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In this episode I speak about a recent change in perspective that I've had around beauty and fitness. I ditched make-up years ago in pursuit of inner self love vs. drawing my sense of self worth from what I looked like. It seemed a natural next step on my yogic journey, and really fits in to the philosophy 'pratyahara' which is the withdrawal of the senses. This is a process of withdrawing from that which is external in order to surrender into the deeper, more introspective practices of yoga. I didn't realize it until recently, that in my withdrawal from my physical appearance I have, in some ways, withdrawn from forms of self-care.This episode is a shorter realization that I've had as I've reframed my relationship with health & fitness, and my coming full circle as a new version of self who is able to revisit these things again without getting lost in them like I have in the past, or drawing too much self worth from them. There are so many influencing factors to how we think & feel about ourselves and our sense of self worth that it can be important to withdraw for a period to shift our mindset so that we can learn to truly love & accept ourselves fully and wholly as we are. As always, I love connecting with you friends! Thanks so much for listening, for reaching out over ig & fb (@the.holistic.hippie) and for sharing your stories and realizations with me. xx JessiSupport the show (
In this episode we talk, very carefully, about considering the idea that some of the anxiety that we experience as a collective and individually may actually be a sign that you are empathically absorbing the emotions and energies of those around you. It is so difficult to speak to mental health and mental illness in a nuanced way, so the disclaimer here is that the topic of this episode does not in any way undermine your experiences with anxiety, depression, or mental health in general. In this episode I share my own experiences with mental health and making the connections between the times that I am truly feeling anxiety and the times that I am actually picking up on the emotions and energies of others. We are all connected, all of us, and we are constantly transmitting non-verbal communication back and forth so this episode is inviting you into a deeper level of self-awareness so as to understand what exactly you are feeling within. As always, I love connecting with you so please feel free to drop me a dm on IG or FB (@the.holistic.hippie) to share your insights, your experiences, and get the lines of communication open as we cultivate these beautiful connections. xx JessiSupport the show (
This episode was inspired by a conversation with one of you amazing listeners over instagram chat and I decided to record an episode about the topic of discussion - money! With gas prices rising it seemed a reasonable time to share about the financial trauma my partner and I endured early on in our relationship, and how we have redefined our relationship with money. I'll admit, money can be a cringy topic. Something that I have never personally cared too much about, until I had none and realized that I was polarizing my experience with money based on my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about it. In this episode I share some pretty personal financial struggles and how we've navigated living below the poverty line and how we shifted our experience from lack to abundance. Now, we are by no means wealthy in the $$ sense of the word, but we are well-thy and savvy with managing and manifesting what we need. We live in absolute abundance no matter what the economic climate is like because we learned how to reframe our beliefs and practices around money. So - full disclosure, if you are looking to get rich this is NOT the podcast for that ~ but if you are looking to tap into abundance in every sense of the word, perhaps you may be inspired by our story. As always, feel free to connect with me via IG - @the.holistic.hippie - I love to hear from you and chat about your #metoo moments. This family is growing and we are all so connected by these shared experiences, it warms my heart to get your messages!xxJessiSupport the show (
In this episode I speak about a recent situation & experience that led her to some deeper insights about my own journey. I briefly outline the energetic chakra system as a structure to look at our emotional, psychological development, revisiting the experiences we've had as children in order to reframe our belief system as adults. Learn more about the chakras are here, and start to dive deeper into your own behaviours, beliefs, and life shaping experiences. As always, whenever I share personal stories about the people in my life, I do so with the utmost love & respect - the people that have challenged me most I revere as my greatest teachers, my Gurus.  I share these experiences to support your own reflections of your experiences and your ongoing personal growth & development. Thanks for tuning in & please feel free to connect with me anytime!xx JessiSupport the show (
