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Life in Chile can be difficult to navigate - especially if you're getting adjusted to living abroad. Join hosts Lenny and Bethany as they explore and discuss the latest Chilean news, cultural insights, travel, business, politics, sports, and more! Visit to discover additional content and connect with us on Instagram at @chiletodaynews. You can also reach us directly by sending an email to
94 Episodes
Chile Today Podcast: S04E02 "Security Update and the Census"We are back! After a short delay due to some shenanigans, we have your news and two dives into security with fun numbers from Lenny as well as the history of the census that Bethany covers in the most fascinating way possible!Support the Show.
Chile Today Podcast: S04E01 "April News"Bethany and Lenny are back for a new season to talk about Chilean news, cultural events, travel, business and more. The first episode of season 4 is a quick news recap of the biggest headlines of April. Plus, our hosts catch up and talk about upcoming events in Chile.Support the Show.
S3 episode 25: Biggest News of 2023The time has come once again for Lenny and Bethany to wrap up the third season of the Chile Today Podcast. This time we bring the year to a close with a roundup of all the biggest news stories of 2023. From the Caso Convenios to the Royalty Minero, we cover it all. Plus we update you on all of the upcoming events.Remember to follow us on instagram and facebook for more updates and new episodes.Support the Show.
S3 episode 24: The NEW Constitutional ProposalBethany and Lenny got their study hats on and dug deep into the new constitutional proposal! With the vote coming soon, they discuss the good, bad, and ugly. Tune in!Support the Show.
S3 episode 23: Green HydrogenWe are back from our Pan American Games hiatus. However, brilliant Bethany is not with us this time. Accompany Pingüino and Lenny as they take advantage of Bethany's absence to take a deep dive in to Green Hydrogen.Lenny takes the lead and answers all the big questions regarding Hydrogen. What makes it green? Why is it important? Who needs it? Why is it being made in Chile? And more importantly, Why does Lenny know so much about it?Support the Show.
S3 episode 21: October news!Lenny and Bethany cover all of your October new. All the updates you need about the conditional convention, some potential corruption, and more!Support the Show.
S3 Episode 20: Interview with Jimmy ThydenJimmy’s story made the news all over the world a few months ago as he was reunited with his biological mother 42 years after he was taken away from her right after birth by a human trafficking ring, operating unencumbered under the Pinochet regime. Jimmy, who grew up in the US and is now a criminal defense attorney, has made it his mission to find and help the victims of this scheme to get a chance to reunite with their biological relatives. We are th...
S3 episode 19: 50 years since the coupOn our special episode, Bethany guides us through the events related to the coup d'état on September 11th, exactly 50 years ago when Chile lost its democracy. Lenny also shares news of recent events in Chile.Support the Show.
S3 episode 18: August News!

S3 episode 18: August News!


S3 episode 18: August News! While Lenny is out on vacation, Bethany and Pingüino take over to make sure you're up-to-date with the latest news in Chile. From Cabinet changes to DRAMA good enough to be its own telenovela. Tune in!Support the Show.
S3, Episode 17: Chile's electrical system part IIThis week, Bethany and Pingüino will update you on recent news and upcoming events. Then follow Lenny as he continues his deep dive in to Chile’s electrical system, this time focusing on the challenges that Chile is facing today.Support our pod by joining us in Patreon! Lots of extras just for you! Tip sheets, tickets to events, merch and more!Support the Show.
Season 3, Episode 16: Chile’s Electrical System Part IThis week, after a news update from Bethany, Lenny will take you by the proverbial hand and show you the metamorphosis of Chile’s electrical system, explain how we got to where we are now as well as the challenges that Chile is facing on account of this today.Support our pod by joining us in Patreon! Lots of extras just for you! Tip sheets, tickets to events, merch and more!Support the Show.
S3 episode 15: The Complex & Controversial Life of Pablo NerudaThis week, Bethany takes you on a journey of the life of author and politician, Pablo Neruda. There may be more to him than meets the eye. Good...and...super not good. Also, Lenny has news updates!Support the Show.
S3 Episode 14: June News

S3 Episode 14: June News


S3 Episode 14: June NewsStart this week with Bethany and Lenny as they fill you in on all the news happening in Chile. From new controversial highways to the new constitutional process, and everything in between. We also bring you upcoming events.Support the Show.
Season 3 EP. 13: "The La Polar Controversy"Lenny takes a deep dive into the controversy of one of Chile's largest retail stores.Support the Show.
S3 Episode: 12 The New Convention & May NewsLenny and Bethany get into the nitty-gritty of what he heck is going on with the new constitutional process. But don't worry. If you're tired of hearing about the process, Bethany has all your news updates !Support the Show.
S3 Episode 11: April news!

S3 Episode 11: April news!


S3 Episode 11: April news!Bethany and Lenny are back in action and have all your most current events including LITHIUM updates.Support the Show.
S3 episode 10: The Chilean Fire BrigadeWhile Lenny enjoys his vacation in Germany, Pingüino and Bethany bring you up-to-date on the latest news and the anything and everything you wanted to know about the history of the Chilean Fire Brigade!Support the Show.
S3 episode 9: "March News"

S3 episode 9: "March News"


S3 episode 9: "March News" Lenny and Bethany bring you all the news you need from March! So much has happened. Exciting tax news, space news, and more! Tune in!Support the Show.
S3 episode 8 part 2: LithiumLenny finishes up his in-depth study of lithium and how the exploration and mining is currently operating in Chile. Bethany has got you covered on the most recent news!Support the Show.
S3 episode 7 part 1: LithiumBethany takes on the news this week, updating you on the forest fire situation while Lenny goes deep into Lithium in Chile! What even is it ???? Well Lenny knows.Support the Show.