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God has a name, God has a plan, God has a people. God’s name is Jesus Christ, God’s plan is His Kingdom in You, God’s people are revealed in the 12 Tribes of Israel. You wake up one day and find out you have been deceived and lied to. Your whole world and mindset have been shattered. This is when it is imperative that you seek, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Let us study ancient history, the scriptures, and using the power of prayer. We will take a journey that will take us beyond time and space. You will see God, yourselves, and others in such a new way. It will take you into who you are, and why you are here.
84 Episodes
The truth about things we remembered have been changed
We have been called, chosen, and we are to be faithful. In doing this God has given us the five-fold ministry, the gifts and fruit of the spirit. Let’s spend some time in praises to Him and reflecting inHis Word.
An overview of the Holy Ghost in our lives
Who and what is Baal
Images of Jesus and that God is a Spirit
First of many messages on the oneness of God
As we continue with the discussion with early Christian thought, let us look at a side of Jesus that has been lost or hidden from us.
Join with us for a day of praises to our Lord
Welcome to Saturday Morning Praises with Paul E Jones
A time of praise and worship to the most high God of heaven and the earth. We praise him from the mountains we praise him down in the valley. He is worthy of all our praises. Magnify his name everywhere that we go, each and ever day we will lift him
The second in a study on gnostism, early church that was suppressed and almost wiped out. John Lamb Lash is the speaker
The first of many discussions on gnostic history, teachings, and how the Roman church tried to stop it.
Are you ready for another Time to praise and worship from the apostolic Pentecostal network. Then you are at the right place the right time and the right moment to praise the name of the Lord our God. We will also talk about the song Amazing Grace.
It’s that time again when we lift up the name of the Lord with songs of praise is an adoration. We will also do some dedications some prayers and hymns. Pray for us as we will be what God wants us to be.
This afternoon we come together to Praise and lift up the name of the Lord
Join me for another Gospel Music Celebration. I will be sharing some gospel songs and hymns this evening. Be Blessed.
Welcome again for another Sunday celebration. We will sing some praise and worship songs and share on the eternal spoken word of God.
The Perfect Father

The Perfect Father


Let's experience the presence of the Heavenly Father
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