According to Yoga Philosophy, there are 5 main obstacles, or kleshas, on the spiritual path. These serve as an amazing framework for our own personal journey through life and seem just as relevant now as they were thousands of years ago. In this episode, Jessi goes over the 5 kleshas, describing them and sharing personal stories that help to demonstrate how they may be at play in our own lives. It is important to understand that Yoga is not a religion, it is a philosophy and a mental science that describes practices for self-realization. Many of these ancient practices are so relevant to the present day and can be useful tools to help us understand and navigate the challenging times we are facing. As always, please feel free to connect with me via instagram or email - I love hearing from you and learning about your journey, your insights, and what you'd like to hear more of on the podcast. Much love to you all! Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti~ Peace, Peace, Peace ~xx Jessi@the.holistic.hippiejessi@theholistichippie.caSupport the show (
This episode comes with a trigger warning because even the title has the potential to set you off if you're experiencing a challenging time. In this episode I invite you to set aside your current paradigm and try on something new, even if just for a moment. A new way of thinking, of being, of perceiving, and of experiencing your life. Tune in for what felt like a long rambling rant about how everything that has happened to you, is happening now, and will ever happen to you is for your greatest benefit. As always, I love connecting with you so please send me a message with any insights, aha's, or your topic requests via email or IG @the.holistic.hippiexxJessiSupport the show (
In this episode I share my present reflections on the stage of growth that I am currently shifting into, while observing the many stages of growth & development. I discuss the concept of chasing happiness vs. inner peace and I introduce the 5 Klesha's, which are in Yoga Philosophy as the 5 obstacles on our path that create suffering; Ignorance, Egoism, Attachment, Aversion, and Fear of Death. This episode is an open contemplation on what it means to take responsibility for our emotions and the concept of allowing emotions to pass before making decisions or assigning too much importance to our emotions. This is an episode that invites you to consider your own inner emotional landscape and explore with me what it might mean to choose inner peace over the constant pursuit of happiness. As always - I love connecting with you on instagram @the.holistic.hippie or hearing your insights and episode requests via email so don't be a stranger! xxJessiSupport the show (
In this episode, I share a bit more about my experience with body dysmorphia, disordered eating, dis-ease, mental health, and how it's all connected to diet & nutrition. I speak about the journey I have been on with food and how I've had to change the way I look at things in order to fall into a more harmonious way of eating.  For me, diet is the spiritual practice of nourishment and I have entirely changed my perspective. I was the least likely person to ever become a Holistic Nutritionist, and if I can make these changes, anyone can do it. As always, I love hearing from you. Feel free to connect with me on Instagram @the.holistic.hippie or drop me a line at and let me know what you want to hear more of on the show. Have a beautiful day my friends! xxJessiSupport the show (
In this episode I discuss the idea of conscious relationships, inviting awareness into all of your relationships whether they are intimate, familial, or friendships. It is said that how we do one thing is how we do all things, so how are you showing up in your relationships? It took me experiencing 4 different emotionally & physically abusive relationships to pull myself out of victim mode and realize that I was the common denomenator. The real work begins with cultivating a radical sense of awareness, pulling away from our egos in order to observe ourselves from a place of neutrality. As always, I love connecting with listeners so please feel free to reach out via email or through instagram @the.holistic.hippie - you can even inquire about working with me virtually if you're in a place in your life where you could use some insight & guidance. xxJessiSupport the show (
In this episode, Jessi talks about her experiences with medicinal plants like psilocybin, ayahuasca, and DMT. She describes her journies with these substances and talks a bit about what is possible when we work with these plants in an intentional way. There is such a stigma around plant medicine because our Western culture tends to abuse substances and we are missing the ceremonial aspects that have been used traditionally by Shamanic cultures and tribes across the world. Looking for a cheap thrill vs. sitting in a ceremony are two entirely different things. Our intention helps to create the right set & setting for a healing, transformative experience. As mentioned in this episode - plant medicine is not right for everyone. It is so incredibly important to be in the right frame of mind. Most Shamans will not work with anyone who is on medications or pharmaceutical drugs as these can interfere with the experience in a negative and potentially harmful way. It is worth it to mention that many people have similar experiences during meditation, conscious breathwork, or trance and that plant medicine should be used only as a tool to connect us with deeper aspects of Self. For some, an experience with sacred plant medicine can be the equivalent of 10 years of therapy, but it is not something to enter into lightly and disgretion should be used.  Mentioned in this episode:Psychedelica - A docu-series on - Scientific StudiesAs always, please feel free to connect via IG @the.holistic.hippie or jessi@theholistichippie.caPeace & Love xxJessiSupport the show (
