Borzym, CEO & Creative Director, has been an almost lifelong entrepreneur. From thirteen, when she started her first business, she’s been a leader, risk-taker, dreamer, and doer. Her favorite part of running Kiwi Avenue is transforming her client's plain documents and ideas into stunning brands, websites, and print materials that compel action and grow sales. Kiwi Avenue works with startups, award-winning speakers, and corporations to build attention-grabbing brands. A few of her projects include Apple, Sprint and Columbia University. ________________________________________ Business Coaching for Artists: Follow John on instagram. Follow The Breakthrough Creative on Instagram. For guest suggestions, comment or questions please contact  
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