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Every Wednesday, hosts JB & Urban Laughter trade insults, discuss modern dating, social issues & viral moments while navigating life as Millennials.
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Black Magic:Cameron TuckerRude Talk:Thanksgiving traditionsAITA - Thanksgiving edition
This week's episode is all about #Insecure. We are talking about the first three episodes of Insecure. We also take a moment to express our dislike for dating people that have those things that eat chicken nuggets... also known as kids.
And we're back! The Rude Urban Truth with yet another new episode. This week, we have our usual Black Magic and some weird situations that took were posted on Reddit. They were so crazy. We dive into the Travis Scott thing*Disclaimer*The recording of this episode was before a lot of the videos started releasing to show how close some of the incidents were to him and how it would have been hard to ignore what has taken place. Our views have changed from the recording. Don't jump down our throats lolWe also talk about Will and Jada. #TravisScott #WillSmith #Jada #RedTableTalk #sex #RudeTalk #RudeNews #BlackMagicWomen #BlackWomen #Reddit #Bestof
138: Its A Sex Pardayyy

138: Its A Sex Pardayyy


This week, we are talking #sex. Not all nasty...with yall nasty minds. We are talking about the conversations that a lot of us didn't have growing up to be informed and educated about sex. This was all prompted by #LetsTalkBruh and the most recent episode of #RedTableTalk. We also talk about #ReginaKing and #MissyElliott finally receiving their stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This was a fun ride!
Black Magic:Tiffany Fitzgerald - Founder of Black Girls GolfRude Talk:Rude NewsAITABoosie and his homophobic comments
Black Magic:Kendall Rae JohnsonRude Talk:Rude NewsAITAOverbearing Mother-In-LawsThe photograph that didn't get to eatLiving While Black"We are all a little racist" said the white teacher to the black studentsJay-Z
135: Hell No, Go Home

135: Hell No, Go Home


Black Magic:Rayshawn and Akeem MimsRude Talk:Y'all, we shootin the shit this episode. Anything goes. We are touching on whatever comes to mind and anything we could find.Also.R. Kelly :-/
134: Bumpin' In The Bushes

134: Bumpin' In The Bushes


Black Magic: Diana Kinard and Dawn Frazier (Shades of Favor)Rude Talk:Rude NewsAITADating your bossWho should pay for the wedding?Living While Black:Lost and missing black and brown peopleWhat momma says goes!
Black Magic:Amber ByrdRude Talk:Rude News - Ass wiping on produce and moreAITA: Assuming your friend cheated and lots of other dmaraHook me up if you want me to save myself for marriage, ChurchFour Lokos, Everclear, and the many bad decisions that we made in collegeLiving While Black:SchollyThe 20th anniversary of The Blueprint and the 32nd anniversary of Rhythm Nation 1814
Black Magic Woman:Chris WachiraRude Talk:Rude NewsAm I The AssholeY'all giving auntie the money or nah?Living While BlackJust taking a moment to celebrate two young black queens: Chloe Bailey and Normani
Black Magic: Rachelle Baker - Black illustrator to produce four stories from Black women in different tech sectors for Google’s Black Women in Tech campaignRude Talk:Rude NewsAITALiving While BlackRIP Michael K WilliamsSoulfood Fest in Pittsburgh
130: Here's Your Bill, Hoe

130: Here's Your Bill, Hoe


We been gone for a minute, now we're back at the jumpoff. We are BACK after a two week break. We are talking all kinds of mayhem and foolishness like the #MilkCrateChallenge #AITA #WeirdNews and everything else.Our Black Magic Woman of the week of #PaulanaLamonier, the founder of #BlackPeopleWillSwim.
129: White Washing

129: White Washing


Black Magic: Black Female AthletesRude Talk: Splitting checks, AITA, Weird News and moreLiving While Black: R. Kelly trial begins. Happy Cork
And we're back.This time we are talking #KieranMoise in #BlackMagic, all kinds of #RudeNews like finding 18 snakes under your bed and naming your cat after your ex, #DaBaby giving us a #DaPology that we should have gotten in the first place, side piece testimonials, and, of course, we have an #AITA for you.
Black Magic: #LevarBurton for his upcoming week as the #Jeopardy guest host.Rude Talk: #Florida and the crazy stories when you search #FloridaMan, #JasonCollier must have a kid because there's a guy who was recently caught by three girls he was dating, #AITA, #Situationships and a story you have to hear to believe and it is toooooo funny.Living While Black: #VanJones and the $100 Million donation from Bezos, #LebronJames, and #DrDre and the alimony his ex-wife has been awarded
126:  Shaped Like A Cutlass

126: Shaped Like A Cutlass


122: It's Sha'Carri, Baby

122: It's Sha'Carri, Baby


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