What exactly is healing? What does it mean to heal and what do we need to heal from? There are so many buzzwords going around in the health & wellness industries, and a friend asked me recently "what does it even mean to heal?". I thought this was such a great question to unpack on the pod. This episode goes over the definition of "trauma" and unpacks different situations and scenarios that one may need to heal from. Healing itself is not a linear process and there is no one modality that is a "cure-all". Sometimes our very need to heal creates a quest for us to venture on that actually opens us up to our purpose and path in this life. Any physical or emotional conditions are merely symptoms of imbalance or dis-ease in the mind or body, and it is ultimately the body's attempt at getting our attention so that we can bring our being back into balance & harmony. Resources mentioned:Dr. Nicole LePera (Psychologist) IG: @the.holistic.psychologistDr. Bruce Lipton (book) The Biology of BeliefDr. Joe Dispenza (book) You Are The PlaceboAppologies for coughing into the mic at the end of this episode - I promise when I am able to devote more time and resources into this podcast I will learn to edit. As always, please feel free to connect via IG: @the.holistic.hippie or email and learn how you can work with me virtually on my website! In Health & High VibrationsxxxSupport the show (
In this episode Jessi shares a story from one of her favourite spiritual teachers of all time, Ram Dass, and breaks down his term "phony holy" in reference to those types of people that claim to be "holier than thou" or spiritually superior. She also defines and unpacks this concept of Spiritual Bypassing that has been circulating in the spiritual scene for a while. This episode is really all about learning to be discerning and to ultimately trust yourSelf above anyone else. The spiritual "industry" is unregulated and as such there are many frauds looking to exploit people for monetary gain. Beware. Just because someone poses as a spiritual guide or healer or teacher or psychic does not instantly make them trustworthy. People can have access to these types of gifts (that we all possess) and still not have the best intentions. There are some who are truly in service to others, and some that are in service to themselves. We talk about the importance of being your own guide & guru and what warning signs or red flags to watch out for.Resources mentioned in this episode:Podcast: Ram Dass, Here & Now (part of the Be Here Now network)Book: Sacred Contracts by Caroline MyssSpiritual Bypassing Article: always, feel free to connect via IG or email:@the.holistic.hippiejessi@theholistichippie.caIn Health & High VibrationsxxxSupport the show (
In this episode, Jessi talks about these concepts of triggers & boundaries and shares her perspective on how boundaries are training wheels, and triggers are teachers. As always, she tells personal stories of her own life to help bring these concepts to life and to inspire you to see how these things play out in your own experience. When we are able to grow beyond our need for boundaries and to experience our triggers as the most valued teachers in our life, we have the potential to liberate ourselves from future suffering. Please feel free to send your feedback, questions, comments via email or Instagram: or @the.holistic.hippie on IG. Have a beautiful day you beautiful beings of light! xxJessiSupport the show (
Happy New Year friends! This episode came out after a comment on an IG post I put up this week all about how we are constantly creating & influencing our reality, whether we realize it or not. A comment came up about how "you make it sound so easy, but it's actually really hard work" and I thought that was such a perfect segway into an episode. This episode is all about simplifying the process of manifesting your reality. As always, I share personal stories about my experiences with manifesting to help add depth to this very simplistic Universal Law. The trick about it is that you have to master your mind first and this is where the "work" is. I hope to inspire you to take your life into your own hands and start the practice of learning to master your mind so that you may master your reality. Life is a game - let's play!Suggested Reading:Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself - Dr. Joe DispenzaThe Biology of Belief - Dr. Bruce LiptonI love connecting with listeners so please don't hesitate to drop me a line either via email or IG (@the.holistic.hippie) and let's chat! Stay tuned for some fun, upcoming additions to this channel and find out how you can get your personal questions answered, and even become a live guest on the show!In Health & High Vibrationsxx JessiSupport the show (
So, you're on this spiritual path and you start to realize that certain people or relationships really trigger you and you think you need to start cutting people out of your life left, right, and center... sound familiar? In this episode, I share some of my insights on how we can overcome roadblocks like these on our path. Sometimes it is important for us to set these boundaries for a time, while we are growing into our Higher Selves, but it doesn't have to be the end destination. In fact - those that trigger you are important teachers on your journey... Listen in to learn more about how we can work with these types of people and relationships for our own evolution and other factors to consider when we are finding ourselves reacting to triggers. As always - I love to connect with you! Come find me on IG and share your insights and takeaways from the show! Love & Light Support the show (
