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Rocco and Archie launch their dumbest idea yet... A Podcast! They talk about music, sports, and comedy to the masses. Listen and learn why they're just 2 schmucks who enjoy ragging on each other all day.
70 Episodes
Covidiot Sessions:• Sebastian Bach says Fuck You and Your band to Aaron Lewis• This week is a big week for our next guest, BKFC's Bareknuckle Sweetheart... Charisa Sigala.Returning to the Squared Circle at BKFC Fight Night: Wichita this Saturday October 23rd vs Jessica Link.MMA to Bareknuckle Boxing... What can't she do?!?!?
Covidiot Sessions:• Tiger King 2?... Who's askin' for Baskin?• Insane Clown Posse vs. the F.B.I in their new documentary called:The United States of Insanity• No Bones about it.... Jon Jones gets caught up in the shit again in Vegas!• MGK gets booed after punching fan at Louder Than Life FestivalDon't fuck with The Knot bro!• Singer, pianist, composer and an actress. She is the founder/ lead vocalist for the hard rock/symphonic metal band Edge Of Paradise. Known for her powerful voice and incredible range. Margarita Monet has three full-length albums out with their latest called "The Unknown" which is produced by grammy award winning and past guest of the show, Howard Benson. Mike Plotnikoff & Neil Sanderson helped produce EOP's new album and took this band to a whole new production level.
Covidiot Sessions:• The VMA's... MGK & Conor McGregor mix it up on the red carpet.• Triller Fight Club vs. Belfort & Silve vs. Ortiz re-cap------------------------------------------------------------------------------------• Our guest this week lit this podcast on fire and will be the next Bantaweight Champ in Bellator .... The tough but happy, Raufeon "Supa" Stots!A mixed martial artist and graduated collegiate wrestler currently competing in the bantamweight division of Bellator MMA. As a wrestler, he is a two-time NCAA Division II champion. As of August 17, 2021, he is #2 in the Bellator Bantamweight Rankings.Give him a follow:
Covidiot Sessions:• RIP to a great friend of ours... Steve "Zeke" MarcazoWe are heart broken and you will be missed.------------------------------------------------------------------• This week we have an O.G. who is not only a pioneer in the thrash/metal genre but he is an all-around great guy.Lead singer of the thrash/metal band Testament... The great, Chuck Billy.New Album "TITANS OF CREATION OUT NOW!Order it: him a follow:
Covidiot Sessions:• Only Fans gives porn a second chance• Down The Shore with all the Mozzerella the eye could see• The "Iron Lady" Maryna Moroz is one tough mixed martial artist and she lets us in on her training, her career so far and what her future plans are for in the UFC!Moroz is also a boxing coach for the Ukrainian Olympic women's boxing team.Give her a follow: next fight is Oct 16th UFC Fight Night:Women's Flyweight bout: Maryna Moroz vs. Luana Carolina
Covidiot Sessions:• Archie kicked out of a bar?!?!?!• Bob Shepard, Oh how we miss you!• Guns & Roses new song ALERT!• This week the 2 mortadella sangweeches sit down with lead singer Rich Nguyen and Drummer David Silveria (EX, Korn Drummer) from Breaking In a Sequence.There EP is out now "ACRONYM" and its piggybacked by 6 videos on YT.BIAS's lates creation "UNSAVORY" just shows how heavy of a direction the band is going to take it and we can't wait! Give them a follow!UNSAVORY (Lockdown Challenge):
Covidiot Sessions:• Archie with his dyed red beard!• This week the 2 schmucks sit down the with the great Chris "Lights Out" Lytle.From commentary to the BKFC to hosting the Lights Out Chris Lytle Show for City 360 TV in Indianapolis, Indiana.Lytle, along with Mike Davis and Miguel Iturrate, launched the Lytes Out Podcast.
Covidiot Sessions:• Archie went to the Doctor... oofa!• Officer Dan Carrone made a deal with the band – they could play one last song as long as he could play the drums.• Jadakiss destroys dipset - freestyle!• The two Italian Bombadeers... Joey Gallo and Anthony Rizzo bringing leftys back to the Yankees!• Renato "Babalu" Sobral is a retired Brazilian Catch Wrestler, mixed martial artist, and was the former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion. Sobral previously fought in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, where he posted a 6–4 record and has also competed for Bellator, RINGS, Jungle Fight, Cage Rage, Affliction, and ONE FC. He is the Head Instructor of Babalu's Iron Gym Cerritos[1] and has a Luta Livre black belt. He is also a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt under Carlos Gracie Jr.Follow him and his daughter at:
Covidiot Sessions:• RIP - Biz Marke, Mike Howe, Joey Jordison & Dusty Hill!• Jersey Strong all across the board with our latest guest... comedian Liz Miele.No rookie to the comedic scene, Liz has been spittin' into mics since she was a teenager and she kills.We break her career down from start till where she is now and it was a great convo.Her special is out now free on YT "Self Help Me" podcast "2NonDoctors" is out everywhereand give her a follow:
Covidiot Sessions:• WTF is "Woke Coke"• Happy Bobby Bonilla Day• The 2 baccala bros. had a great convo. with Nola royalty.The great Mike IX Williams from EYEHATEGOD talks all about their new album "A history of nomadic behavior" out now.We take a trip down Mike's writing style and influences. See them on tour now:
Covidiot Sessions:• It's the weed, Maaaaaaan!• RIP Chris Homeny from Old Bridge Metal Militia.•  Halsey's new album produced by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, cant wait!• Re-cap of MvGregor vs Poirier III -  Archie was almost right!• We catch-up with the very funny comedian, AJ Wilkerson aka Captain Autism!A stand-up comedian who was diagnosed with autism about 3 years ago hits the road in a van to perform all over the country and thats how he copes with the disease.See him opening for Jay Mewes. Mewes
Covidiot Sessions:• Shamelessly promoting Rocco & Archie's first show back since 2019.War For The Crown live at Dingbatz 7/11/21Opening for Kill Devil Hill - Hit us up for Tix!• Trevor Lawrence is a humble kid!• Foo Fighters open MSG with special guest appearance by Dave Chappelle!• Charles Barkley blames cancel culture!• This week our special ferocious human being of a man is none other than the "CRIPPLER" himself, Chris Leban!From MMA to Bare Knuckle Boxing he's the man!
