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My journey into true crime began when my mom's sadistic and abusive step father had his DNA tested within the Golden State Killer case. Since his clearance, I have discovered just how many monsters had fit the mold of the East Area Rapist turned Original Night Stalker/Golden State Killer in California alone, This shocking discovery sparked my interest for true crime and my desire to help victim's family members get answers at long last, by sharing unsolved cases of the missing, murdered and unidentified. Thanks for listening and sharing!
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Navy Officer Elaine Faye Lehtinen's June 14, 1976, disappearance from Napa, CA, was my first podcast episode. Since then, I have received tips from some who have served with CWO3 Lehtinen. The tips are presented purely as theory, but the stories behind the potential connections are worth sharing. Did a notorious Soviet Spy have anything to do with Elaine Faye Lehtinen's disappearance? What do you think happened? Thanks for listening!Email me: naptimenancy@gmail.comText/Voicemail: with The ORACL3 NetworkThis episode was edited by Bear Beat Productions.PROMO: music is by Marc Walloch of AWOL Nation. Purchased from for this episode include:FBI Retired Case File Review with Jerry Williams Valley Register articles from Ginny McPartland & Nathan CrabbeAncestry.com August 29th 2014 articleNews Pilot ( article September 28th, 1966
Faye Jackson Dollar went missing on November 30th, 1980. She was found in the trunk of her own car, miles away, abandoned in a Atlanta hotel parking lot. Who murdered this mother of two and beloved high school teacher? Someone knows. It's not too late for justice. Call Atlanta Police Department at (404) 546-4235. If you would like to remain anonymous, you can email me at and I will turn the tip in for you. Or, leave me a voicemail or text through Google Voice at 503-558-6850. Edited by Bear Beat ProductionsPodcast Promos by Doe Podcast, Mouse & Weens, and Great Unsolved PodcastMusic by Mark Walloch of AWOL Nation, titled Backdoor Brawl. Purchased on premiumbeat.comSources :fbi.gov
In this episode, I share the unsolved serial killings of Gladys May Hensley, Janice Marie Dickinson, and Geraldine Spencer Toohey, who were sexually assaulted and murdered in Eugene, OR, from 1986 to 1988. In 2000, these three victims were connected via the DNA of one man. Eugene PD sought the services of Parabon Nanolabs to construct a computer generated composite sketch of the killer's face from his DNA. This DNA snapshot was revealed to the public in January of 2018. I break down these three cases, as well as multiple other unsolved murders around Oregon that are similar in nature, to see if there is any chance that these victims all share the same killer, as well as share some persons of interest from those similar crimes. Edited by BearBeatProductions.comAll tips pertaining to the three connected unsolved Eugene murders, AKA the man I've referred to as the Beaver State Slayer, please contact Eugene Police Department at (541)682-5162.Any information regarding ANY of the unsolved PORTLAND murders, should be sent to Portland Police Bureau at 503-823-0400,And any info regarding the unsolved SALEM murders should be sent to Salem Police Department at (503)-540-8006If you prefer to email a tip in rather than over the phone, I would be more than happy to turn any tips in FOR you. Email me at NaptimeNancy@gmail.comPodcast Promos By:LA Not So Confidential PodcastGhost Town PodcastMurderific PodcastIntro music is titled Backdoor Brawl by Marc Walloch of AWOL Nation. Purchased via Episode Sources Include:Philosophyofcrime.comWashapp.orgcasetext.comNewspapers.comMultnomah County LibraryStatesman Journal Via Newspapers.comPortlandOregon.govKVAL.comCapital Journal via Newspapers.comKLCC.orgJackBadler.comALbany Democrat Herald via
Sneha Ann Philip is listed as the 2,751st victim of the World Trade Center. However, much mystery surrounds her disappearance. I discuss a theory that I've not yet heard covered.This episode is part of my "Power Nap" mini episodes, which are available on my Patreon page, I'm posting it to main podcast streaming devices, so that listeners get a feel for the episode quality available on my Patreon page. Thank you for listening, and stay tuned for Episode 8 out soon, and Patreon Power Nap episode 3 out this month as well!Photo credit:
Brian "Joe" Page disappeared in the wee hours of Sunday January 13th, 1975, after taking LSD with a friend at a party. Both Joe and Joe's friend's car were never seen again. His friend claims to have zero recollection of what happened. In this episode, I will walk listeners through the timeline, and explore the myths and facts surrounding the effects of the drug LSD. Joe's disappearance has been discussed online as possibly being linked to Chicago serial kiiller, John Wayne Gacy, so I will be breaking down this theory as well. Thanks for listening!Contact Portland Police Bureau with any tips! Newspapers.comStatesman me at
This is part 2 of the story of how my sexual assault experience from college has effected me mentally and physical. In this second half, I share how watching Netflix's Unbelievable helped inspire and encourage me to finally tell my parents about my rape after 16 years. There are also resources at the end of the episode regarding how to seek help for your own sexual assault, PTSD, and/or eating disorder. Thank you so much for listening!