I've wanted to speak about current events for months now, but I've needed to allow the current global events to transform me. Join me in this grounded conversation about how C-19 can be a powerful catalyst regardless of what side you're on in this pandemic. My intention is to take this conversation above the level of politics, above the level of public health, and into the realms of spirit and consciousness. In this episode, I invite you to set your paradigms aside. To park your beliefs and viewpoints for a moment so that you are able to take in this information from a new perspective with new eyes and an open mind. Let's investigate the collective fear and victim mindset that we find ourselves in currently and unpack what it means to come together and unite. Join me on IG for more conscious conversation: @the.holistic.hippieSupport the show (
Episode 8: Shadow Work

Episode 8: Shadow Work


It's a pretty big buzz in the spiritual realms this whole concept of "shadow work" but what exactly does it mean? In this episode, I break down for you what is your shadow and how to actually take steps to work with it. As always, I share my own experiences in order to add depth to the concepts and really bring them to life. After all, our very LIFE is our mission and purpose and so we need not look any further. When we are able to open up to our shadow, to hold it lovingly alongside our light, we are able to truly move forward on our path of growth & expansion with tremendous power. Support the show (
In this episode I talk about the myriad of ways that we can begin to shift our perception to see our diet and way of eating as a spiritual practice, and also to consider our diet to encompass everything we consume including media, music, conversation, thought forms, etc. I cover a number of different ways that I began looking at diet differently and offer advice on little shifts that you can make to start seeing things a bit differently. To master the diet is truly to master the mind, and so diet is a very relevant way to practice mindfulness. Our paradigm needs to shift from the idea that a healthy diet is a restrictive diet. Consider that our conventional and highly processed & refined diet is actively restricting the body of nutrients daily while making improvements to the diet to include whole foods is actually rewarding the body with essential nutrients and life force. Making these small shifts internally are very powerful when it comes to making any lasting changes in our lives since often how we do one thing is how we do all things. As always, love to connect with you all. Feel free to reach out via IG @the.holistic.hippie or via other social channels. In Health & High Vibrations xoxox JessiSupport the show (
Episode 6: Dietary Dogma

Episode 6: Dietary Dogma


In this episode, I talk about my journey with diet including my experience with disordered eating patterns like binging & purging, dietary yo-yo-ing, orthorexia, food addiction, etc. This episode might be potentially triggering to anyone who has dealt with the above, so please be mindful of this before listening. I wanted to walk you through a bit of my dietary journey in order to use this episode as a point of reference in discussing how diet has become a spiritual practice for me. This episode serves as a perfect segway for the next episode, and I believe that my story is something many can relate to when it comes to food and eating. As always, if this episode resonates with you please feel free to reach out and connect with me. I do believe that so many of us deal with similar situations, and having these conversations is so medicinal to bring what was once in the darkness to light so it can be seen and fully healed. See you next time! Love & Light xxSupport the show (
This episode is a continuation of part 1 - it took me a while to finally record it, but here it is. In this episode, I answer some specific questions that I get about how to navigate certain challenges on your spiritual path, and I further discuss what it means to truly embark on a path like this. We talk about self-righteousness, about social programming and conditioning, and learning from your thoughts, emotions, experiences, and feelings instead of identifying as them or making them a part of who you think you are, or your sense of I. Remember - everything in this life is happening for you, not to you. This is a tough paradigm to swallow, but when you can accept this into your experience, you begin to see the beautiful ways in which you can grow & learn from absolutely everything. In this way, there is nothing in your life that is not part of your spiritual development. Personally, I think that makes life pretty exciting. As always - thank you for listening! Please feel free to share your thoughts & insights & questions with me via FB or IG - I love connecting with like-minded souls on this exciting human adventure. Peace & Lovexx JessiSupport the show (
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Just found this podcast and I'm really enjoying the episodes so far. Thanks for creating this.

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