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Whether you like it or not we are in a spiritual warfare. Soulless beings are walking among us. The Elite are determined to wipe out many in our population. Politicians are ruling the land with an iron fist. Is there hope all of this? Yes. Just as God is 3 in 1, so are you and I. We are body, soul, and spirit. God made us in His image and likeness. Don’t let the powers that be mess with your genetics and DNA.
Tonight’s message - Surviving in a World of Evil and Wickeness
Good evening with lots of blessings
An afternoon session of praise and worship songs and music. Be sure to listen to the last song, ‘Your Voice’, people have been known to be healed of many afflictions and diseases. Let the voice of the Lord touch you in many ways.
We are exposing the dark forces that are in this world. Lies and deception are coming out in full exposure. We are in a simulation and I will show you how to get out of you.
Join with us this afternoon for a praise and worship experience
We are continuing our a series of messages on renewing of your mind, we will be exposing more lies deception in our workd
The renewing of your mind is a difficult process, but it must be done to get the world out of your thinking abilities, Jesus preached a message that challenged the systems that he was in. His main message was the kingdom of God operating in the earth today.
The western mindset is warped with feelings and emotions. The demonic realm is just as real her as it is in the east. The difference here it has been so glamorous in movies, tv, and the news media. Demons are real here in America,some don’t see them. They hide in our feelings and emotions. We are ruled by sight and what we see, but do not see the truth behind the veil. We know more about our favorite movies, tv shows than we know the Word-of God. Today we will expand on why we should renew our minds in God’s word. There is a transforming process that happens when we let the Word of God transform us. If you really want true peace, joy and happiness, take this journey with me.
God established natural laws into the earth at creation. With this he gave us the key of knowledge in operating into the principles that are found in these mysteries.
This is the time we must take our authority that Christ has given us back in the earth. In order to do this we must be submitted to God and his perfect will.
This message is very important and vital in these days that we are living in
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