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The Journey to an ESOP
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The Journey to an ESOP

Author: Phil Hayes

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The podcast covers information that is helpful for business owners and managers contemplating an ESOP as a growth, succession and/or exit plan. It anticipates the questions that will be asked in episodes that simplify the process so that the listener can better understand the path to an ESOP and whether or not they wish to pursue it.
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This episode covers the basics in documenting your competition as a step along the process of moving towards an ESOP transaction.  It will provide a discussion on the importance of documenting competition and practical steps in getting started.
In this episode Rich and I highlight the ability to transition a Medical practice to an ESOP and solutions related to proper licensing.
This episode highlights the issue of being prepared with a succession and exit plan relative to an ESOP.  It encourages the listener to avoid planning in a crisis situation by covering pitfalls of not planning and some areas of motivation.
This episode focuses specifically on government contractors becoming ESOPs with an informative interview with Andy Watson with expertise in both ESOPs and Government Contractors.
This episode provides insight into one of the most important numbers you need in evaluating the sale of your business.  There is helpful information to help you review your business valuation so that you can determine if it is truly a valid estimate of the potential enterprise value of your business.
This interview debuts a fairly new company providing support related to communicating the ESOP message throughout the company to employees.  Thomas explains the need to build an ESOP culture and how their tools really add value to the process.
This episode peers into some of the psychological and emotional issues that business owners should be aware of as they work through a potential transaction towards an ESOP.
In this episode Renee and I discuss the roadmap for an ESOP closing and go into detail as to the documentation of the ESOP transaction as well as some of the pitfalls in getting deals completed.
This episode evaluates the risk related to becoming an internal trustee for an ESOP company.  What are the risks of being a trustee and does it make sense for your ESOP to plan on having an external trustee.  We discuss some of the pros and cons to help companies plan for this important aspect on their journey to an ESOP. 
This interview focuses on the process of ESOP lending for the leveraged transaction considering the underwriting process.  It also discusses how a bank can do loans for ESOPs outside their market.
This episode is going to focus on understanding how the issues of a family business can affect your plans to utilize the ESOP as a strategy for succession and exit of your business.
This episode explores the ESOP company from an owner perspective.  There are a lot of wins when it comes to an ESOP but consider for a moment how the customer wins in dealing with an ESOP company.
This episode helps to explain the role of the board and trustee to shed some light on who is in charge of an ESOP company
This episode focuses on explaining the process of doing normalization adjustments to properly estimate cash flow for a company's business valuation.  Normalization adjustments can make a big difference in your numbers on your planning for an ESOP.
This is our 2nd interview with Greg Daugherty with Porter Wright in Columbus, OH.   Greg and I discuss the planning side of what companies will do with their existing 401(k) plans when you combine them with a brand new ESOP.  What are the issues behind safe harbor and highly compensated people.  Additionally, what is a KSOP and when would we want to incorporate their use in the planning of your new ESOP. 
This episode covers an overview of how to do strategic planning in a step by step process to be prepared to move through the ESOP process with an advantage that provides higher valuations and more sustainable results.
This episode provides a guide for company owners considering an ESOP through an interview with a very experienced ESOP attorney from the Midwest.  We discuss many things including what makes a good target company for an ESOP and how to find the right ESOP team to facilitate a healthy transaction.
This episode provides an overview of the 1042 tax treatment for Capital gains tax deferral benefits applied to an ESOP transaction.
This episode allows us to look at the ESOP transaction process from the point of view of one of the key corporate managers going through the process.  Brian and his fellow managers had the opportunity to purchase the company as an MBO but decided on a 100 percent ESOP instead. This is a very informative episode.
This episode covers the details behind how SARS - Stock Appreciation Rights programs are utilized in ESOP transactions as management incentive plans.
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Denis Cowley

Just what the doctor ordered if you are considering an ESOP

Mar 14th
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