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Plan B Meditation

Plan B Meditation


Life doesn't always go to plan. In fact, life rarely seems to go to plan. We can't let those little bumps in the road, or even huge obstacles keep us from moving forward in our life. We need to be able to shift into another gear, change lanes, or take another route. This meditation hopes to help remind us that there is always another way. There is always plan B. One breath at a time.
Self discipline is the only way to form new habits and achieve new goals. Keeping your word with yourself is the first step towards being able to keep your word with others. Many times we can get swept away by the daily struggle and days, weeks, months can go by in between steps towards progress. Meditation can help form new patterns of behavior, to break free of unproductive thoughts and habits. One breath at a time.
In the ebb and flow of life, it can be difficult to remind ourselves that the ups and downs are what define us. They create us. Good, bad, ugly. We are who we are because of all the things that have happened in our life. With perspective, we can always look back and be thankful for everything because we are who we are because of them. In the moment, it's not quite as easy. This meditation hopes to remind the meditator to take a moment and ride the wave of life, one breath at a time.
In our daily lives it can be very easy to put insurmountable amounts of pressure on ourselves to achieve, achieve, achieve and lose sight of the importance of little victories. Some days, just getting up in the morning and giving it another shot is, in fact, a victory because it could be easier to quit and never try again. This meditation hopes to help the meditator remember that life is a marathon and not a race and the way forward is one breath at a time.
We are predisposed to negative and unproductive thoughts. We spend so much of our time focusing on what is going wrong and all the things we don't have but that way of thinking only keeps us miserable. That is why it is important to remind ourselves to be grateful for the things we do have. This meditation hopes to help remind the meditator that the only way to finding joy in our life is through gratitude. One breath and a time.
In life, we often pick up baggage along the way. Sometimes this baggage consists of big things like childhood and relationship trauma but we also pick up numerous little things along the way and those little things may not seem like much but they add up over time and just weight us down. This meditation hopes to help you be more mindful of the baggage we pick up and consider handling those little things as they arise so we don't carry them with us for years.
It is easy to forget how easy things are in modern times. It's easy to forget how slow things used to be. But somehow, the faster things get, the less patient we become. There is a wisdom in patience that says "I know things will happen in their own time". It take s a lot of practice. This meditation hopes to remind the meditator to be mindful that things will happen when they happen, no sooner, no later. One breath at a time.
Over time we find ourselves in certain agreements with the people in our lives and sometimes those relationships fall into patterns where we are expected to give all of ourselves and put ourselves last in the list of priorities. These are arrangements that we have agreed to over time but may not leave us feeling appreciated or fulfilled. This meditation hopes to remind the meditator that we all deserve better and change only comes from within ourselves. One breath at a time.
We get attached. We all do. The trick to life though, is to become deeply involved in our life all while being less attached to it. This meditation hopes to help the meditator to deal with attachment through our breath. Breathe in, detach and breathe out. Over and over again.
Life gets hectic and it is often hard to find a way into relaxation. Even when we purposefully take a few minutes to meditate, we are often met with a busy mind that makes it very hard to unplug from the chaos. This meditation aims to help the meditator with a simple tip to hyper-focus the breath into your body, all while doing a complete relaxing body scan.
Sometimes we allow ourselves to get too busy or overwhelmed to give time for meditation. The thing is that meditation is good for us, even as a one time thing but the real benefits come from a daily routine and practice. This meditation hopes to assist the meditator some space to deepen the practice of daily meditation.
Years and years of negative thought patterns have programmed our mind to think a certain way and eventually it just becomes our personality, how we see the world. If we want to reprogram our minds to think a different way, first we must notice them and have the presence of mind to stop ourselves when we slip into those patterns and replace them with more productive thoughts. This meditation hopes to help the meditator do just that by focusing, as always, on our breath.
The chaos of daily life often leads to distraction, worry, anxiety, depression and this chaos makes it so easy to forget that the only time we actually have in life, is the present moment. This mediation aims to help the meditator rejoin the present moment through breath and stillness. Be well.
Very often we feel like we cannot take a break so when we do take a break, we beat ourselves up for it later. This meditation hopes to help the meditator that we can't burn the candle from both ends all the time. We need a break. We need to unplug from time to time just to reset and rebalance ourselves for the next thing that comes our way. Come unplug with us for a few minutes. Be well.
Facing Fear Meditation

Facing Fear Meditation


Many times we decide to do something new only to be met with an infinite amount of excuses and hesitation that only convinces us to procrastinate that thing, whatever it may be. This is called resistance and that kind of internal resistance is sent to us by our ego, which is trying to preserve and protect. How many times have we all not done something we wanted to do because we were afraid or failure, embarrassment, rejection, etc.? This meditation .hopes to remind the meditator that our fear is merely a compass pointing us in the direction we need to go to transcend ourselves. The answer is not to go around but to go through.
When we are overcome with emotion it is very easy to lose sight of the fact that the pain is temporary but if we can learn that our pain and emotions come and go in waves, perhaps we can gain some mindfulness and perspective as we experience those things in the moment. This meditation aims to help the meditator remember to ride the wave of the present moment. Namaste.
Negativity can pile up on us through out our life. So much so that it is very easy to start to believe that nothing good will ever happen. People will suggest affirmations and law of attraction and many are skeptical that those things will ever work for them. The trust is that they will work only if we believe they will. They won't work, if we believe they won't. We have to retain ourselves to not feel silly thinking positively. That silly feeling is resistance and cynicism creeping back in. This meditation aims to help the meditator regain some peace and balance while reminding them that good things can happen, if only you just believe they can. Namaste.
Sometimes when we get overwhelmed by the things happening in our life, we can very easily get sucked into freezing up, not knowing what to do or where to go next and we begin to stagnate in that feeling of insecurity and if we are not careful, that feeling can become our new normal and the next thing we know, that's just how we feel all the time. This meditation hopes to remind the meditator that the easiest way to snap yourself out of that feeling is to keep moving forward, one breath at a time. Namaste.
Letting Go Meditation

Letting Go Meditation


Holding on to expectations is one of the fastest way to ensure our suffering and one of the fastest ways to ensure our peace of mind is to let go of those expectations. It is easier said than done but it is possible through practice of meditation. This meditation hopes to help with the letting go by following our breath. Namaste.
Our life can carry us away when we aren't looking. The mindfulness we get from practicing meditation can very easily point us back in the direction of the present moment that we can loose sight of so easily. The breath is our compass. In and out. In and out. Namaste.
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