This episode is a two part episode where I share my sexual assault from college and how I went from blaming myself to being able to admit that I was raped out loud. I use snark and humor to explain my story, so it doesn't get too heavy. More twists and surprises to come in part stay tuned and thank you for listening!
Eddie Morgan Jr was just shy of 46 years old when he was gunned down on the streets of NE Portland, OR, in 1994. He had no criminal record, was never into drugs, and was a happy-go-lucky guy who loved sharing weather updates with everyone he encountered. So who could have wanted Eddie dead? And will anyone ever pay for stealing the life of this man?
Air Force Captain, ICU nurse, and single mother, Nonnie Ann Dotson, went missing on November 19th, 2009, in the Denver suburbs of Littleton, CO. In the middle of the day. I cover the timeline of Nonnie's disappearance, case theories, and had the privilege of speaking to Nonnie's sister-in-law, Aimee. Aimee shares memories of Nonnie and answers many questions I've had regarding this strange case.
Brothers Charles, Thomas and Edwin Emery lived together in the Greenlake neighborhood of Seattle for over 50 years. Never married, no kids. No one suspected their house would be full of missing posters of missing and murdered children and little girls clothes. Seattle Police's Internet Crimes Against Children Unit needs more survivors and witnesses to come forward so that they may solve more cases. I interview my mom, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and she gives insight into the perspective of survivors from both a child and an adults perspective. I also embarrass myself at the end of the episode as a reward for listening to such an intense topic. Thanks for listening!
On March 29th, 1995, a group scavenging in an irrigation ditch discovered a refrigerator submerged in water. Upon opening the refrigerator to explore the contents, they discovered the body of a strawberry blonde woman. That woman still remains unidentified 25 years later. This episode breaks down the case details. as well as how this woman may be connected to a serial killer. Special guest interview by former Assistant Sheriff and Coroner for the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department, John Huber. Thanks for listening and sharing!
Elaine Faye Lehtinen was a successful Chief Warrant Officer in the US Navy, stationed at Mare Island Naval Base in Vallejo, CA. She had been a record sharpshooter for the US Navy Rifle Team and was well on her way to being promoted to Lieutenant. Until she disappeared from her own home on June 14th, 1976 in Napa, CA. First considered AWOL, the investigation into her disappearance was minimal. But law enforcement would soon start to theorize that Elaine Lehtinen's disappearance was either due to her becoming a government spy....or, that she was murdered. Join me as I break down the case details and various theories as to what could have happened to CWO3, Elaine Faye Lehtinen.
On Mother's Day Weekend 2016, my life would forever change. My mom pushed past her deepest fears and turn her step-father in as a potential person of interest within the Golden State Killer case. This into episode is my pregnant and anxiety ridden journey as Knocked Up Nancy Drew. Trying to research the Golden State Killer case, while simultaneously researching potential connections to my mom's step-father, trying to help my Complex PTSD feel safe and waiting for my mom's step-father's DNA results to come back from the Sacramento Crime lab. This is the story of how I became known as Naptime Nancy.
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Interesting case, NN

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