Covidiot Sessions:• "BAD DAD" Music jokes• Tribeca Film Festival kicks off Rick James Documentary and a KISS Doc. Y'all need to watch!•  Foo Fighters, Springsteen among artists who are performing post COVID but you need to be vaccinated to see them... Cool or Not Cool?• ARCHIE's Springsteen on Broadway Blunder!• Turkish Soccer Coach Halit Kurt slapping the shit out of his players• This week we catch up with one of the creators of Frank Godla!Frank and his partner started out in Brooklyn putting on a DIY local cable TV show and morphed it over the years into the most powerful news breaking site for Rock and Metal.His latest creation "Slay At Home" united artists together virtually from all over the globe to play and record some of their favorite tracks with proceeds going to select charities.June 18 and 19th mark the big finally as festivals and venues will start to open!Way to go Frank and MetalInjection!
Covidiot Sessions:• The Jon Cicadas are horny and f'd up and alive in NJ.• WWE news: Six performers released were Braun Strowman, Aleister Black, Lana, Ruby Riott, Murphy and Santana Garrett. Most of the talent released comes as a shock since most of them were just competing for titles or making their way back to the main roster.• Who doesn't love a lil Weezer?Their new song, "All My Favorite Songs" out now featuring AJR.Also check out the band AJR and their radio hit "bang!"• One of the most down-to-earth guests we could have a asked to talk to with some of the greatest sports stories you'll wanna hear!The great Mike Goldberg!From covering the Bulls during that iconic 90's stretch to, UFC, to Bellator he has covered it all, seen a lot while his catch phrases have become a common shout amongst friends!A real Class-Act!
Covidiot Sessions:• David Ellefson gets the boot from Megadeth• Congrats to Jimmy Smith landing the play-by-play announcer gig for the WWE.• A fantastic cover of "Hunger Strike" performed by Chris Daughtry & Lijon WitherspoonPlease give it a listen and share it!• This week the 2 weird beards sit down with the very talented Veronica Bellino.They talk all about what its like drumming for a HIP-HOP legend, with DMC & The Hellraisers.Collaborating & recording with the band on new music that out now "Hellraiser" Then we venture off to one of Brooklyn's finest rock bands, Life Of Agony.The addition of Veronica to the band in 2017 has definitely made an impact on the band, taking their latest album "Sound of Scars" and their live performance to an even higher stature.New LOA in the future - I think so! give her follow and see what's up with now:
Covidiot Sessions:• Du Hast by Rammstein Performed by Kids!!! / O'Keefe Music FoundationThis song is orchestrated very well and the kids performed the shit out of this tune!The video was shot & edited very well.GREAT JOB!• RIP to the hilarious Paul Mooney!•  This week the 2 bachagaloops sit down with the very sweet and very talented,Chef Antonia Lofaso.They talk about how COVID affected the food industry and her restaurants.How her introduction to Top Chef was challenging and what its like creating a custom menu for her restaurants.Check out her cookbook, "The busy Mom's Cookbook" and her clothing line for chefs called "Chefletics"Please follow her and check her out on the food network.
Covidiot Sessions:• Eight two-hour biography film specials reveal the intimate, personal stories behind the success of WWE’s most memorable legends on A&E.Why did they do Macho Man dirty???• Our energetic/multi-talented  guest this week is the great Kenny Aronoff!We talk about some of the artists he's played with, The Kennedy Center Honors, a typical touring week and much more. Kenny is a motivational speaker and his book Sex, Drums, Rock 'N' Roll - The hardest Hitting Man in Show Business... soon out on Audible.Please give him a follow and try to check out some of the acts he's played with... Grab a snickers, you'll be there for awhile.
Covidiot Sessions:• Stripper DJ Voice was the best.• All about the MISFITS!Rocco & Archie's top 5 MISFITS songs of their liking!• The 2 goons sit down with one of our favorite fighters, Raquel Pennington.We talk about her courageous USADA suspension, her ranking in the UFC and a trip down her career as she fought the best and proved that she is one of the best!Give her a follow on IG:
Covidiot Sessions:• John Mayer has a new talk show coming out and we ain't mad a bout it.• The UFC goes public... publicly traded that is.• This week we the 2 stumblin' bumblin' bashin' bros. have a ball sitting down with one of hard rock and heavy metal's ambassadors to the genre... former MTV VJ of Headbangers's Ball - Riki Rachtman.He has a new show on called "The Ball"where he plays HEAVY music videos and skits in between!Awesome stories from back in the day from his legendary rock club, Cathouse Hollywood to his successful podcasts, Triple R and The Cathouse Hollywood Podcast.Give him a listen and follow:
Covidiot Sessions:• I like a Jersey Girl once in a while.• This week our guest is a woman of many hats.She Is a director, dancer  choreographer, talent coordinator, the list could go on  and on  but most importantly she is a visionary when it comes to creating the very sexy, talented,bad-ass girl dance group the Cherry Bombs.... Alicia Taylor.Cherry Bombs presents: MacabarétApril 23rd, 24th & 25thGo stream this dope virtual show
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Danny please bring LCN to Ireland 🇮🇪 when you travel the planet again 🙏🏻 Brilliant interview

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