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Our Doctrine is Apostolic, Our Worship is Pentecostal, Our Lifestyle is Holiness. One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism. Biblical Wisdom for a Modern World; Angels, Spiritual Warfare, Ancient History, Signs of the Times, Earth Changes, and Real Science. Exposing the dark forces of the world. Seeking the Spoken Word, the Written Word, and the Living Word.
107 Episodes
A talk with Timothy Alberino, David Carroco, and John Pounders, on genetic manipulation, transhumanis, fallen angels, and end times
Let’s lift up the name of the Lord in another gospel singing jam session.
Jon Pounders and David Carrico discuss the dark forces that are controlling the world. They discuss what really happened in 1776, and 1913. They discuss the roots of the Illuminati and freemasonry. They also discuss how modern day churches have failed us by not telling us the truth.
Fighting the fight of the faith
Join with me with another praise and worship session with reflection from the spoken word, the written word, and the living word.
As we deal with the third message on God’ name, plan, and people, we will look at His plan throughout history of having a people that will represent Him. This was planed before the foundation of the world, and being fulfilled right before our eyes.
To understand the Bible one must have a knowledge of the events and symbolism that is found in the book of Genesis. We will be looking at what really happened in the garden of Eden, angelic manipulation of the human race, seduction in the garden of Eden, and is it happening again today.
Names are important, they tell us about a person, their qualities, and who they are. The same goes for the name of God. Knowing His name gives us knowledge of everything we can know about Him. In a first of many messages we will dig deep into ancient Hebrew to explain His name, and why it has been suppress for so many years. I will prove to you that His name is “Ahayah Elohim” and that this is His name is a memorial and His eternal name for all generation.
A message on the devil and how he used Judas in your church to cause trouble, deception, and betrayal.
Holiness and the works of the flesh
Exposing false prophets in a modern world
A talk given by Elaine Pagels on the Gnostic Gospels that are in the Nag Hammadi Scriptures found in Egypt in the early 1940s
Jesus is Lord. Let's praise His name Today In song and the written Word we will lift Him up.
Join with me as we gather here from all over the world to praise and lift up our Lord. We will be singing praises unto Him with some thoughts on how good He really is.
Welcome to a praise and worship session with refection from the written Word. Today we will give an overview of the events of the year of 2020. We will look at some of the events and do our best to shed some light and a little wisdom.
A discussion between Keith Nester and Trent Horn on false claims that the Catholic Church is pagan
Join with me as we praise the Lord from the mountains down to the valleys, from the cities and way out to the countries.
Today we will discuss historical truths of the various gods and goddesses that were worshiped in the early days of our history, such as; Baal, Ishtar, Marduk and others. We will also share what the return of the nephlim will be like.
We come this day to praise and magnify the name of the Lord with songs and reflection on His Word
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